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“Did you say your daughter is Guo Miao?” The young police officer was surprised to hear Guo Miao’s name.

He had just seen this name not long ago but not where Guo Fu had been reported. He had seen this name on the recent list of high-ranking talents.

Some police officers in Haicheng were assigned to protect some high-level talents. Most of these talents were from the military, and they had access to the most cutting-edge technology and crucial military secrets of the country.

Hence, the information of these people would be sent to the police station every month.


Guo Miao was a member of the military in Haicheng.

Upon hearing the name, the young policeman quickly dialed Guo Miao’s phone number and handed the receiver to Guo Fu.

Meanwhile, Guo Miao was preparing for the English competition. The second round of the exam was scheduled in the afternoon, and it was divided into three parts: a written test, a group discussion without a leader, and a speech.

The topic of the speech was “Environmental Protection”. Guo Miao, who had returned from the Empire a thousand years later, naturally knew this very well.

During the era of the Empire, traditional energy had basically stopped being used. The use of traditional energy was cruder, and the efficiency of production could not meet the needs of the empire. The development and utilization of new energy had always been a direction that the Empire placed great importance on.

Guo Miao had prepared her speech in advance, and if there were no mishaps, she should be able to be among the top three. Everyone’s performance in the English speech competition was about the same, and there was no stunning performance.

Guo Miao was the eighth to go on stage. When the judges heard her name, they all sat up straight, ready to listen to her speech.

They had a deep impression of Guo Miao. The questions of the English competition required a high level of comprehension, and it was not easy for Guo Miao to get a full score.

“The next contestant: Guo Miao.”

“The next contestant: Guo Miao.”

The speaker shouted Guo Miao’s name a few times, but she didn’t appear.

The judges were a little confused. Did this seed contestant who could win the first prize not turn up at the competition?

In fact, Guo Miao was on the way to the police station. As soon as she picked up the phone, she heard her father’s anxious voice.

It seemed that there was a problem with Fuyue Restaurant. The school parents were clamoring to call the police.

She knew about the quality of Fuyue Restaurant. Her father had never been the kind of person who would use inferior ingredients to earn money. She didn’t know why so many parents would complain.

When she arrived at the police station, several parents were already waiting there.

Seeing that it was Guo Miao, the parents were a little confused. “What’s the use of calling a high school kid over?”

“Yeah, why didn’t you guys come up with a solution? Why did you bring a child here?”

When Guo Miao heard their conversation, she stepped forward to maintain order. “Parents, please don’t be anxious. My father is not very good with words. I will handle your complaints.”

“You’re handling our complaints? You’re just a high school student. What right do you have?”

Just as the parents were about to argue with Guo Miao, the police station door opened and a middle-aged man dressed in a refined manner walked in.

A few police officers stood up one after another, and even the deputy director of the police station came out to welcome him.

It was Hong Shuo, the director of the city’s Industrial and Commercial Bureau. He had received a call from Zhong Heng, who asked him to come and help handle it, so he came bearing Fuyue Restaurant’s certifications.

Fuyue Restaurant was a business that had passed the inspection of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, so there should not be any problems.

When the parents saw this, they were a little shocked. What was so special about this Fuyue Restaurant that they could even invite the chief of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau to testify?

Just as the parents were dumbfounded, a few people in suits walked in. They were Jinyue Group’s legal team.

Jinyue Group had always been a victorious general in the capital, and their legal department had never lost a lawsuit.

Before the crowd could react, the lawyers began to learn more about the situation from the client.

Seeing the scene in front of him, Guo Fu was a little dumbfounded.

Why were the director of the Industry and Commerce Bureau and a team of professional lawyers here when he was in trouble? What kind of friends did Guo Miao make in Haicheng? How could she afford to hire such people?

Guo Fu tugged at Guo Miao’s arm. “Daughter, won’t it cost a lot of money to hire a professional team of lawyers?”

Guo Miao shook her head and comforted him. “There’s no need for that, Dad. We’re all on the same side.”

Several lawyers were already trying to investigate further. It seemed like the problem mainly stemmed from the food that was delivered yesterday.

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