190 Interference

She looked at I and felt that their gaze was somewhat familiar.

This game would restore some of the player’s real appearance. Although it could be adjusted in the system, it would still retain some of the player’s characteristics.

Guo Miao felt that this pair of eyes on her body really gave her a familiar feeling.

When Guo Miao was staring at I, I also looked back.

The game setting was similar to a Western cowboy’s desert world. The cold wind ruffled his red hair, and Guo Miao was stunned for a moment. He did not move his eyes away even when he noticed the other party’s gaze.

Only when the game started did Guo Miao move her eyes away.

In this match, Mu Lang did not occupy the ace’s position. The entire rhythm was controlled by that mysterious I.

“Brother Mu Lang, it’s useless. I seems to be protecting Mindy the whole time. We can’t even surround him in the bushes.”

The person opposite him was someone Mu Lang had known for a long time. He had spent a little money finding customers who could help him win over his clients when he was playing games.

Those helpers would help him besiege his clients. As long as he fought with them and saved his clients, his clients would develop some ambiguous feelings for him. This was also a method that Mu Lang often used.

Those rich women were easily seduced by his offense, and it was also because of this that he made a lot of money from these rich women who invited him to play with them.

Later, he became a playmate in Su Yu’s e-sports arena, and that was why he took a fancy to Su Su.

Su Su often came to Su Yu’s e-sports arena on the weekends. The boss’s sister was usually covered in branded goods. Her eyes were innocent and she didn’t have any schemes. Thus, she became Mu Lang’s target.

Su Su was still young now. When she was a little older, Mu Lang could start a relationship with her at an early age. Then, he would find a way to make her pregnant with his child. After that, he would be able to officially become a live-in son-in-law.

However, Mu Lang did not give up on keeping in touch with the other rich women.

Guo Miao, who had come to the e-sports arena today, was dressed in high-end clothes and had high-grade in-game equipment. One look and one could tell that she was a rich person. It would be good to get some money from her.

“You guys, hurry up, or you can kill this guy first, then go and surround Guo Miao.”

The few of them listened to Mu Lang’s command and surrounded I one after another, ready to kill I together.

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