The Undying Mecha Emperor
Chapter 104 Wolf

Of course I wasn't that dumb.

There was no way I would risk exposing my power so blatantly by making the hundred mechas around us go "poof!" into particles.

But there was also no harm in sabotaging them. More specifically, their rifles.

And even more specifically, their targeting systems.

The rifles could still be fired at normal strength, but they would have to be manually aimed.

And with so many of the participants having relatively low RPLs at around 60s and 70s, manually aiming a rifle while in the air or even while on the ground, in the midst of combat, would be close to impossible for the ten year olds.

The rare few that could were probably in no position to attack us.

They were probably being mobbed by the rest of the crowd as well.

Don't forget, those who were strong enough had bounties on their heads! They were glowing, like me. And killing them would net the killers a huge amount of points!

And so, I thought that taking out their rifles' aiming systems were enough.


Immediately after that, the energy beams that were raining down on us suddenly simply stopped hitting us.

Some began to miss by a hair, while others… I wasn't sure if they were even still aiming at us anymore.

"Oh look, their aims are somehow compromised. It's our chance! Let's counter attack!" I shouted in glee.

I didn't wait to hear what the girl had to say about it and promptly charged at the nearest mecha.


I swung my spear like a hammer and smashed it onto a medium mecha. It immediately collapsed and powered down.


I thundered my way towards the next mecha who bravely, but very foolishly, decided to attack me with his war hammer.


I blocked his downswing with my bare left arm which still had the girl's mecha limply hanging down in my left hand, and smashed my spear onto his head.


The mecha powered down.

I flung it away and started to dash towards the next mecha.

That way, I began to wreak absolute carnage on the arena.

One thing stood out very, very clearly in my mind when I think about those few minutes.

It was that the Chinese Federation ten year old kids which participated in that particular Grand Melee… Were all ridiculously brave.

Although quite a few ran away and refused to fight me, a surprising number of them actually stayed to fight me!

They charged at me fearlessly even though they knew that they wouldn't be able to damage me. It was like the thought of running away was something taboo in their minds. They would rather face certain death than run away!

It was truly very impressive. For me whose main priority in life is staying alive, that experience was something unforgettable. It was the first time I realized that something that is greater than gaining the most amount of benefits out of any situation exists, and exists so strongly that even ten year olds understood it and lived by it.

Pride. Honor. Patriotism.

Whatever the reason was that compelled the ten year old kids to engage me in combat even after seeing so many of their peers get absolutely demolished, it was something new for me.

"What a unique concept." I remember thinking to myself. "Would I ever develop something like that? Maybe some day. But… definitely not now!"

I wasn't one to dwell on deep philosophical thoughts in the midst of battle. By the way all those kids were swarming towards me and the red glow which signified ten times the number of points, I probably had to personally take out at least half of the mechas in the arena!

That's two thousand five hundred mechas to trample over!

I redoubled my efforts and speed in taking down the enemy mechas.

Bam! Bam! Crash! Crash!

My spear flicked accurately and powerfully.

Driven by the strength of a battle-grade mecha, my wanton attack found absolutely no resistance.

Come to think of it, I was very literally a feral wolf unleashed in a chicken pen!

I left a trail of powered down mechas behind me as I took out mecha after mecha.

And still, they came. Bravery and folly were truly separated only by a very thin line.

However, sometimes, even among mere chicken, if a wolf is unlucky, he would meet with a cockerel that would refuse to simply squawk and die under its claws obediently.

Sometimes, he would meet with a stubborn old dude who would insist on standing its ground, and was armed with sharp chicken claws, sharp chicken beaks and a whole lot of experience surviving in the wild.

I guess you could describe my meeting with Jaden Rushblood as a wolf meeting and old cock.

Because by all that's good and holy, and by all the bacon of the world, Jaden Rushblood is truly that. A d***.


A high powered rifle beam suddenly smashed into the girl's mecha which I was carrying along with me!

It cleanly pierced through the girl's neck, and severed her head, sending the girl crashing down to the ground!

"Ah!" The girl shouted in surprise. She certainly wasn't expecting to be taken out that way!

"DAMN IT!! Who the **** did that!!" I roared in anger and whirled around towards the direction from which the rifle beam came.

But all I could see was a sea of mechas brutally fighting and knocking each other down!

I squinted my powerful eyes and tried to spot a mecha with a rifle facing my direction. But for all my effort, I couldn't spot any.


A brave but absolutely irritating heavy mecha rushed at me and attacked me with his heavy sword.

I frowned and swung my spear at his head without bothering to even move my feet.


The heavy mecha collapsed next to the girl's mecha and powered down.

I cursed one more time at the sneaky bastard and looked at the girl's mecha. Her reactive mecha armor had taken effect and she was completely immobile at that moment.

I had taken ensuring her survival as my personal mission, and to have her killed by a sneak attack truly riled me up.

The cockerel had struck a vicious and sneaky blow from the sea of dead and dying chicken.

What could a wolf do in that situation?

One thing and one thing only.


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The Undying Mecha Emperor Chapter 104 Wolf