The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 2 Interference

Chapter 2 Interference

Inside the penthouse on seventy-fourth floor of White Angel Corporation.

A torn red ruffled yoke T-shirt was lying on the sofa. While a low cut V-neck bra was lying on the glass table accompanied by a purple wine lace panty.

"It was my favorite T-shirt. It was a cherished gift from my fiance," Eva said as she and Kiba entered the living section after leaving the bedroom.

She has placed a white blanket around her body covering her well-maintained ass and firm breasts.

Her expression was that of sorrow as she took the torn T-shirt.

If Kiba didn’t know it better, he would have thought Eva actually loved her fiance. The truth was she didn’t care about her fiance or anyone in the world. She only cared about power and influence.

Love, sex, wealth and marriage were just tools as far as she was concerned. She did enjoy the lovemaking session with Kiba but that was the extent of their relationship.

They have a partnership in business but the sex was not a part of the deal. It was something they did out of their own will, without any pressure. That was what made it enjoyable for both of them.

There was complete freedom.

As for her fiance, he was just a dumb rich guy manipulated by her to do her bidding. Marrying him would mean a step closer to the throne of White Angel Corporation.

Eva’s father was rather old-fashioned and didn’t want to pass the chain of command to her. He wanted her brother, Jack, taking over White Angel Corporation.

The company has influence throughout the world with them being one of the top weapon manufacturers in the city. In the current age of mutants, weapons were in hot demand even though Earth now has no concept of countries.

The weapons were used in secret as the corporate, mafia, mystic organizations, hidden heritages, revolutionaries, and the World Government tries to fight over supremacy of the planet.

Everyone in the top echelon of the society has their hands dirty. They lie, manipulate and kill without any guilt so why would she feel guilty for manipulating a fellow rich scum?

Sometimes, she wished to escape from this society. She wanted to somewhere peaceful and live her rest of days with Kiba.

She would then laugh at her wish. Kiba didn’t want to be tied by the shackles of faithfulness and love. 𝓲n𝗻𝗿𝙚𝘢𝘥. 𝓬𝚘𝒎

"I think your dreams are better than mine," Eva would tell Kiba sometimes.

She would then remind herself, that she, too, didn’t want to be tied. Her main dreams have always been becoming someone who can control the world. There is no freedom in the world without power. For her, the throne of White Angel Corporation was the first step in her dream of supremacy.

"The entire world is so busy fighting over the future that they have lost the present. You are one of the few who can ignore the lust for power and influence." Eva continued.

"I have also lost myself in lust. Lust for sex and vanity," Kiba said with a sigh. He pretty much knew how Eva’s style of thinking.

Eva might be manipulative, but she has opened her heart for him. He, too, has shared his dreams with her.

She was the only person in this world who knew ’Kiba’ was just a part of his true self.

"I guess everyone has lost themselves in some form of lust," Eva said.

"You know we should take a shower," Kiba said as he removed the blanket from Eva’s body. They both were mutants so their physical endurance was far greater than ordinary humans.

He placed a hand on her tits as he fondled them while the other hand rubbed against her ass.

"Yeah, we need a shower but not sex in the living room!" Eva said as she tried to stop him but totally failed. He knew about all her weak spots.

Eva gave up resistance as she suffered the onslaught of his tongue inside her mouth. Her nipples were getting more sensitive with the fondling done by Kiba.

Eva was a natural Caucasian beauty with dark brown hairs and a height of 5 feet 6 inches. What Kiba truly liked was that her breasts were fully natural with no artificial enchantments which have kinda turned into a trend these days.

He stopped kissing her lips, and instead started sucking on her lovely breasts. They were totally ripe and waiting for Kiba’s mouth. He could never get tired of her breasts no matter how many times he plays with them.

"I think I finally know where the true paradise lies!" Kiba said as he started enjoying Eva’s tits. His lips were greedily licking the ripe nipples.

"Ahh... I am sure you say that to every woman you sleep with," Eva started releasing light moans. Her nipples were the most sensitive spot and Kiba knew how to tickle them into ultimate pleasure.

*beep* *beep*

[[Lady Eva, there is a visitor on your door.]] A mechanical voice sounded in the penthouse. In the current society, low ranked artificial intelligence (AI) are installed inside most houses. They can help in day to day activities while not affecting the privacy of residents.

Eva was startled by the prompt notification but Kiba didn’t stop. He continued to lick her breasts while his hands fondle her ass.

"AI, who is the visitor?" Eva asked. The privacy setting of AI makes it possible for her to ask without any fear of getting recorded.

She has a hard time asking as Kiba was fondling her ass and licking her breasts. She didn’t try to stop him though as she was enjoying it just as much.

[[Lady Eva, the visitor is your fiance.]] The mechanical voice of AI answered.

FUCK! Both Kiba and Eva cursed together!

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 2 Interference