The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 756: For Ti**s!

While Suzane rushed to save Morgan – her Good Husband, the reality-warping powers enveloping the area far ahead burst up with sinister grayness.


The reality twisting into something new exploded like a mirror, and shards of reality erupted.

The clone of Kiba – The Defender – was shell-shocked. He had Kiba's abilities and knew it was one of his most overpowered abilities…. Yet it was destroyed like nothing.


Kiba laughed, the gray in his eyes glowing eerily, becoming a stark contrast with his bright complexion.

The Defender was caught off-guard by Kiba's demeanor.

"What is this grayness inside his eyes?! It's like he has become a new person!"

Despite having all Kiba's abilities, he now realized he really didn't have all his powers… at least not ones that originated from this evil gray.

And that alone has changed the tide!!

Kiba's lips curved up into a smirk and his body dissolved into liquid-like gray, like he was nothing but watercolor. Then the liquid completely disappeared, as if absorbed by the ground.


The Defender's face fell.

He felt a crisis of disastrous proportions, but before he could react, the liquid gray erupted from the ground underneath him and pierced straight into his stomach.


The Defender grunted in pain. The liquid gray in his stomach solidified into a hand, and Kiba appeared before him.

"You startled me, but don't believe you can win!"

The Defender clenched his teeth and started gathering his power into his veins.

"No way…."

To The Defender's horror, the power he was collecting to retaliate…began to rush into his stomach, ultimately into Kiba's hand.

"You have my thanks."

Kiba's voice was filled with genuine sincerity, but to the Defender, it sounded like the words of the Grim Ripper.

"If not for you being a genuine match of False Me, he would never lose the seal and try to use my power. For that alone, I shall forever be grateful."

The Defender didn't want his gratefulness. He wanted to live… to not only complete his mission of saving men's honor and their wives' virtue from Kiba but also seek life for himself.

Alas, when did anyone get their wishes?

"Don't worry, your mission will be accomplished."

Kiba moved his hand through the insides of The Defender's until he found his heart. He grabbed it tightly.

"When I'm done, there will be no more fake virtue or honor, or for that matter anyone to bear the seven sins."


The Defender cried in pain as his heart began to turn gray.

"But to achieve that, I need your help."

Kiba said, and simultaneously, the fading red inside the Defender started turning into nutrients for his consumption.

He lifted his head and smiled. It was a smile only those who have experienced captivity could understand.

"Freedom is finally in my reach."

Kiba further tightened his grip on The Defender's heart. The flow of nutrients increased, and when it entered his body, it turned into a mass of chaos and rushed straight into his brain.

There, it violently slammed into the seal imprisoning Genesis Matter.

The seal had slightly loosened when Kiba tried to use Genesis a few minutes ago. Now, under the attack of a force equal to Kiba's strength, dents began to appear. The seal trembled, and soon fissures began to emerge.


Grayness oozed out of Kiba's body and swirled, turning into gray energy currents. His aura rose, sending tremors through the air.

It was just a matter of a minute before Extermination entirely took over!

Far away, Suzane reached Morgan, who was on the ground and trembling in fear. The latter had given up hopes and felt he would die soon. For him, it was just a matter of how soon.

He only prayed his family, especially his son Olly, would survive. As long as Olly did, his bloodline wouldn't end.

Hopefully, Olly's future wife wouldn't be anything like her cheating mother.

"We need to go!"

Suzane pulled him up, causing his eyes to widen in shock.


Morgan was dumbstruck.

This area was no less than the domain of death, yet she was here….

No…. it meant she came for him!?

Surely that can't be true!

After all, it was a suicide! Even a minor shockwave can turn her into dust!!

But then again, in legends, brave women confronted Gods to protect their husbands!!!

"No time for thoughts!" Suzane told him to move.

Morgan nodded, his chest swelling in pride.

"I'm the luckiest man in the world!"

Morgan muttered to himself.

"If my son even inherits a fraction of my luck, his life would be set!"

Morgan thought as he started running alongside Suzane.

Just then, Kiba's aura exploded, causing the ground to tremble violently.


Morgan and Suzane fell down. Even before they could try to regain their balance, the ground began to split.

"Oh no!" Morgan cried.

He knew his gut feeling was right… death was imminent not only for him but also for his dutiful wife!

That was wrong, though!

Gods should shower blessing on such a brave woman instead of killing her!

Suzane raised her head, and as the crack in the ground reached her, she shouted.


Morgan was terrified. Sure they would die, but screaming the devil's name would only make the death painful!

He wanted to say this, but the stifling atmosphere made it impossible.

At the same time, Kiba/Extermination was on the brink of destroying the seal.


His ears reverberated with the name, and his subconscious mind instantly recalled the owner of this voice.

He knew this woman would always cry and scream in his presence!

But it was from happiness and not pain!

His consciousness shook, and the memories of her happy time erupted inside him.

Mouth-watering tits that defied gravity….

"They are in danger?"

Kiba muttered, his gray eyes suddenly clearing up.

He let go of The Defender's heart, and his body flickered, instantly appearing before Suzane. He waved his hand, and the shockwaves neutralized.

"You only appear when I'm on the verge of giving up!"

Suzane said as Kiba helped her rise to her feet.

"You are right," Kiba recalled how long this poor MILF had to wait for his cock. "My apologies again."

Morgan slapped his ears.

Did he hear right?!

Kiba was apologizing, that too in a situation like this!?

"She has always been cold to Kiba… and yet he never takes any offense!" Morgan thought with both pride and dread. "She's terrifying!!"

Kiba turned to Morgan and sighed in relief.

"I'm glad you are alive."

Kiba said as he healed Morgan's injuries. Morgan again slapped himself. He felt genuine care from Kiba.

"He really cares for my safety?!"

Morgan couldn't believe it.

If his son was here, he could have told why: a Good Wife needs a Good Husband!

…. …. ….

Meanwhile, The Defender coughed up blood. His body was exhausted beyond description, and he was on the verge of death.

He felt he was going to die… but then Kiba suddenly left.

"Was it for them!?"

The Defender recalled the flashes of memories he felt from Kiba when the latter was consuming his strength.

Mounds of soft yet firm flesh, complimented by ruby-like peaks…

"He spared my life to save them!?"

The Defender couldn't believe this.

Did his life mean so less!?

At the same time, as Kiba helped Suzane and Morgan, his mind throbbed with pain. The seal was almost broken, and Extermination launched full efforts to take over him.

"If not for Suzane, you would have succeeded and made this world a hell!"

Kiba shouted in his head and started enforcing the seal.

"No, a land without tits would be worse than hell!"

For that alone, he couldn't let Extermination succeed.

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 756: For Ti**s!