The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist
Chapter 75 - 75 The Original Intention Remains The Same

75 The Original Intention Remains The Same

Guo Miao explained to Wu Wei for a long time before he stopped sending her crying emojis.

Guo Miao sorted out the resumes and questions in her email and sent them to Wendu. He was in charge of recruitment.

She simply chose the people who were responsible for the program and holographic technology development. As for the remaining hires, Wendu, who was a game enthusiast, was more proficient at selecting them than she was.

Wendu was having supper with Sheng Guang. He did not have a house in Haicheng, so he was staying with Sheng Guang for the time being.


Sheng Guang’s eyesight had been getting better and better recently. He could already accurately snatch the last piece of red braised meat from Wendu.

“Guo Miao is indeed amazing. I can’t even steal good food from you now.” Wendu crossed his arms and laughed.

Sheng Guang looked much better than before. As a friend, he felt happy from the bottom of his heart.

“Indeed, I’ve been able to draw recently. I can also use my eyes to watch the composition now. It’s much faster than before,” Sheng Guang said as he ate.

After he regained his sight, his appetite improved a lot.

Just as the two of them were eating, Wendu’s phone rang.

[Please open your mobile banking app to confirm a large transfer.]

Wendu turned on his phone and saw that there was an additional three million yuan in the Haicheng branch account of Jinyue Group. He opened his mouth wide.

“Guo Miao is really something. She managed to raise three million so quickly.”

Shengguang also nodded. This was not a small sum of money, and she had raised it without selling the house and shares.

Not long after, Wendu received another email from Guo Miao. There were hundreds of resumes in the email, all sorted out in different categories.

Most of the resumes were from Beijing University, and a few were from Huaqing. They were basically typical talents in China.

Wendu glanced at the questions that they had answered. Most of the questions were ruthless, which basically showed their game-planning ability.

“Guo Miao is too powerful,” Wendu praised.

With a project leader like Guo Miao, he had a feeling that this project would set off a huge wave in China.

Since most of the competition papers were marked by machines and the teachers worked all night, the results were already out on the train back to the city the next afternoon.

All five members of the Haicheng team had entered the final round.

Looking at the results, Zhao Nan’s eyes turned red.

She scored 310 points, which was enough for her to get a high school tuition subsidy from the province. If she worked hard in the national competition, she could even get a full tuition exemption from the top schools.

“Sigh, don’t cry, don’t cry. You’ve been working hard too.” Guo Miao touched Zhao Nan’s hair.

Lu Yao and Fu Meng both scored more than 330 points, while Chen Le, who had been talking big to them the other day, scored 305 points, which was a few points lower than Zhao Nan.

And as expected, Guo Miao once again became a player with a full score.

Everyone looked at Guo Miao with envy. She had gotten full marks in both the provincial and city competitions. It seemed like another miracle was going to be created in this year’s national competition.

After returning to Haicheng, Guo Miao first went to Jinyue Group.

Wendu stayed up all night to sort out the list.

Their Star Empire game was a project that covered a considerable number of game categories. It was a truly open world, and all the settings were basically from the era of the Empire.

Wendu looked at Guo Miao’s worldview and was very surprised. He was a fan of cyber games, and this was the first time he had seen such a complete cyber punk’s worldview.

The art style that Guo Miao chose was also very bold.

After looking at Guo Miao’s proposal, Wendu felt that this project would cause a bigger commotion in the gaming world than he had imagined.

“What are your expectations for this game?” Wendu couldn’t help but ask.

“I hope that this game can provide some people a job and give them a chance to rebuild their lives in the virtual world,” Guo Miao replied.

She did not want Star Empire to be a simple game. Holographic technology could bring earth-shaking changes to the social lives of many people.

Some disabled people could experience complete sensory organs in Star Empire and create their own wealth in the virtual world.

The data transmitted by the holographic device could also be used for medical and social research. Guo Miao’s plan was not as simple as merely creating a game.

Hearing this, Wendu’s eyes were filled with tears. This was also his original intention of making the game.

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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist Chapter 75 - 75 The Original Intention Remains The Same