The Surgeon's Studio
Chapter 2953 I have good news for you.

Chapter 2953 I have good news for you.

Su Yun was just making a casual remark, but Zheng Ren nodded and said,”sure, you can stay in the emergency department as a guest.”

In fact, it didn’t matter where this kind of patient lived. They just had to get a checkup, get their potassium replenished, and wait for the potassium to go back to normal. As for the control of the catheter, holding urine, and recovering the strength of the bladder, as long as one was a doctor, they would know.

It was enough for the patient to stay in the 912 emergency room for observation. If he were to really be hospitalized, there would be various procedures to go through. Although the doctors in the inpatient department would not be unhappy because of boss Zheng, the most important thing was that the patient had no good treatment.

After contacting Zhou Litao, Zheng Ren went down to greet him, explaining the situation and his own judgment. He specially instructed Zhou Litao to do two more tests, especially the two tests for ion and kidney function.

Zhou Litao was very busy. Being a chief resident in the emergency department was not a job for humans. Zheng Ren saw that Zhou Litao’s feet did not touch the ground as he ran all the way here and there, and he also felt that it was really hard on general manager Zhou.

However, the diagnosis on the patient’s system panel in front of him was very simple. Zhou Litao would definitely not have any problems. Zheng Ren could not be bothered to care too much and took a look at the time.

“I’m going to take a look at little stone, are you coming?” Zheng Ren asked Su Yun.

“Let’s take a look. It’s little stone’s first surgery tomorrow. ” Su Yun said,”you should be able to open a lung transplant in about half a month after this.”

“More or less. This time, I saw that his condition is more stable, and the side effects of chemotherapy are not serious. The stone was really resistant. At first, I thought about the dosage. In the end, we still gave the adult 90% of the medicine during the surgery. I didn’t expect that he would only have a fever for three days, and there were almost no other side effects. “

“The re-examination X-ray seems to be fine. I think it makes sense that he’s still alive.” Su Yun laughed.”I felt it when I was resuscitating the emergency department. Sometimes, people would be hit by a car until they lost their human form, but they would be alive and kicking again in less than two weeks. Some people look fine, but they suddenly disappear. “

“It’s really hard to say what will happen to little stone in the end. “

Zheng Ren said,”I’m going back for a while. You have to take the gift I bought for little stone.” I’ve already forgotten about it, so I’ll just take it back. “

“The hat you bought is too ugly!” Su Yun protested,”little stone might not like it.”

“It’s getting cold. Every time he goes out for a walk in the yard, his little face would be red from the cold. This hat is very suitable.”

Su Yun did not say anything else. Zheng Ren took off his hat and the two of them went to the VIP Ward.

Little Rock was flipping through the pages on the tablet. Su Yun smiled at Wen xiaonuan and asked,”what are you doing, Little Rock?”

“Let’s take a look at the information related to lung transplantation. Should we prepare for the sequence?” Little Rock raised his head and smiled.”Use ECMO?”

“It’s none of your business,” Su Yun smiled.”Just lie there and don’t worry about anything. It’ll be much more comfortable to breathe after you wake up.” Especially after you pull off the ventilator, don’t be in a hurry to breathe. Pay attention to the refreshing feeling when you take your first breath in. This is heaven on earth!”

“Isn’t it ...” Little stone smiled and said half of the sentence, but he immediately swallowed it back. Wen xiaonuan was still around, and little stone didn’t want her to feel too bad.

“Don’t look at these useless things. If you have time, you should play ranked matches. Life is short, but you should enjoy it in time. ” Su Yun said.

Zheng Ren came to Little Rock’s bed and spoke to Wen xiaonuan to find out what Little Rock had eaten for lunch.

Recently, little stone’s appetite had been quite good, and he had regained his previous appetite three days after the liver cancer interventional surgery. She had been more active in the hospital recently, and her appetite had improved.

He also looked a little fatter than Zheng Ren before he went abroad.

“Dr. Zheng, Dr. Su, what would you like to drink? There are drinks and water. ” Wen xiaonuan said politely.

“No need to trouble yourself, sister Wen.” Zheng Ren said, then looked at little stone.”You have to be careful of this side of your face. Little stone, don’t eat or drink tomorrow morning.”

“I know. You can’t eat or drink after 12 o’ clock. Actually, I don’t think it’s necessary. There’s no need to be so cautious in a surgery under local anesthesia. ” Little Rock said.

“What do you know?” Su Yun mimicked Zheng Ren and placed her hand on little stone’s head, rubbing it a few times.”Don’t think that you’re a doctor just because you’ve been studying for a few days. It’s not that easy.”

“I’m just afraid of being nauseated and vomiting. “

“Yes, some patients will experience strong nausea and vomiting symptoms during surgery. As you can see, it’s easy to inhale by mistake if you vomit while lying on the operating table. “

“I know!” Little Rock said,”I feel that the interventional surgery is okay. Six hours after the surgery, I went to the bathroom according to the instructions of the hemostat. The next day, when I removed the pressure dressing, I didn’t see anything. It was just a needle hole. “

“Right? minimally invasive surgery, minimally invasive surgery!” Su Yun laughed.

“When will there be minimally invasive surgery for lung transplants?” Little stone asked a “silly” question.

“ERM ...” Zheng Ren really thought that it was a problem.

“Don’t talk nonsense. If that were the case, humans wouldn’t need to turn into spiritual bodies with their stinky skin.” Su Yun said,”don’t worry. I have good news for you.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I’ll also perform your lung transplant surgery. ” Su Yun chuckled.

“Tsk!” Little Rock looked at Su Yun in disdain.”You’ll only be anxious if I don’t let you go on stage.”


“Brother, I’ve been watching TV and the Internet recently, analyzing the two sentences you said when you received the award. What do you think?” Little Rock asked.

“I didn’t think much of it. You’re still young, so don’t read books on philosophy. It’s easy to damage your brain if you read too many.” Zheng Ren said with a smile.

“I think you’ve done a lot of work. You’re very tired.” Little stone said very seriously,”I’ve seen a doctor before. The doctor in charge would check three to four wards a day and chat with the patient more often. Those who are not responsible will not even look at it. They will just check it with the director in the morning. “

Zheng Ren found it interesting that a doctor could speak like a child from a patient’s point of view.

“Let me give you a comparison. If you perform surgery in a year ... Your Medical Group should perform at least 1500 surgeries in a year, right?”

“Around 2000.” Zheng Ren said with a smile.

“The patient was admitted to the hospital, asked about the medical history, did a physical examination, wrote the medical record, did laboratory tests, analyzed the abnormal values, and treated the patient accordingly. The preoperative preparation, and explained the patient’s condition to the patient’s family members. I think you guys did it very meticulously. You don’t look like you’re busy at all.”

“Because your sister Yue is amazing. I don’t have to worry about many things.” Zheng Ren smiled and said,”I’m only in charge of performing and watching the surgery. Your sister Yue will be busy with the rest.”

“It’s not that you’re amazing, but you’ve already won the Nobel Prize, so how can you not be amazing? “The team must be first-class ... I mean ...” As little stone spoke, he seemed to have encountered some difficulties and frowned as he thought carefully.

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The Surgeon's Studio Chapter 2953 I have good news for you.