The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist
Chapter 191 - Chapter 191: Drunk (1)

Chapter 191: Drunk (1)

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Mu Lang did not say anything. He turned around and went out to prepare the wine and dishes.

Although Su Su was a minor, he was still a little rebellious. He would not stop her from drinking.

Mu Lang served the wine and poured it for the three of them. He even brought two of the e-sports arena staff with him. These two employees usually helped Mu Lang and this time, they also received a lot of benefits from him.

Guo Miao looked at the wine warily.

Mu Lang wasn’t a good person. Who knew what he would put in the wine? If something happened to her because she drank it, it wouldn’t be good.

Guo Miao put the wine under her nose and sniffed it. It was just ordinary white wine, nothing special.

Was Mu Lang really that honest?

After three rounds of drinking, Mu Lang proposed playing “Truth or Dare”.

Fu Meng and Su Su both wanted to relax, so they both agreed.

The first round was Su Su’s turn. Su Su chose dare, and she had to look at someone for 30 seconds.

Su Su naturally chose Mu Lang.

Mu Lang looked at her affectionately, his eyes full of love.

This gave Guo Miao goosebumps all over.

Mu Lang was really not a good person.

They played “Truth or Dare” a few more times, and many times, it was Guo Miao’s turn. Neither did Guo Miao want to talk about her own privacy, nor did she want to have anything to do with the employees, so she chose to drink.

After a few rounds. Guo Miao was alreadv drunk. A bit of consciousness remained, which made her feel that something was wrong.

Although she wasn’t an alcoholic, her alcohol tolerance wasn’t bad. How could she feel like she couldn’t take it after drinking just a little? It didn’t match her previous alcohol tolerance at all.

Mu Lang must have put something in the wine.

Just as Guo Miao felt something was wrong and was about to leave, Mu Lang grabbed her hand.

“Let go.” Just as she was about to shake off Mu Lang’s hand, she realized that her strength had suddenly disappeared.

“It’s all your fault. Why don’t you play with my brother?”

Mu Lang had wanted to use this opportunity to make Guo Miao his client, but she didn’t pay him any attention. On the contrary, Mu Lang had lost face in front of Su Su.

“Yes, you’re Guo Miao, right? Big brother will dote on you, don’t worry.” The person who spoke was called Zhang Ning. He was Mu Lang’s good friend and also a playmate in this circle. He noticed Guo Miao when she entered the door and wanted to make her his customer.

However, when he heard from Mu Lang that Guo Miao had ruined his business today, he wanted to defile her. While he could benefit, he could also help his friend vent his anger.

At this time, Su Su and Fu Meng were already drunk and couldn’t help Guo Miao.

Just as Guo Miao was at her wits’ end, the door was pushed open and Su Yu walked in with Tong Pei.

“What are you guys doing? Is this how you treat your clients?” Su Yu carried his sister and ordered his assistant to take Fu Meng away.

When Mu Lang saw his boss, the alcohol in his body dissipated by half. He did not dare to offend the boss.

“No, let me explain. These three ladies came to the competition arena today to say that they wanted to drink some wine…”

“Alright, you two pack up and leave tonight,” Tong Pei coldly said.

Seeing that his boss had not said anything and the man behind him had already spoken, Mu Lang was still a little unconvinced. “Who are you? My boss didn’t even say anything to instruct me to me go. What right do you have to let me go?”

Mu Lang looked at Tong Pei. He didn’t know why, but he felt that Tong Pei looked familiar.

“This is your boss’s boss. Get lost,” Su Yu said as he looked at Mu Lang.

Mu Lang had not seen much of the world, but he knew that the Su family was very famous in the capital. Su Yu should be one of the most authoritative people in the city. However, he did not expect this man to be Su Yu’s boss. What kind of person was he?

Having no time to think, Mu Lang quickly took the wine bottle and left with several of his underlings.


At this time, Guo Miao was weakly leaning against the table, pointing to the glass in Mu Lang’s hand. “There’s something wrong with the wine. Ask him to put it down.”

When Mu Lang heard Guo Miao’s words, he suddenly felt a chill down his spine. There was a mechanism in the glass he used, so the medicine would only enter Guo Miao’s glass when she drank it. This way, the medicine could be placed in the three people’s glasses without anyone knowing..

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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist Chapter 191 - Chapter 191: Drunk (1)