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Chapter 17: A Scheme to Seize Someone’s Life (Part II)

The two of them reached the house. Just as Lian Qiao was putting the flaky lily pastry down, Bai Zhi dashed over to them. Her expression was filled with anxiety, "Miss-"

Jiang Ruan waved, gesturing at Lian Qiao to shut the door. Only then did she sit beside her bed and ask, "What’s wrong?"

"Chun Ying is dead!" Bai Zhi exclaimed.

"What?!" Lian Qiao was shocked, "How did she die?"

"Contrary to what one might expect, Chen Zhao is callous," Jiang Ruan laughed coldly, "Chun Ying, though, was stupid."

Seeing that Jiang Ruan was at ease without any sign of surprise, Bai Zhi was astonished, "Miss- you already knew?"

"Chen Zhao has an irritable temper, while Chun Ying’s personality was unyielding. The two of them must have fought. Originally, I wanted to make use of their argument to cause issues in their lives. However, I never imagined that Chen Zhao would be so ruthless. He dared to kill her to prevent her from divulging their secret," Jiang Ruan explained indifferently, "Nevertheless, Chun Ying was merely reaping what she had sowed and only had herself to blame."

Lian Qiao creased her eyebrows, "That Chen Zhao is really not a good person. He was really this cold and unscrupulous. However, it is obvious that when Chun Ying asked him for money, was akin to negotiating with a tiger for its skin. She wanted someone as terrible as him to sacrifice his own interests so of course, she would not be able to succeed. It served her right to lose her life!"

Nevertheless, Bai Zhi disagreed slightly, "But still, this concerns a person’s life. Chen Zhao is too scary. Luckily, our lady is quick-witted. If this were not the case, today would have been a terrible tragedy for us."

"How did you find out about it?" Jiang Ruan asked Bai Zhi.

Bai Zhi paused, before she spoke lightly, "Qiu Yan informed me that she had witnessed Chen Zhao killing someone with her own eyes."

"Qiu Yan?" Jiang Ruan raised an eyebrow, "She is someone smart."

"Miss, Chun Ying’s death can not be related to us, right? Don’t tell me that the matter of Chen Zhao killing someone will be passed over so easily?"

"Chen Zhao has dug himself a grave." Jiang Ruan smiled, "There is no need for us to take any action. Soon enough, someone will expose him. His actions have already fallen apart and been exposed."

Lian Qiao spoke, "I keep feeling some uneasiness that this matter is not as simple as it appears. Although we did not intend for Chun Ying to die, the situation still has some connection to us."

Jiang Ruan casually lifted a book from the table, "What are you afraid of? The two of them engaged in an illicit affair and had a dispute that ended in murder. How is it possible to get us involved? If they want to smear my name, I’m afraid it won’t be an easy thing for them to do. They won’t be able to claim that I made them commit adultery. If they want to go ahead and investigate it thoroughly, what will they be able to find?"

Lian Qiao slapped her own forehead, "That’s right! I am being silly. We did not expect this to happen so what does it have to do with us? Chun Ying and Chen Zhao are not on friendly terms with us. Even if the officials come for us, we can defend ourselves with a clear conscience!"

Thus, Bai Zhi and Lian Qiao felt reassured and went to fetch some hot water. Jiang Ruan sat beside the oil lamp and leafed through the book slowly. Her gaze, though, travelled elsewhere.

She had lied. Chun Ying’s death was not a surprise to her at all, because she had already expected this ending.

Everyone has their own weaknesses and limits. Chen Zhao was not only bad-tempered, but also someone who was unreasonably mistrustful of others. She knew that Chun Ying’s continuous demands would only exhaust his patience and sooner or later, he would stop believing that there would be a day when Chun Ying’s greed could be satisfied. His displeasure would gradually develop to the critical point when it would become disastrous for her. When his anger and shame from the inability to provide for her reached a turning point, his trait of cruelty would be provoked. Killing someone would merely be a natural course of action with these factors at play. For her to make this possible, she would also require Chun Ying’s contribution. Chun Ying’s materialism as a result of this opportunity to blackmail Chen Zhao, in which she herself could benefit without investing any of her efforts, fell into her lap. This chance would definitely be something she would not give up on.

Jiang Ruan merely ordered Bai Zhi to bribe a few servants to "unintentionally" mention Chun Ying’s craftiness and insatiable greed in front of Chen Zhao.

It was the right time, right place, and right people. Even if she did not orchestrate Chun Ying’s death, she still had to die.

Since this was the case, she could never be honest with her two maids. In their eyes, she was merely a helpless lady with a kind character, who had been forced into a corner where she had no choice but to fight back without any hesitation. However, she was the only one who was aware how rotten and corrupted her heart was under this skin of hers.

Translated by : togekiss

Edited by : Anks & Ely

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