ONCE Wulfric recovered from the sight of Aster wearing that swim wear as if it was a second skin. He realized that he wasn’t the only one who saw that. Hundreds of thousands of people also did. At that realization, his stomach started to churn due to anger.

But as fast as that anger appeared, it also died down pretty quickly. Miraculously enough, his brain cells worked quickly and his logic forcefully made him calm down.

There’s no use getting angry at something that couldn’t be helped. He had to keep in mind that this was Aster’s job. If he continued to rage about this, he might end up doing something that Aster would hate. That didn’t mean he like it though.

But what’s the use of that? He would probably die of anger if he focused on the things that made him angry. And he had a feeling that there would be too much anger in his foreseeable future. So, it’s better to learn to be calm now. Although that would probably take too much time and effort to do so.

He once again took a deep breath, no, a couple of deep breaths until he fully calmed down. Then, he opened his [Cyberspace] to scour for malicious comments against Aster. As well as perverted edits of him wearing a swim wear.

Wulfric continued to do that for hours. He didn’t even notice that the sun had already set. Then, he suddenly heard sudden tapping on his desk that almost made him jump. He raised his head and was startled to see a shadow figure.

Because he the lights were not turned on, what he saw was only a silhouette. Which made it even scarier. But due to his good eyesight, he knew that the other was Leland. He turned the lights on via remote and the study instantly brightened. He had to close his eyes for a second so it could adapt to the sudden brightness.

The he saw Leland looking down at him. Leland had this expression on his face as if he was judging him and finding him immediately guilty. He suddenly had a feeling of being caught doing something he shouldn’t. That’s why he couldn’t help but feel defensive.

“What are you doing here, Leland?” he asked, trying to sound annoyed.

“I was informed by one of your AI staffs that your highness haven’t gone out of your study since morning,” Leland started. “I thought that your highness finally had pity for me and decided to do your paperwork. So, I decided to drop by and see how you’d been doing. I knocked on the door of the study but you didn’t reply. I was worried that something might have happened, so I let myself in. Imagine my surprise when I saw that the lights inside were turned off. And you, our dearest prince, is sitting here in the dark with your face buried on your Terminal. Is it safe to assume that you didn’t do any paperwork at all?”

Wulfric felt like arrows were piercing him every time Leland said something. He avoided the other’s gaze and mumbled, “I’ll do it tomorrow. It’s not like the files would run away or something if I didn’t do them immediately.”

“Yes, they won’t run away. They will just pile up. Does your highness not think that it’s almost the same?”

When the prince didn’t reply and just grumbled, Leland sighed. He looked at the still opened Terminal of the prince. Because it was set on private, he couldn’t see what’s on it. But he was sure that it’s related to Astrid Townsend.

Under normal circumstance, that wouldn’t be his first guess. But after what happened in the recent days, it’s hard not to relate the prince’s action to that teenager. First, he reserved a whole cinema for their whole army to watch. Which was already very unlike him. Then, the next day, he suddenly put the soldiers into hell mode training. And the reason for that? Because he didn’t like the comments they made about Astrid.

It’s not only those things. Ever since leaving the capital, the prince had been wearing a silver necklace with a rather eye-catching pendant around his neck. The prince Leland knew hated accessories. When he asked where he bought the necklace, the other said with a very rare gentle smile that it was a gift from Astrid Townsend.

At that point, he knew that something was slowly changing. He’s just unsure if it’s for the better or for the worse. Although right now, in terms of the prince’s work ethic, it’s definitely the latter.

But he would reserve judgment until later. If, by some chance, Astrid’s influence on the prince became purely negative, then he would have no choice but to intervene. But for now, let’s just make sure that this prince would eat dinner.

“Your highness, I don’t know if you’re aware, but’s it’s already time for dinner. Please, do eat.”

“Yeah, yeah, I will. You can go now,” Wulfric said and returned his gaze to his Terminal. 𝙞𝓷𝙣r𝚎𝓪𝑑. 𝒸𝗼𝒎

Leland stared at the other and then sighed. He couldn’t believe that there would come a time that the prince would actually start chasing an actor. He’s truly not sure if this was a dream or simply a nightmare.

“I won’t leave unless I see your highness eat,” he said in a stern voice. “The new chef cooked dinner. I tasted it and they’re all delicious.”

[It definitely won’t be as good as what Aster made.] – Wulfric said to himself.

He looked at Leland. Seeing that determined expression, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to make this guy leave unless he saw him eat.

He tsked and stood up. “Fine.”

He walked out of the study with Leland following him from behind.

There’s still a lot of things he needed to do. But since he had an official job, Wulfric couldn’t just focus on things related to Aster. Then, he suddenly remembered one of the things he read when he was researching on how to be the best fan.

[Should I create a fan site?]

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