The Surgeon's Studio
Chapter 2960 Did I give you overtime pay?

Chapter 2960 Did I give you overtime pay?

“Sister Lin, it’s said that athletes regularly consume lysing, but I don’t know the details.” Su Yun asked,”how do you feel about the effects?”

“I’m just joining in the fun. I always feel that taking medicine is not appropriate. Forget about taking medicine, I’m even poisoned when I touch some whitening skin care products. ” Lin Jiaojiao still had lingering fears when she thought about the lead and mercury poisoning.

“It’s been around since ancient times. In ancient times, all the ladies from rich families used this. It was the fashion at that time.” Su Yun said with a smile.

“I’m having a psychological shadow now. Big brother Yun, what do you think we should do about Zhao’s child? Recently, a friend of mine told me that there’s a lot of lynmin in the overseas market. It’s all for children to eat so they can grow up. ” Lin Jiaojiao said.

“It’s not that amazing. These things are considered essential amino acids in the human body and can not be synthesized. It’s enough to just eat them normally every day. Eating too much was not good, and eating too much lymin was also very troublesome. An athlete’s daily limit was 15GB. What kind of body were they? How can a child not overeat 1g or 2g a day?”

“That’s true. It’s not easy for little Zhao. ” Lin Jiaojiao said.

“Sister Lin, as a capitalist, your way of thinking is wrong.” Su Yun laughed.”Capital is cold. You can’t be thinking of treating her, right?”

“I’m just sighing. ” Lin Jiaojiao said,”I was a nurse back then. The children in the early years weren’t so meticulous. Most of them were raised separately. They didn’t need to eat so many tonics like now.”

“There are many double-working families in the hospital. If a couple is on duty, one of them has to bring their child to the hospital to be on duty with them. There was an accident during the resuscitation. The doctor on duty went on stage, and the child wandered around the ward area. He found a bottle of 84 disinfectant and drank it. “

“...” Zheng Ren and Su Yun were both stunned. They had occasionally heard of people drinking Type 84 disinfectant water, but what Lin Jiaojiao said was inexplicably bitter.

“Have you been saved?” Zheng Ren asked.

“He was saved. After all, he was in the hospital. Emergency gastric lavage. He had suffered anyway. I didn’t ask in detail if he had any esophageal burns in the future, as I felt uncomfortable listening to him. “

“I have no choice. I have to go to work. For example, Dr. Zhao only works three days a week ... By the way, sister Lin, three days a week is twenty-four hours a week, so your workload is at least 65 to 75 hours a week. Do you pay for overtime?” Su Yun asked.

“Brother Yun, look at what you’re saying.” Lin Jiaojiao asked,”whether it’s Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Haicheng City Hospital, or 912, have they ever paid you for your overtime?”

“I thought it would be better in a private hospital.” Su Yun said in a daze.

“I don’t have anything to do on duty, it’s not like I’m busy.” Lin Jiaojiao said firmly. What overtime pay? that was just an illusion.

Lin Jiaojiao subconsciously tried to change the topic when it came to the money bag.

“Boss, what’s the weekly working hours of the rich and Noble?” Su Yun suddenly asked.

” 35 hours,” Zheng Ren replied,”according to our country’s regulations, it’s about 40 hours.”

“Have you received any overtime pay?”

“Yes, I did. A night shift costs more than 20 yuan, and the average hour is 1.33 Yuan. It’s not enough to treat the nurses to a meal. At that time, I didn’t have any money. I didn’t even have money to treat the nurses to a meal. I just pretended to be dead every day and ate instant noodles. “

“That’s why no one likes you. Even if Liu Tianxing kicked you out of the Department, no one would speak up for you. ” Su Yun laughed.

“I can’t just puff myself up at my own face, can I?” Zheng Ren felt helpless too.”I worked more than 80 hours a week back then. Thinking about it, I really envy the rich and the rest. These are all good things. Think about it, the position of chief resident is really inhumane. “

“Yeah, otherwise, there would be so many people who want to be a doctor abroad. Those who study abroad don’t want to come back at all. Just say that they have thirty-five hours a week, and ding Kemo can go to work, so they don’t have to worry about being called to the hospital when they get home. “

“Yes, I’m a little better now. When I was in Haicheng, I panicked and felt short of breath when I heard my phone ring. ” Zheng Ren said,”especially when I’m sleeping soundly in the middle of the night. I’ll receive a call from the emergency department for surgery when I’m dreaming. Sometimes, I really feel like dying. “

“Sister Lin, look, all the victims are like this. It’s tough and strong. ” Su Yun laughed.

They chatted casually as they returned to the operating room. Yimi wasn’t big, and it wasn’t economical to be too big. The operating theater was also very cramped. After taking off his sterile clothes and shoe covers, Zheng Ren sat in front of the operating table and watched Liu xuzhi perform the surgery.

“Brother Yun, what are you busy with over there?” Lin Jiaojiao sat on the sofa and chatted with Su Yun while watching Boss Zheng “train” Liu xuzhi. She was very happy.

Liu xuzhi had already been bound to IMI’s chariot. The stronger he was, the more money he would earn.

“It’s nothing. Boss and I will split up and look for possibilities in different fields to see if we can save Shi TOU. ” Su Yun said.

“Little stone ... The child is still here?!” Lin Jiaojiao asked in surprise.

“I’m still here. I’ve gained quite a bit of weight recently. ” Su Yun replied,”it’s just that after taking a customized targeted drug overseas, his lung tissue has started to develop fiber. Now, his blood oxygen can’t keep up, so he might need a lung transplant.”

Lin Jiaojiao also knew that boss Zheng had performed a major operation on a child with late cancer a while ago, and it was even live-streamed on the Xinglin garden.

After all, she had been a nurse before. After looking at the medical record, she knew that there was no need for the child to undergo surgery. However, two months had passed, and the child was still alive. From what Su Yun said, he seemed to be living well.

“You two are really ...”

“It can be tormented.” Su Yun read Lin Jiaojiao’s unspoken words.”Actually, it’s not really a torment. The child is quite sensible.”

Su Yun blew out a breath of air, and the black hair in front of her forehead fluttered.

“Since the patient and the patient’s parents have agreed, we’ll just have to figure it out. Anyway, the child had already benefited and lived for two more months. If he can wake up from the lung transplant surgery, he can probably live for at least another half a year. “

“What if he doesn’t wake up?”

“The boss and little stone have an agreement. The boss will personally remove the catheter for him.” 𝐢𝚗𝚗re𝐚𝚍 𝘤𝘰𝒎

“...” Lin Jiaojiao sighed,”he must be waiting for the source of the lungs.”

“Autologous stem cell cloning and 3D printing of lung tissue ... My boss and I will be practicing these things for a few days. Sister Lin, I might need to use one of your operating rooms. “

“Look at what you’re saying. As long as there’s a need, just use it. But autologous stem cells ... What are those?”

“It’s possible. It’s just a possibility. I still prefer to practice surgery in the community Hospital. “I’ve dabbled in 3D printing technology before. The 3D printing of the heart in West China has already entered the first stage of clinical practice. In another 20 years, if any parts are not useful, we can just replace them with new ones. There’s no need to take any oral form of Lai Min. These are fresh, factory-produced organs, and they don’t need any maintenance at all. “

Lin Jiaojiao listened to Su Yun’s nonsense and looked forward to it.

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The Surgeon's Studio Chapter 2960 Did I give you overtime pay?