The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 17 Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Chapter 17 Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Agatha originally expected Kiba to dream of strong powers and eternal life given his background. But when Kiba said he is not interested in those things; she expected Kiba to dream of a happy stable family or some peace or wealth.

She even thought perhaps he would want to meet his parents. That’s the things a man, especially who originated from the bottom of society, would definitely find attractive.

She never imagined Kiba to dream of only sex and vanity along with avarice. Now he is asking her if this is too much to ask?

Do you want to enjoy every phase of your life? That’s a fine dream. But other dreams are not so fine!

Do you want to make love with every beauty out there? You want to taste the best liquor and the best food? And you also want to have an affair with wives while their husbands die out of shame and envy?

Yes, you are asking for too much! Why don’t you ask for the world while you are at it?

Agatha didn’t speak out her thoughts aloud. She could tell from Kiba’s voice and demeanor that he was serious about his dreams. She didn’t want to hurt his ego. In the end, she thought she didn’t have the right to judge him no matter how outlandish his dreams were.

"No, it is not too much to ask. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. I am sure you would succeed," Agatha said with a forced smile.

Kiba started laughing. He could easily guess what she was thinking, but he didn’t care. He knew his dreams would be looked down by the society but to him, it didn’t matter. It was his life, and he wanted to live it in his own way.

Perhaps his life would be short with no glory or honor but in the end, there would be no regrets. He could die with a smile on his face.

Why should he worry about what others would think after he died? The only thing he cared was what he would think of himself if he wasted his life on some illusory future.

"The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams," Kiba said. He left the balcony while Agatha was struck on the spot after hearing his final words.


Kiba reentered the hall where the party was still going strong. Bella Advins was singing her latest single while the guests continue to enjoy the food and wine.

Most of the tables were full of guests but there were few tables with a chair or two empty.

Kiba went towards a round table occupied by models. There was a space for a single person.

"Ladies, do you mind if I join you?" Kiba asked the ladies with the courtesy of a proper gentleman.

The ladies were charmed by his handsome face and the golden hairs. His most attractive feature was his eye pupils which comprised a beautiful combination of blue and gold. It could be said his eyes were almost hypnotic.

"We would love to have your company," A blonde model said.

"Thank you," Kiba made himself comfortable in the chair. A waiter nearby filled the glass with wine.

"It seems the rumors weren’t unfounded," The blonde model said trying to strike a conversation with Kiba.

"Rumors? I hope you haven’t heard anything bad about me. The rumors are often exaggerated," Kiba said while taking a sip of the wine.

"The details I have heard were rather complimenting you, but now perhaps you are right. They might be exaggerated," the model said. She was wearing a tight-fitted red dress revealing her cleavage.

"I did say they are ’often’ exaggerated but not always. To me it seems the details you heard are true," Kiba said.

"We can verify the details if you want," The blonde model said while giving a card to Kiba with her contact number.

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 17 Live The Life Of Your Dreams