The Pleasure Lord
Chapter 371 Thor! - Part 3

Chapter 371 Thor! - Part 3

Recarde wanted to control Thor as soon as possible, irrespective of his subordinate's safety, becasue he noticed Karakh and his men's movements outside. That made him all the more certain of Norakh's and his disciple's rebellion. There had to be a connection between this foreign Barbarian and Karakh as their timing was too coincidental.

The Barbarians roared and immediately tried to stop Thor from smashing the gates any further. But to their dismay, just when they came within two-meter distance, out of the blue, they were suddenly hit by columns of water and flew away, smashing into their companions behind them.

"Cough! Cough! Wha-What? Where did the water come from?" One of the Barbarians who was hit by a water column asked.

"Look beside his feet! Where did that puddle come from?" another Barbarian who was lucky enough not to get hit as he was standing far away exclaimed. But that gave him a clear view of the situation. Recarde, who had jumped down from the platform, also happened to see it.

No one knows how or when, but the ground near the gate had suddenly become surrounded by a large puddle of water.

'Nice Job, Anahita!' Alex complimented his Water-type Spirit Beast-

Anahita. Spirit Beasts are such convenient and helpful companions.

"Ping~(Your welcome)" came the reply.

'Keep them away occupied for a minute. Can you do that?' Alex asked.

"Pin-Ping~(Leave it to me!)."

Alex saw Anahita patting her watery chest in confidence. Seeing this, Plum, who was bouncing on the side inside the soul space, cheered on its friend. Unfortunately, Plum could only ever be seen with Alex's real persona; the rest of the time, it has to avoid making any moves that reveal its existence to the outside world. Plum could only help Thor or any other person of Alex passively.

As for Anahita, Alex had decided to let her aide Thor.

This conversation happened inside Alex's soul space, so the Barbarians outside naturally couldn't know that the puddle surrounding Thor was actually the body of a Water-type Spirit Beast.

"Archer's nock!" Suddenly Recarde ordered. The Barbarians with bows understood the command, at once, they knocked an arrow onto their bows and aimed at Thor's back.




Splat! Spla-Splat!

A wall made of water rose from the ground and intercepted the arrows fired at Thor. This water wall brought the Barbarians ready to fire another volley to a stop as no one expected this to happen.

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

After no more than a second, water arrows were spewed back at the Barbarians. A few unprepared Barbarians were killed straightaway as the water arrows pierced their eyes. While another part was left seriously injured as they thought their bodies would not get hurt by water arrows. Unfortunately, that wasn't so. The water arrows conjured by Anahita were quite lethal to Rank 2 Barbarians.

Only Recarde and a few elite Barbarians were able to dodge or shield themselves behind their companions.

"A wall of... water? Is it done by that man?" questioned a Barbarian after seeing the water wall.

"He's definitely a human. Only they can make use of elements!"

"A human!"

"No way!"

"It can't be-"

"Shut up! It doesn't matter if he's human or not. Karakh and his men are standing outside and I don't think they came here with good intentions. They might be in cohort with this guy. Go and stop him before he breaks the damn door and lets them in. Go!" Recarde shouted and pushed his men towards the wall. The Barbarian warriors might have been surprised by the water wall and may have been somewhat apprehensive seeing Thor's strength but they were barbarians after all. Rarely, do they retreat in face of death?

"Go! Kill that man."

A whoosh sounded out as a barbarian warrior shot forwards like an arrow and slashed out with his short sword at the water wall.

Just before the Barbarian's sword could touch the wall, pale blue hands extended out of the wall and caught hold of the sword.

"What the-!"

The Barbarian was greatly startled and tried to retreat, but it was too late. The water sword easily cut off his head, and blood flowed out from his neck, dyeing the surrounding water red — the headless corpse fell.

Another Barbarian who witnessed this slashed his machete at those watery blue hands but instead of cutting it off, the machete went through without any resistance.


That Barbarian saw a blue head extending out above those hands letting out a weird mocking sound.



Another head was cut off right before everyone's eyes. The rest of the Barbarians retreated two stepped back seeing the weird blue creature whose hands turned into sharp blades.

"Fuck! What is that thing! A Demon Beast?"

"What kind of Demon Beast body has a body made of water?"

Recarde's eyes opened wide seeing Anahita's head and hands merging back with the wall.

"No! That's a Spirit Beast and a strong one at that. Get back, everyone!" Recarde ordered knowing how impossible it was for his men to defeat Spirit Beast with the elemental body.

"A spirit beast? Shit!" The Barbarians backed away immediately after they heard those two words. Brave or not, the Barbarians knew they couldn't mess with an elemental Spirit Beast if they do not have the means to suppress it.

Recarde looked at Thor's back with jealousy and greed.

'If only I could have that spirit beast...'

Knowing full well that could not happen, he thought of destroying them together. Recarde seemed to have made some decision as he gritted his teeth and rummaged through his leather bag tied to his waist, taking out a ball wrapped in some kind of animal skin.

"Remarth buda Tosharde"!' Recarde chanted a spell causing the ball in his hand to glow red. He then immediately threw at the water wall without wasting a second.

"Huh?" Thor stooped and looked back as he sensed danger.

He immediately noticed the red ball that Recarde threw in his direction.

"Anahita! Disperse!" Thor shouted. But it seems he was a little late.


The moment the bright red ball touched the water wall, it went off like a grenade with a flash of red and smoke.

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The Pleasure Lord Chapter 371 Thor! - Part 3