The Undying Mecha Emperor
Chapter 9 Come Get Me

I was stunned. More than stunned actually. I was actually horrified and felt rather sorry for her.

A cute little girl advising me to kill a fully grown adult in a completely helpless and unthreatening position?

Damn, what sort of life had this little girl lived for her to be so heartless and decisive at such a tender age?

"He knows about your fighting abilities. Or the lack of it. Soon, he would know the general direction of your escape. Kill him to shut him up." Emma said softly.

Damn it. She was right.

I hesitated for a moment before making the decision to do as she advised. I pointed my weapon at the pilot who was partially visible after I had smashed open his chest armor to reveal the cockpit. I gritted my teeth and fired three quick shots.


Hello adulthood.

I was a junkyard scrapper, and at the age of 10, I already had a string of crimes under my belt. Assault, robbery, and well… murder. That mecha pilot was not the first person I had killed. But he was definitely the most helpless.

I hated killing him. It made me feel… evil. But I hated leaving loose ends that could potentially lead to my demise even more. So I did it.

Damn you Emma. You made me lose the final bit of innocence I had. Poor me. If you're reading this Emma… Damn you.

And also please forgive me for... that other incident. I truly didn't mean to do what I did. Come back to me. You know where to find me.

Anyway, after I killed the pilot, I turned around and sprinted deeper into the forest. Phase three - Destroy a pursuing blue mecha and let the remains be found, was complete.

This was to keep Amelia from thinking about the possibility that I had somehow escaped using the power of the red mecha core, while at the same time, allowing me to get some loot.

I had taken away the blue mecha core, but that was understandable. The winners of mecha battles almost always looted the losers if possible.

Mecha cores are extremely valuable and are worth more than half of the entire mecha itself. Only a fool would leave a mecha core unlooted. A fool, or a very rich person. A stupid rich person, at that, because well, what's the harm of getting a valuable blue mecha core even if you're filthy, stinking rich?

After getting away from the immediate vicinity of the battle, I immediately started Phase Four - Create pandemonium!

I veered and began to run parallel to a large river that was flowing downstream towards Lake Andrews twenty miles down away.

Lake Andrews was the Sub-Headquarters of the National Armed Forces. Making it look as though I was escaping full speed towards it would only serve to complicate the situation for Amelia.

Although she was more than powerful enough to take on the entire base with her white mecha, doing that would only serve to derail her primary mission objective, which was to find the red mecha core.

There was no way that the country would allow a foreign white mecha to operate within its boundaries. They would definitely begin operations to surround and limit the movements of the white mecha and the Red Dragon gang, as well as create a ruckus in the international community which would definitely see the involvement of the USAA and The European Empire.

It would be a complete gobblesmack for Amelia and her primary mission.

No, she would not do anything to the Sub-Headqarters. In fact, she would be worrying that somehow her secret mission was leaked, and she would try to stay as far away from the National Armed Forces as possible.

That would be the best way forward for Amelia.

But not for me.

For me to be able to get my hands on the white mecha, I would need to do more than just complicate things for Amelia. I needed to hand her a wonderful disaster that would force her to bring out the white mecha into the open and let the whole world know that she has one in that little Red Dragon base of hers.

And then when I finally steal it, she would have a thousand organisations to suspect. Plus, the other organizations and countries would not believe that a white mecha core would simply disappear into thin air anyway, and she would be hounded mercilessly to publicly bring the white mecha, which she didn't have anymore, out of the country.

I grinned when I thought of my excellent plan. Amelia would be pissed big time. That's what you get for threatening me.

After running at full speed towards Lake Andrews for around five minutes, I finally exited the forest and reached the perimeter of the National Armed Forces Lake Andrews Sub-Headquarters.

There was a mile of empty land between me and their base. A killing field.

"Unidentifiied mecha. Halt your advance immediately, or we will open fire! I repeat, halt your advance immediately, or we will open fire!" A loud voice blared out of the large outdoor megaspeaker.

"Wait! Don't shoot! I am Falcon Two from the Red Dragon gang. I'm just here to say hello… and to deliver a message."

There was silence for a moment before a stern voice rang out of their megaspeakers.

"What message do you have for us that couldn't be sent by the usual line of communication?"

"Oh the message I have is rather unique. Here, let me deliver it now."

I fired my energy weapon which I had charged for five full minutes as I was running towards the base.

"GET OUT OF THIS AREA! RED DRAGON GANG IS NOW OFFICIALLY OCCUPYING LAKE ANDREWS!" I hollered as I released several rockets into the base before turning around and running away.

PEW!!!! BOOM!!

An electric blue ray of energy shot towards the base, smashed into their front gate and kept going until it hit a solid looking building and created a massive dent on it.



The anti-rocket machine gun immediately destroyed my rockets, creating wonderfully scary blasts which was what I was aiming for.

"OPEN FIRE!!" The stern sounding voice roared.


Energy weapons of their own, heavy machine gun fire and old fashioned cannons began to rain down on me.

But they were a hair too late. I had exploded and ran away with all my strength after I had released my rockets, and the one second head start which I got was enough.

I crashed back into the tree line, disappeared from their sight and cursed them one last time to make sure that they came after me.

"Come get me, you incompetent retards!" I hollered loudly.

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The Undying Mecha Emperor Chapter 9 Come Get Me