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At this time, everyone also saw clearly that these ten people were actually exactly the same!

They stood in front of everyone like an iron wall. When everyone saw this scene, their eyes were dazed. They thought that they had been saved, but in the end, it was all for nothing.

“What’s that A-rank talent doing? Is he going to die?”

“I really hope that he doesn’t have an A-rank talent that saves us. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.”

Everyone ridiculed Ling Feng, but Bai Xiaosa didn’t say anything. Instead, he frowned and then heaved a sigh of relief. Because of the Heavenly Eye, he could see many secrets.

Ling Feng couldn’t say that he knew about his background, but just that was enough to make him extremely shocked.

This was because the ten clones in front of him all had stage-two combat strength!

This was simply too shocking. Bai Xiaosa’s body trembled, and then he heard the continuous ridicule from the crowd. Bai Xiaosa looked at them helplessly, a trace of disgust in his eyes.

Su Ranran, who was standing at the back, was extremely worried when she saw Ling Feng’s clone rush forward. Just as she was about to stop him, she heard the ridicule and immediately became furious.

“You guys shut up!”

As soon as Su Ranran’s voice fell, the crowd’s ridicule lessened significantly. After all, Su Ranran’s thunderlord projection had left a deep impression on them, so they naturally did not dare to speak.

Su Ranran then looked at Ling Feng worriedly and said, “Don’t go!”

“Don’t worry, these locusts are no match for me!”

With that, number one and number two split into two groups, each of them followed by four clones, and charged toward the locusts.

The clone still used the sixth clone’s strategy, but this time, he was very serious. Number one went around to the back of the locust and directed the other four doppelgangers to attack the claws of the locust.

Number one kept waving the Tang sword in his hand, and the other four clones also kept waving their weapons. Unfortunately, they missed it. Fei Huang teleported one meter away and dodged all the attacks.

A trace of excitement appeared on Fei Huang’s face. he even cried out in excitement, as if he was mocking number one for overestimating his own ability.

Seeing this, No. 1 did not rush forward. instead, he stood there with a cold smile on his face.

At this moment!

No. 2 suddenly appeared in the air, gripping the tang sword tightly with both hands, and quickly slashed at the right wing of the locust.

Fei Huang could not dodge in time and could only quickly adjust the scales on its body. The scales actually moved two inches away, and number two’s blade only landed on the scales on the back of the Fei Huang.

Even so, a small crack appeared on the scales, and green blood seeped out.

Seeing this scene, everyone was already dumbfounded.

“Could this clone be a Tier-2?”

“It must be like this! A Tier-2 clone isn’t this strong!”

“That can’t be, right? Is a Tier-1 talent really that strong?”

Everyone was extremely shocked!

Bai Xiaosa wasn’t so shocked because he had long seen that there was something wrong with Ling Feng’s clone. Although his combat strength was only at Tier-1, his heavenly eye had a very strong talent.

As long as the person’s combat strength did not exceed his own by two ranks, the Heavenly Eye would be able to see that the person had combat strength.

When he first saw Ling Feng’s combat strength, he was extremely shocked. It was actually at the second rank.

He had thought that his opponent would at least have an S-rank talent, but it turned out to be an S-rank talent, and it was a transformation from B-rank to A-rank. It was simply shocking.

One must know that the probability of talent transformation was so small that it could be completely ignored.

The lower the rank of the talent, the higher the chance.

A B-rank was no longer considered a low-level talent, but the chance of it transforming into an A-rank was not much different from winning the lottery.

However, such a thing had actually happened in front of his eyes. how could he not be shocked?

Not only that, but even his combat power was so high. Luck was also a part of combat power.

At that moment, Bai Xiaosa seemed to have seen the rise of another Sword Immortal!

oh no, the leader of the locusts is casting a skill!

Everyone cried out in alarm.

At this moment, the leader of the locusts was furious at the harassment of the ten clones. It kept waving the weapon in its hand, but it could do nothing about it.

The wounds caused by the clone kept appearing, and green blood seeped out of them.

Not only that, even the wings of the locust had been cut off by the clone.

The locust leader had lost their ability to fly. Without its ability to fly, it could be said to be a lamb waiting to be slaughtered. This was naturally a part of the clones’ plan.

Even though the clone was only at the early stage of stage two, the locust leader had already reached the peak of tier 2.

But as long as you’re still within the second rank, I have a way to grind you to death!

Suddenly, the monster’s mouth turned red, and then it spat out a hot flame.


“This is the Misty Heart Fire!”

“I once understood that heart fire is a method of merging mental energy into the flame. This kind of method can harm the soul! I didn’t expect a rank two locust to be able to use such a high-level skill!”

Bai Xiaosa’s eyes widened in shock, and he hurriedly said.

Hearing this, Su Ranran wanted to summon the thunder Emperor’s shadow again to help Ling Feng. Unfortunately, her body was weak, and she could not even use lightning.

He could only look at Ling Feng with a face full of worry.

Ling Feng naturally noticed the worry in Su Ranran’s eyes. Number one took the opportunity to turn around and look at Su Ranran.

“Don’t worry, these are all my clones. My main body is in a very safe place!”


Hearing this, the worry in Su Ranran’s eyes lessened a little.

On the battlefield, the heart fire had already condensed into a huge fireball, floating in the air as if it could be reflected at any time.

The heart flame had been fused with the mental energy of the locust leader, so it was controlled by it, and it trembled up and down in the air.

The locust let out a loud roar, and the heart of fire quickly flew toward No. 2.

No. 2 did not show any signs of backing down. He stood there with a serious look in his eyes and said to the other four clones, “Don’t retreat! Use your fire breath!”

The five clones stood there, and intense flames were released from the five of them, forming a huge fan-shaped flame that confronted the heart flame.

At that moment, the leader of the locusts was focused on controlling the heart fire and had no time to care about other things.

Seeing this, number one was overjoyed and attacked with the other four clones.

“This is the time. Brothers, release Energy Slash!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the five clones raised their right hands in unison. Blue energy flashed, and energy slashes were fired from them.

The flaming locust leader did not have time to dodge. Five energy slashes hit its body. At a second glance, its head was already disfigured, and green blood was spurting out.


Because of his heavy injuries, he lost control of his heart fire and was pushed to the side by the fan-shaped flame.

No. 2 did not stay idle either. It quickly retracted her flame blast and called out to its four other clones.

“Energy slash!”

Immediately after, number one also shouted, “Energy slash!”

Ten energy slashes cut through the air and landed on the head and body of the locust leader.

At this point, the leader no longer had any self-awareness. It was beginning to lose its mind. The clone struck while the iron was hot and rushed forward to engage in a melee battle with the leader.

If Ling Feng’s main body was here, he would not have chosen such a risky method. He would have slowly ground the locust to death. Unfortunately, his main body was not there.

With his clone here, in order to avoid any unexpected situations, he could only choose to fight hand-to-hand. He would definitely win, and the price of victory was nothing more than losing a few clones.

However, the life force of the leader was too strong. even without its head, it was still very strong.

In the end, Ling Feng still paid the price of five clones to kill the leader.

“You’ve successfully killed the leader of the Flaming Locusts (fused), level points +1000.”

The system’s voice sounded in his mind, and then two energy crystals dropped from the place where Fei Huang died. Ling Feng’s heart was filled with joy, and he quickly had number one pick up the crystals.

This crystal was very precious, and it would be of great help to him. He had to get it!

Seeing this scene, the rest of the people could be said to be dumbfounded.

This simply shocked them.

How could an A-rank awakened be stronger than all of them, even with the S-rank experts combined? This didn’t make sense!

If the other party was older than him by a few years, then it would be understandable. after all, he had cultivated for a longer time than him.

However, the other party was clearly Su Ranran’s deskmate. She was in the same batch as him!

This was simply inconceivable!

“There’s no way to repay you for saving my life. Ling Feng, when we return to the city, you have to let me thank you properly!”

Bai Xiaosa didn’t think so much. In any case, he had never offended Ling Feng. In addition, Ling Feng had displayed such power, so he should also be on good terms with him.

“It’s fine. I’m here to protect Su Ranran. as for them, I’m just saving them in passing. ”

Number one stood there and repeated Ling Feng’s words.

Su Ranran’s face reddened slightly, and her heart began to race. She did not expect him to say these things, and in front of so many people at that.

The others were also angry but did not dare to say anything. After all, they had seen Ling Feng’s strength. even if they attacked together, they were definitely not his opponent and could only endure it.

As for Bai Xiaosa, he was slightly happy. Since he was talking about them, it didn’t include him. Obviously, he already treated him as a friend!

Alright, the beast tide is almost over. You guys should get ready to leave,” No. 1?said.

“How did you know?”

Bai Xiaosa asked, a little puzzled.

As soon as he finished, a burst of cheers entered everyone’s ears.

“Look at the news! The blazing locusts have finally retreated!”

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