“Where is my room?” Guo Miao looked at Cheng Yu.

“In the attic. Take Miaomiao to her room, Mrs. Zhang,” Cheng Yu said without even raising her head.

Guo Hu heard this and frowned slightly. If he remembered correctly, Guo Miao was his biological sister.

The Guo family’s biological daughter would live in the attic where there were piles of junk while the girl who was not their biological daughter would live in a luxurious house.

Wasn’t it rather inappropriate to announce to the public that the two daughters were twins instead of revealing the true identity of Guo Lin and Guo Miao?

Guo Hu looked at Guo Miao with suspicion but found that she had already gone upstairs. Her steps were steady, and she didn’t show any dissatisfaction because of the difference in treatment from her parents.

“Dad, letting Miaomiao live in the attic isn’t appropriate. Besides, her identity...” he said.

“Alright, don’t speak any further.” Guo Ming slammed the table and roared, “There’s nothing inappropriate about it. They’ll be your sisters in the future.”

Guo Ming’s words seemed to be fair to the two daughters, but treating the wrong daughter as his own kin was already unfair to his biological daughter.

Guo Hu looked at his angry father and didn’t say anything, but he still felt a little uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, Guo Miao walked up to the attic and tidied up the wardrobe.

The clothes that the Guo family had prepared for her were basically all the pink puffy dresses that Guo Lin didn’t want. She put those over-the-top clothes aside and only left a few simple white shirts and jeans.

In her previous life, although Guo Miao also liked these kinds of cute pink clothing, she didn’t have great taste and a sense of matching outfits. Every time she wore them to school, she would be lambasted for being uncouth.

One day, when she found a thank you card from the brand for Guo Lin in the clothes, she discovered that her family had not specially bought these things for her, but it was Guo Lin who had picked out the leftovers from the clothes that she was sent.

After two reincarnations, Guo Miao was no longer addicted to these material pleasures, and she did not expect the affection of the Guo family. These things could have defeated the simple Guo Miao in her first life, but they could not defeat Professor Guo, the light of the Empire.

After Guo Miao tidied up her things, she opened her book and started reading. Although Grade 10 was simple for her, she still had to recall the knowledge.

As for the liberal arts questions, she also needed to consolidate the parts that she had memorized.

During her years in the Empire, technology and academic achievements had long solved the limitation of human memory. The upper limit of human memory only became higher and higher. After Guo Miao transmigrated, she tested her memory. Her ability to memorize and analyze had not been lost, and she retained the knowledge in her memory too.

Guo Miao finished her book, drank a glass of milk, and went to bed early.

Although her IQ and EQ were still intact, her physical fitness was far from what it had been during the Empire’s reign.

After all, she had transmigrated as a soul, and her body was still the same as the one she had in Dongyang Village. She was thin and weak, and her physical strength was poor. She needed time to replenish her protein and exercise so that she could deal with other dangers that she might face.

The next morning, Guo Miao woke up at six in the morning to do some simple stretching and go for a morning run.

She tried to do a few martial arts movements and made sure that she still remembered some self-defense skills she had learned before she stopped.

After all, her body was still very weak. Even if she could use some tricks, despite her lack of strength, she should be able to recover to her previous level without much effort as long as she ate well.

When Guo Miao returned to the villa after her exercise, Mrs. Zhang had just placed breakfast on the table.

Guo Lin rubbed her eyes as she walked down the stairs and saw Guo Miao, who was wearing sports clothes, coming back from outside.

She was wearing a pair of rimless glasses and a purple sports outfit. The sports shoes she wore were from the brand that Guo Lin disliked the most. She looked like a country bumpkin who only knew how to read.

Even though she was wearing branded clothes, it couldn’t hide her pauper appearance.

Guo Lin pouted and mocked Guo Miao in her heart.

To her surprise, Guo Miao raised her head and looked at her with the eyes of a hunter pitying his prey.

Guo Lin shivered.

Who was this Guo Miao? How dare she look at her like that?

Guo Lin clenched her fists and thought to herself that she would teach this country bumpkin a lesson when she got to school. She would let her know how different they were.

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