The Undying Mecha Emperor
Chapter 106 Crossing The Line

"Pretty good?" I laughed at her and gestured at the piles of fallen mechas around me. "These mechas around me beg to differ. They are telling me that I am the best here."

"The words of weaklings don't mean anything." She held her twin swords in both hands very casually and proceeded to walk towards me slowly.

She was completely unaffected by the incredible display of power I had so impressively given. The billowing confidence within her heart was like a thick aura around her, giving her a mesmerizing look despite being in a completely ordinary mecha.

Sherry Lin.

The name that would one day inspire fear all around the world, would make her grand debut there in a one on one fight with me, the future Mecha Emperor.

"Oh? You must be from a large clan. Such arrogance can't be found anywhere else." I chuckled at her.

"Those who seek to wear the crown, must first learn to bear its weight." She said coldly. "I, Sherry Lin, will teach you that the crown of the strongest pilot this year isn't something you're qualified to wear."

"Sherry Lin? Who is that?" I asked in the most annoying tone I could manage to rile her up and break her composure.

As I expected, it worked perfectly.

My question caused her to explode forward with startling speed!

Although I had broken her composure as I had aimed to achieve, breaking her composure did not cause her to weaken as I had hoped.

Most fighters, especially kids, will throw their training out the window once they get angry. "KYAAA!! OURYAAAA!!" They would scream in anger, and go charging at their enemy at full speed, executing wild attacks that would be easy to counter.

But Sherry? That demonic girl was such a genius that her anger merely propelled her combat power to greater heights!

There was no excess in her movements, no flaw, no mistake.

The medium mecha that came charging at me with twin swords was like the Goddess of Death herself!

I had awakened a ferocious sleeping tiger!

However, I was no weakling myself.

If Sherry Lin was a ferocious tiger with its transcendent grace and hyper efficient fighting skills, then I was a BIG, FAT, thousand ton mammoth.

I didn't need grace. I didn't need fighting skills. I just needed to bully my way forward and somehow land a lucky hit on her.

Unfortunately for me, that was as far as the illustration could go.

Tigers can't trip big fat thousand ton mammoths, nor can they manipulate the mammoths incredible strength to work against itself.

What the tiger can't do to the mammoth, Sherry Lin did to me. And more.

As soon as she closed the distance between us, she feinted to her right and made me jerk my body towards my left so that I could align my punches with her body.

But the moment she noticed my mecha throw its weight irrevocably to my left, she immediately recovered from her feint and leapt to her left! At the same time, she struck my right leg with her powerful sword and caused me to completely lose my balance!

I tripped and shot forward with my hands stretching out reflexively to catch my body as it hit the ground.

But before my hands could get into position, a powerful impact hit the back of my neck and sent me hurtling forward!


I smashed head first to the ground!

And you can probably imagine what happened next.


Sherry Lin did not show the slightest bit of mercy as she wielded her twin swords like cudgels smashed them so hard on my mecha's weakpoints that they broke after only landing three hits each!

"Hammer!" Sherry Lin's cool voice sounded.

Immediately, the sound of a massive war hammer whistling through the air could be heard.


Sherry Lin caught it skillfully and used its momentum to launch a powerful attack on my back!


"What a relentless little fire cracker!" I shouted in my heart and started to push myself up.

However, Sherry Lin was far too wily and far too skillful to let me do that.

She kicked my hands out from underneath me and caused me to crash to the ground once more!

"Gah! Stop that! Let me get up at least!" I shouted rather unreasonably.

But who in their right minds would allow their enemies to regain their footing once they have fallen?

Sherry Lin ignored me completely.

Each time I placed my weight on one of my limbs so I could push myself up, Sherry Lin would kick or stomp at me to keep me grounded.

Each time I spun my body around to get out of her range, she would already be there to kick me and foil my attempts to stand up.

"I want to stand up! I just want to stand up!" I shouted in my heart. And all the while, her new hammer rained down upon me without ceasing!

It was an incredible display of dominance. My fighting skills were so non-existent and hers was so sublime that she looked like she was doing a skill demo on an unmoving piece of unpiloted mecha!

I couldn't help but sigh regretfully.

Although I had so shamelessly bullied my way through the massacre with my overpowered and impenetrable defense, I was hoping that I didn't have to inject more white mecha particles than what I already had.

Afterall, there was a certain level of shamelessness which was still the funny kind of shameless.

And then there was different, just downright despicable kind of shameless.

For me, injecting more than 5% of a huge, hundred meter tall white mecha made of materials a million more times stronger than a practice mecha, into a practice mecha was that limit.

Below 5%, it was still kind of funny. Yes, I know that the ones I beat up didn't feel that way. But for me, 5% was still acceptable. I was stronger than them, but I wasn't beyond the realm of possibility to defeat.

Very improbable, yes. Impossible? No.

But if I go beyond 5% and into say… 10%. Not even ten Sherrys with all their skills would be able to do anything to me.

The power I would be able to bring to bear would cause even her attempts to kick my hands out from beneath me to bounce off!

5% was the line for me.

And at that moment, I was about to cross it.

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The Undying Mecha Emperor Chapter 106 Crossing The Line