The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 7 Thank You For Firing Me!

Chapter 7 Thank You For Firing Me!

The guards were sweating heavily hearing the conversation between Kiba, Richard, and Eva.

They were afraid Richard would suffer the same fate as Jack if he lost himself in anger. The head guard made a unit on standby for first aid in case Jack is slapped.

"Split yourself in two. You guys will be responsible for the left side in case Sir Richard falls thereafter taking the slap," The head guard gave instructions while pointing them out.


" Meanwhile, you guys will be waiting on the right side in case Sir Richard falls there," The head guard concluded.


The guards were shocked by the ’preparations’ made by the head guard. It was the first time in the history that guards were split into two for providing medical aid to a possible ’slapping’ situation!

The head guard seemed as if he was looking forward to seeing Kiba slapping Richard!


Jack has barely regained his senses after taking the slap. Thanks to the first aid provided he was able to regain his consciousness within minutes of his knockout.

"You, tell me what happened."

"Huh? Sir, are you asking me?" a young guard who was cleaning Jack’s wounds asked. Generally, he doesn’t get to talk with people of such high status.

"Are you deaf? Tell me what happened in the fight before?" Jack angrily asked.

He wasn’t able to recall perfectly how he was knocked out by Kiba. He guessed that Kiba used some underhanded means.

The young guard was in his early twenties from his looks. He was happy that someone asked him the question.

"Sir Kiba only made a slapping movement toward you. But yet you fell flew meters away after which you vomit blood mixed with foam. It was not even a battle," the guard excitedly replied. He seemed to awestruck by the powers displayed by Kiba.

"You!" Jack was incensed. He now was able to recall the situation correctly. His embarrassment only increased further when he heard the excited words of the young guard.

Jack thought the guard would at the very least try to make Kiba sound in a bad light. But here the guard is excitingly telling the ’details’ without caring about his feelings!

"You are fired!" Jack angrily ordered.

How could there be such a senseless guard? Doesn’t he know that he has to suck up on his boss?

The guard was shocked but then he laughed.

"Does that mean I can leave now?" the young guard asked.


"I mean since I am fired, I can leave right now, right?" the young guard asked with a hopeful voice.

"Well...yes?" Jake was shocked by the excitement the guard showed. This was the first time he saw an employee getting excited after being fired.

"Thank you, sir! You are the best!" The young guard made a dash towards the elevator.

The guard believed today’s events could be turned into a cool story. A story to share during drinks. Perhaps he could even bring the attention of some girls in the bar when he shares the story.

It is not often one gets to see a rich and powerful tycoon’s son getting thrashed this badly. The guard has an overtime shift tonight, so he knew he couldn’t leave tonight and share the ’exclusive story’ before others. Now, he thought the gods were sending him the opportunity by firing him!

"Girls would definitely like this story. Maybe I can become a real man tonight," the young guard thought.

"Or I can sell the exclusive story to a media channel! My story has content which would definitely sell to masses! A small scandal can make breaking news but my scandal has the potential to become the greatest news of the year!" The young guard was in the joyful mood as he left the floor, "A loner mutant fighting a rich heir apparent for his unborn child! The media outlets would love this story. They would offer me both money and protection! "

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 7 Thank You For Firing Me!