The Teacher’s Gift

It wasn’t difficult for Guo Miao to master Liberal Arts. After all, her photographic memory wasn’t just for show.

Chen Cheng got the paper and quickly began to match the answers.

Looking at the comprehensive Liberal Arts paper that cost nearly 100 dollars, she opened her mouth wide. This was awesome. Even the top students of Haicheng High School couldn’t answer any of the multiple-choice questions. What was going on? Could this child really be a genius?!

Chen Cheng was no longer worried about her studies. What she was worried about now was whether Guo Miao would choose Liberal Arts or Science in the future. This would determine whether she would be able to produce a top scorer in Liberal Arts or Science.

The Arts students took longer to answer the questions. Compared to core subjects such as Mathematics and Science, the Arts students could still get some marks by answering a few questions.

So, other than Guo Miao, only Zhong Nian and Tong Tong left the classroom early.

It was because Zhong Nian couldn’t get a score even if he answered, while Tong Tong glanced at the paper. He knew how to answer the questions but was too lazy to do it.

“Look at the fisherman girl who just came today. Why did she hand in her paper in advance?” Zhong Nian said as he nudged Tong Tong with his elbow.

“How would I know?” Tong Tong glanced at Guo Miao.

The girl was sitting on a chair in the corridor, reading a thick book.

An English version of world history? This was interesting.

After the test, there was one self-study period and one Math class left.

The self-study class was relatively free time. Ms. Chen did not specify that they had to be quiet, so this time could be used to recite or discuss problems.

Just as Guo Miao was about to continue reading, the girl sitting next to her pulled on her sleeve.

The girl was wearing a cute lolita dress and her hair was tied up in two ponytails. She looked cute and innocent.

“Hey, Guo Miao, I’m Chen Si. If I have questions I don’t know how to solve, may I ask you?”

Guo Miao nodded. Chen Si handed over an English reading question. Guo Miao looked at it for less than five minutes and filled in the answers. She also explained it to Chen Si in detail.

As Chen Si listened, her eyes flickered with admiration. Who said that this girl was an ignorant fisherman’s daughter? She could answer such a difficult English reading question immediately.

“Chen Si, how can you trust a village fisherman’s daughter?” A girl sitting in the front row sneered. “She even handed in her paper in advance. What is she pretending for?”

“Wang Meng, don’t go too far!” Chen Si defended Guo Miao.

“You got the first question wrong. The answer is B, not C,” Guo Miao glanced at the girl named Wang Meng and said lightly.

Wang Meng took out the reference answer, and it was indeed C. Her face turned red when someone pointed out her mistake. “You were just trying your luck. If your English is really good, would you dare to participate in the English competition?”

Although Wang Meng was in Class 10, her English grades were always in the top five of the whole grade. Her listening and speaking skills were also excellent. If she joined the English competition, she could at least win a provincial prize.

“Sure.” Guo Miao nodded. This kind of competition was often held in the Empire, and she had been the judge.

Wang Meng was very unhappy with Guo Miao’s attitude and turned away without saying anything.

“This competition is very difficult. Are you really going?” Chen Si asked with some worry.

“Yeah. What’s so special about this competition anyway?” Guo Miao asked.

“This competition will be a written test, and it will also test one’s speaking and communication skills. There will be a total of three rounds. There will be a school competition, a provincial competition, and a national competition. There are no names listed, and the prize money is only 500,000 dollars.

A 500,000-dollar bonus?

Guo Miao’s heart was moved. With this 500,000-dollar bonus, she could at least buy Guo Fu a better house. She didn’t plan to stay with the Guo family in Haicheng for long, but it was important to save some money during this time.

With money, she could be independent and give her father and brother a better life.

“Thank you, I understand. I will participate.” Guo Miao smiled at Chen Si.

Chen Si’s admiration for Guo Miao increased. This girl knew a lot and was willing to help others. She must be her friend!

When it came to Math class, the teacher, Chang Yuan, had already heard about this genius from Chen Cheng, so he specially observed her in class.

He thought that this genius who had achieved full marks in Mathematics would listen carefully, but he didn’t expect her to keep her head down and look at something.

Chang Yuan didn’t scold her. After all, geniuses always had their own strengths.

He took the opportunity to walk to Guo Miao’s side to see what she was doing.

Guo Miao was flipping through her Mathematics book and reading something behind it... Competition questions?

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