The Pleasure Lord
Chapter 56 Demon Beast Tide

Chapter 56 Demon Beast Tide

Wha..what is it?" Elaina asked as she ran beside her senior sister Melinda. They are now running behind Alex to catch up to him.

"Demon Beast Tide!" Melinda said as the graveness of this matter could be sensed in her tone.

"What!!!...Then why that guy and you not running towards the shelter?" Elaina was shocked the first time but then she thought of a problem.

Melinda seemed to have come out of a trance. She didn’t know what direction they were escaping to as she just followed behind Alex. She was busy thinking about how did that guy became aware of the danger before her.

They were not escaping in the west direction but were advancing towards the south. Just when Melinda was going to call out the idiot she saw a movement a distance away where Alex is going pass in the next moment.

Alex was very calm as he ran forward. He unsheathed one of his swords carrying the in the bag behind him.


At this moment, the sound of a wolf could be heard as a blue colored figure leaped out from the grass toward Alex.

"Watchout!" Melinda warned.

Without even a sideways glance, Alex shook his right arm slightly as the blue figure flew close by him. The Sword in his right hand became a streak of silver light as he ran past the flying creature.

Just as the blue colored figure leaped out at him, it abruptly fell to the ground. Looking down, all Alex could see was a blue colored wolf with a stream of blood leaking from its throat.

Just as this wolf fell to the ground, a barrage of wolves flew out from the tall grass at Alex or just that he was in their way. One of them opened its large jaw wide, causing the irony scent of blood to waft out and attack the nose to an unbearable degree.

Still with a calm expression, Alex continued to stab out with his sword at lightning quick speed as he struck each incoming wolf fatally in the throat.

These Blue Wolves were only at the 3rd and 4th grade of Body Tempering Realm, so Alex didn’t feel threatened by them at all.

From behind the cover of the tall grass, Blue Wolves continued to leap out as they charged at Alex. They even went for Melinda and Elaina while some of them just passed by seeming running from something.

However, Alex’s forward pace didn’t falter even a single step as he brandished his weapon in a web of sword strokes. Each and every second his sword would swing out around him, and with each swing, another wolf was struck fatally. Using spiritual sense Alex was not afraid of these beasts sneak attacking him.

Even if a group of mercenaries were to come across this pack of Blue Wolves, they would definitely have a headache after dealing with them, even if they had cultivation higher than them.

A 4th grade Demon Beast would have an extremely difficult time hurting a 7th grade cultivator, but when there was a hundreds of them, they wouldn’t just stand around and let you kill them, they would all come in for the kill.

Behind Alex, the massive amount of blood had already turned into a single line that splattered on top of the tall grass. As for the Blue Wolves’ bodies, they were all neatly piled up on top of each other in a single line.

Melinda and Elaina were closely following behind him leaving the dead bodies on the ground as he goes.

They had become more shocked as they ran behind Alex. 𝗶𝚗𝘯re𝐚d. 𝑐𝗼𝙢

Most of the wolves would just pass by but when the three of them came into their path, the blue wolves would definitely attack.

Demon Beast Tide is a disaster for humans not only on this Island but all over the world. They start because of different reasons from time to time. One of the most common reasons are when some other powerful Demon Beast starts fighting between themselves and because of this the low level Demon Beasts try to escape from that area.

Alex was running towards his village where the Raging Sun Mercenary group and his family are living right now. He had previously sent some puppets to protect them from the dark so Alex quickly commanded them to find every group that had gone out hunting at this time; they are all in great danger right now.

The puppets were also using the money from the inventory summon more puppets to help them in reaching out to every group as fast as possible.

"Alex, stop we need to go get away from them" Melinda shouted as they different types of Demon Beasts from time to time.

Alex looked behind as if thinking of something, he then said "There’s a village just ahead some distance. We are very close, just follow me."

"Who are you fooling, there is no village here this deep into the forest" Elaina rebuked because in her knowledge there was really no other village settlement here.

"Don’t ask, just follow me quickly" After which Alex increased his speed a little.

"Elaina, is there really no other village here" Melinda asked as she was an outsider and didn’t have much knowledge about this Island.

"There...should not be any village here. Senior Sister Melinda, how can I not know about the existing villages on this Island!" Elaina said but a little uncertain.

But soon there doubts cleared as Alex took them through a path in middle of swamp. After taking a turn around a hill, they came across a long wooden wall closing of the entrance going inside.

There were members of the Raging Sun Mercenary group stationed at the top of the wall and tall watchtowers. They also spotted Alex and two other girls following closely behind him.

"Open the gate" Shouted one guy so that Alex can quickly enter.

Melinda and Elaina also passed through the gates with Alex.

Alex did not stop and ran towards hill in the east direction as that was the only place from where the Demon Beasts might run ahead. Fortunately they had tried to make the slope on that side of hill into a cliff. But there might still be some Demon Beasts who may climb the hill.

Because of geographical location, their village had the least risk towards Demon Beast Tide. His puppets had also reached out to every group members who had gone out to hunt. They are coming back right now.

Elaina was shocked to see so many people in this village thriving here this deep into the forest.

"Who are these people?" Elaina murmured.

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The Pleasure Lord Chapter 56 Demon Beast Tide