Volume 2, Afterword

This is Kamachi Kazuma.

That was Volume 2! Now we can actually call this a series.

In Volume 1, I focused on establishing what kind of place Ground’s Nir is and the real world(?) was fairly neglected, so I focused on Earth, Japan, and Tokyo this time. But that is still a twisted world. Even if they can’t use it there, how would people think and act in a world where Magic is known to exist? I think this was an interesting thought experiment. Ground’s Nir was based on a fantasy RPG, so I made chaotic Tokyo more of a modern RPG. The school’s student council explores a labyrinth afterschool, you have to move around underground pathways while avoiding the monsters wandering around, and the Ministry of Defense performs serious experiments in creating occult weapons. Doesn’t that have its own kind of romance?

This introduced the remnants of giant structures in Ground’s Nir such as the Next Voyager and the Enter Kosmos. If you look into what those names are based on, you might be able to imagine how history played out in this series. ...If another world existed and it would lead to technological revolutions through Magic and Pieces, wouldn’t the world powers put as much effort into that as they did to plant their flag on the moon? It might not have much to do with the actual plot, but I love adding those extraneous elements to help build up the world.

If you understand the connection between the flag on the moon and Ground’s Nir, you might be able to better picture why someone as powerful as Beatrice is confined to the Detached Magic Palace and why it is considered such a threat when she broke out. Yes, the rockets that fly to the moon can easily be converted into missiles.

So the disaster this time may have been like a giant rock falling from the moon toward the humans who are learning so much by sending probes to the moon. This unique Break News caused great damage when it was thought things could only go the other way. It was all for her beloved, but Tselika hid that gentle reason behind a veil of selfishness and greed as she sent shockwaves through 2 worlds with a malicious smile on her face. She may have been the most human one of all, but I will leave it to all of you to judge her.

I think I will develop this story with a focus on the romance between Boo Boo and Beatrice, but love does not always lead to positive and heartwarming results. I was trying to use Succubus Tselika and that man to show that here.

Tselika Wien Alpha Chelydia Lumidrier.

I’d be impressed if you remembered the full name. I borrowed just the name from a character in my previous series (is that what I should call it?).

There are all sorts of different demons, but I always think of the Succubus before the big names like Satan or Lucifer. Maybe that’s because the big names have enough of a fixed image that they’re harder to use in a story. And just as the novel mentioned, the Succubus is a lower demon and yet they have the special skill(?) to create a physical body. That fact may have tugged at my heartstrings.

And the Thousand Dragon returned this time.

I was trying to see if I could create a story from her(!?) point of view and have a battle that made use of her 1000 meter body, but how did I do?

The point of the Break News is to show the different ways you can develop the idea of “the strongest”, but I think the Thousand Dragon has the most obvious “strength” of that group.

A heated battle and the tearfulness of a picture book. Not everyone who hits those criteria is a good person, but I wanted this world to have the kindness to allow her to save someone and recover from her defeat. How did you like that warmth?

I give my thanks to my illustrator Mahaya-san and my editors Miki-san, Onodera-san, and Anan-san. With monsters strolling through Tokyo, this had to have been a lot of work different again from full-on fantasy. Sorry for making you go to so much effort yet again.

And I give my thanks to the readers. Just as Ground’s Nir has its stories, the real world has its stories. That was what I focused on for Volume 2, but what did you think? I’m glad that Beatrice, Filinion, and Armelina are just as attached to each other in Tokyo. 𝘪𝓃n𝐫e𝗮d. co𝗺

And I will end this here.

How did she modify her muscular beloved’s armor to end up with that?

-Kamachi Kazuma

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