The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 21 Felicity Weisz Part 3

Chapter 21 Felicity Weisz Part 3

"Have I used all my luck today? Or is this a retribution by the Gods?" Kiba wondered.

Kiba braved himself and moved forward to hug Felicity. She also reciprocated, and they had a hug suiting two ’fearless’ people.

Carole was confused at the display of Kiba. When he hugged her a few hours ago, he tried to grab her ass! He even told he wants to make love with Eva in front of Richard!

But now the same womanizer was behaving like a gentleman in front of a beauty like Felicity. Carole was in her early thirties and Eva in her late twenties, Felicity, on the other hand, was in her early twenties. So Kiba should be excited, but he was acting totally different.

Earlier, Carole was afraid Kiba would cause a scandal if he meets Felicity but it seemed she was worried for nothing.

"It is like he doesn’t dare have any nefarious thoughts about her. Is this due to her father being a senator? No! He had an affair with another senator’s wife! He is not the type who fears power!" Carole was lost in her thoughts.

Felicity on other hand was happy to have a proper hug with a ’fearless’ person like Kiba.

"You are lacking compared to the rumors but you are not too bad," Felicity said.

Kiba’s mouth twitched. He couldn’t tell her he was afraid of her!

"Your beauty was so radiating I forgot my character," Kiba said with a smile while thinking he has to avoid suspicion. He couldn’t let her or people nearby have any suspicion about his identity.

"Oho! You are good with compliments. Is this how you seduce a woman?" Felicity asked in a curious voice.

She was not in the least interested in dating or having a sexual relationship with Kiba. She just wanted to understand the trade secrets of a ’fearless’ person like her.

Kiba has affairs with wives and daughters of strong mutant and top corporate. She really wanted to know how he did it.

The two young men, on the other hand, were on full alert mode. They wanted to know how Kiba always get the best girls!

"Can’t share my secrets in front of so many people," Kiba casually said. He sat back on his chair and started drinking wine. There were no more signs of nervousness on his face.

Felicity made herself comfortable as well on a chair opposite to him. The chair belonged to Meghan, but she didn’t dare sit seeing Hank and others were standing. She also didn’t dare to complain when Felicity took her chair.

"That’s too bad," Felicity gave a sigh before continuing, "I wish my friend was here. You could have helped him."

"Friend?" Hank and Carole thought out loud.

From her words, it was sure she was talking about a ’male’ friend. They knew Felicity don’t use the word ’friend’ randomly.

She didn’t treat the two young man trying to win her favor with any respect or courtesy. Carole has heard her calling them as ’annoying insects’.

So for Felicity to address someone as a friend, he definitely has to be someone she cared about!

"Honestly speaking I had two main reasons for coming to meet you. First was I wanted to meet a truly fearless man. The other reason was I need help for a friend," Felicity explained when she saw no response from Kiba.

Kiba’s back was drenched with sweat again. He has a perfect idea on who was her friend.

"Y-your friend is in trouble?" Kiba asked trying to sound perfectly normal.

"Sighs. My friend IS a trouble. I want to visit the inner regions of Paradox Dimension but I can’t go due to my friend," Felicity said in a depressed voice.

Paradox Dimension! Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. It is the most dangerous area on Earth which was opened after the arrival of Evolution Comet. It is located in the Bermuda Triangle.

"Lady Felicity, you should never go to that dimension! It is a graveyard!" Carole said. Even the strongest of mutants can barely survive the outside regions but Felicity want to visit the inner region!

"I will visit the inner region someday! It is just that I can’t go now as I am worried about my friend," Felicity said.


"Yeah. That idiot lacks thrill in his life. If I die then who would be there to bring adventures in his life? "

Kiba: "..."

"What good is life without adventure? Kiba, I am sure you understand it better than anyone. I have tried to teach him but he never understands. Perhaps he needs a man to man conversation, so I need your help."

Kiba: "...."

Felicity was sure Kiba was a perfect candidate to teach her friend about the importance of adventures! Kiba’s life is full of adrenaline rush as he has affairs with the daughters and wives of powerful corporate!

"You never give up on sleeping with a woman even if her husband is a god! You are not afraid of dangers! Always pursuing death but enjoying the struggle between life and death! That’s how a man should be. "

Kiba: "...."

"If my idiot friend learns this much then I won’t have to worry about anything. I can even die without any worries."

Kiba: "..."

"Being a true friend is a very hard job."

Kiba: "...."

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 21 Felicity Weisz Part 3