The Pleasure Lord
Chapter 9 Swamp Marsh Fores

Chapter 9 Swamp Marsh Fores

The Sea-shell Island was towards east side of the Belmont Sub-Continent.

There was an Archipelago of Islands on the eastern side of the Belmont Sub-continent where Sea-Shell Island was one of the biggest in landmass.

The Sea- Shell Island is almost shaped like a circle; it was like someone had taken a small bite on the western side which is facing towards the subcontinent leaving a crescent shape enclave. There are three Cities on the Island placed around that bite shaped part as it is best and the only place on the Island to build a port city.

The Merchant Union city was in the middle, Frey port city in the north, and the Dorbank city in the south side. Merchants from the three Cities mostly travel through boats and roads connecting the three cities which are also facing the Swamp Marsh forest towards there east side. No one had gone deep inside because of large number of high grade Demon Beasts staying there.

Humans had only occupied 15 to 20 percent of the Island entirely on the western side. Rest is occupied by Forest and small mountains.

If someone travels through ship on the eastern side of the island by circling around it, they would only see a natural barrier of small flat mountains circling the east side and some of the north and south side. Some had tried to climb the steep mountain on the eastern side by coming closer to it with small boats but they all died because of large demon beast that looked like gorilla residing in number of caves they had made on that Mountain cliff.

Because of this, only the western and some of the southern side is a place where any ship can land.

Not from the northern side as it has one other natural barrier of reefs and small whirlpools.

The three cities were ruled by three Lords each and waged war frequently to occupy the territories of the other. Each of the cities had some villages around them that they used as buffers from demon beast and also other cities. They had trade between them normally when the three lords were not fighting.

Pearl village came under Dorbank city which was on the southern side of the island and because of this they were easily attacked by pirates few years ago. Now some ships under Dorbank city Lord patrolled that area in case some outside force attacks them from behind.

The Swamp Marsh Forest covered a large area, where the trees were too thick to let the sunlight in. The reason why it was called the Swamp Marsh Forest was because 30 percent of the forest was filled with Swamps and Marsh Wetlands not to mention it was dark even in the daytime. Fortunately there were few lakes filled with fresh waters near each city for them to drink.

Demon beasts always made their appearance in the Swamp Marsh Forest, some of which even reached the 6th or 7th grade. Demon Beast in the deepest area of the forest were even more powerful than the city lords. As the warriors or cultivators usually hunted in the Swamp Marsh Forest now and then, they knew that high-level demon beasts only appear in special areas, and low-level ones were usually vagrants.

In general, trade caravans wouldn’t come across high-level demon beasts as long as they traveled along their usual routes outside the forest. Only soldiers and warriors, who often ventured into the beast-infested areas looking for fights, would easily come face to face with high-level demon beasts, and eventually suffered great losses.

Great risk yields great benefits. Once a warrior killed a demon beast of the 6th or 7th grade, he would immediately obtain many gold coins. Demon Beast above level 6 each had a demon core inside its body. This demon core was of great use to warriors, alchemists, blacksmiths and various other professions.

Apart from the demon core, its fur, fangs, bones, flesh, and poison were all very valuable. The body of a high-grade demon beast was full of treasures.

This attracted bold soldiers and warriors to venture into the Swamp Marsh Forest.

However, only a few people achieved their goals and gain some benefits. The majority of them underestimated the wisdom and strength of a demon beast and thus, paid for it with their lives.


Alex observed his surroundings for a while and heard the sound of some beast growl in the distance, combined with the sound of occasional screech of birds flying.

Alex couldn’t but subconsciously looked towards a direction.

Through the thick bushes, he saw a slim and graceful female body. The woman took off her leather skirt, squatted down, and showed her peach-shaped white bottom to him. Her snow-white hand was waving off annoying mosquitoes, as she was about to urinate...


The woman suddenly slapped on her smooth, white left hip to kill a mosquito. The movement of her butt captivated Alex.

Soon the woman finished urinating, buckled her skirt, and muttered to herself, "Damn mosquitos..."

Unexpectedly, the woman turned around quickly. As she turned, Alex saw her mature appearance. She looked around mid-30 years old with five and a half feet in height. Her face was glowing like a bright moon and she had a slim waist, well-developed big chest, and nice posture. She was wearing some white stripped demon beast skin which couldn’t cover her fascinating figure as a legendary wild vixen.

Alex was fully focused on her hot body and thought that she was more beautiful than the most popular superstars in his world.

While the woman saw him looking at her without blinking.

Seeing this, she smiled which caused Alex to start blushing as he came out of his daydream and also embarrassed being caught by her.

That enchanting woman was none other than Aunt Julie. She walked closer to him and then said.

"Did you see me naked?"

"Um, yes"

"Did you enjoy it?"

"I might have somewhat" apparently, Alex didn’t want to pretend to be somebody he was not. Before he came to this world, Alex was quite an outgoing guy and his father had also said that you should always show your real side in front your family and real close friends. Everyone other than them can depend on the situations. As he is still a virgin, Alex will naturally get embarrassed in situation like this. But he has started to adapt in situation like this.

She starts giggling while internally being impressed by his honesty "Alright, Alex lets go...we have to catch up with others. You don’t want to be left behind alone right."

"Ok, let’s go"

At some distance away, a group of people were hiding behind bushes and trees while observing a small pack of grey wolves at some distance. The wolves were busy eating an animal they had hunt recently.

One of the men in the group heard someone coming behind them, he quickly turned around and after he saw who it was, he made a sign with his hands for them to not make any noise.

Alex quickly came near Uncle Jack and squatted with him behind the bushes. He saw some wolves with the smallest wolf around the same height as him eating another demon beast twice their size. The adult wolf on earth would seem like a pup when compared with the ones in his front.

"There are nine wolves, four at grade 2, two at grade 3, two at grade 4 and one at grade 5. Jack you keep the biggest guy occupied. I will kill the wolf at grade 4 as fast as possible. Theo and Joe both of you will face grade 3 wolf. Meg and Julie first you try to injure the wolf at grade 4 and that is when we will start. After Jack had occupied the his opponent you both quickly kill the weaker ones with your arrows and after that help as you see fit but also keep an eye one the surrounding so that no one interfere." Donald quickly gave everyone their role while categorizing wolves grades as they all were quite experienced but he seems to have forgotten about Alex.

Meg and Julie both quietly knocked arrows on their bow and aimed. Alex did same as them and aimed at one of the four grade2 grey wolf. The wolf which he had chosen was facing him with his right side, so he had aimed at a certain part of his head.

Alex has been thought archery by his grandfather and his mother. Now it seems easier to see far and aim steadily as he had become stronger physically in this world.

Just as Donald gave his signal, three arrows flashed through the air albeit one of the arrows was a little behind because of strength but they all lodged themselves into their target. Rest of the men ran just as the arrows were going to hit their target.

Higher grade Demon Beast has greater reflex and sensitivity to their surroundings.

That is why Donald had not told Meg and Julie to aim at Grade 5 wolf as it will definitely miss.

At last, the arrows of both women could only injure grade 4 wolves as their reaction was also too fast. But shockingly, one arrow had passed right through the head of Grade 2 wolf.

Everyone was surprised but they couldn’t get themselves be distracted now so they entangled themselves with their opponent. Jack was able to keep the raging grey wolf at grade 5 busy as Donald quickly finished off a more injured grade 4 wolf while turning himself to face another. Alex was able to kill another wolf of grade 2 by shooting an arrow right through the wolf’s eyeball and into the brain.

The women have also quickly killed the weaker ones and were now helping Theo and Joe. Donald and Jack were now battling together with the now berserk grade 5 gray wolf. Jack was almost been bitten by the wolves sharp fang.



Alex eyes couldn’t keep up with them as dust and debris of some stones was flying everywhere becuase of their intense fight but he could clearly see how Theo and Joe battled.

They also killed their opponents with the help of Aunts but they didn’t turn to help Donald and jack as that fight was above their strength instead they started to seriously check their surroundings for any surprise attack. Meg and Julie supported their husbands with arrows.

Alex was very much fascinated how fast and agile were the wolves. If he faced the higher grade wolves then he would definitely be ripped apart by then in a matter of seconds.

The fight quickly ended as two couples ganged on the last remaining wolf.

With a screeching howl, the grey wolf gave his last cry as he breathed his last breath and died just after that.

Alex thought that everyone would relax a little slowly skin the wolves but he was dumbfounded has he saw how every adult with much fierce energy then before looted only the costliest materials while shouting at him to run with them.

Just after running some distance away as they carried the precious pelts, fangs and some meat, Alex heard loud howls and growls of Demon beast behind him.

It was then that he knew why they had done everything so hastily.

"Alright everyone, we have come to our hideout, go inside hurry." Jack said as he pointed at the small hill covered in dirt and dense plants all around it. Alex couldn’t see how can there be any hiding place.

Joe who was in the front quickly sprinted towards the base of the hill squatted down behind some branches. That was when Alex got to know what they were taking about.

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The Pleasure Lord Chapter 9 Swamp Marsh Fores