THE camera zoomed in on Astrid chopping vegetables with ease. The way he was handling the ingredients prepared for them by the program team was almost like that of a professional chef. It was especially more so because of the type of ingredients the program team gave them. 𝑖𝐧𝓷𝓇𝙚𝙖d. c𝚘𝐦

All of it were exotic ingredients. And by ‘exotic’, Astrid meant ingredients that were on the same level as sea slugs. But that’s fine. He simply chose ingredients that he was familiar with. Although there’s only few, the program team didn’t mention that they had to use all of them.

That’s why Astrid chose to make dishes with just a few ingredients. Thankfully, there was rice in the ingredients. So, even if he only made two or three dishes, with rice present, the three of them would definitely be full. After all, rice was life.

So, with that, he began cooking.

He chose to cook something that was easily made but still flavorful and delicious. Sweet and sour fish, stir-fried vegetables, and a sea creature similar to a shrimp that he cooked like a tempura.

It didn’t take 30 minutes before he managed to finish everything. Astrid then put the finished dishes, as well as the rice, on the table that was provided in the kitchen.

“Let’s eat?” he said to the two with a satisfied smile.

Miria looked at the dishes in front of her and she couldn’t help but gulp. She was actually still apprehensive when Lauren said that Astrid was a great cook. But as she watched the other cut and sliced ingredients like a pro, her worry slowly disappear. And now, looking at these three delicious looking dishes, she knew that it would be good without her even tasting it.

“Wow these look delicious!” Lauren said, eyeing the meal in front of them like a hungry beast.

“That’s right! The smell is even mouth-watering,” Miria added.

Astrid only chuckled and sat down. “Okay, let’s eat.”

Miria no longer waited and immediately put rice on her plate, then she took some from each dishes. The moment she ate a spoonful of rice and fish, she felt like flavors just exploded inside her mouth. It was so delicious that she didn’t have time to comment and just continued eating.

Before she knew it, all the plates with the dishes and the rice were suddenly wiped clean.

“No more?” she said with an expression like a clueless child who didn’t know how things ended up the way they were.

“Hey, Miria, you’re the one who ate the most, so what’s with your reaction?” Lauren said with a slightly accusing tone. It’s because he wanted to eat more but the other simply bulldozed through everything like someone who hadn’t eaten anything for a month.

Miria’s eyes widened when she heard what Lauren just said. “I- I did?”

Lauren nodded with a frustrated expression. Astrid did the same, except that his expression was that of amusement. If she truly ate most of the food Astrid prepared without her even noticing it, wouldn’t that mean that she was just mindlessly eating everything?

At that thought, she felt her whole face heating up because of embarrassment. She did that in front of people watching the live broadcast! Wouldn’t she appear like someone who didn’t have manners?

She looked at the camera following her. “Can you forget what you saw just now?”


Meanwhile, in the comment barrage of the live broadcast…

[That must be one hell of a meal if Miria was devouring everything like a hungry ghost.]

[This is my first time seeing Miria like that. T_T It’s really refreshing. As a Miria-fan, I’m here to give my thanks to Astrid.]

[But the food really looked delicious. Even the way he prepared it was like that of a professional chef.]

[Is Astrid actually enrolled in some cooking school?]

[No, he’s definitely studying at Redwood. Maybe it’s just his hobby?]

[Why does Lauren keep calling Astrid ‘Aster’? Is that his exclusive nickname for him?]

[I think so too! It’s so cute, right?]

[Is my LaurenXAstrid ship really gonna sail?]

[OMG I hope so too!]

[What are you people talking about? Their dynamics is definitely that of friends instead of whatever it is you’re thinking.]

[Upstairs, you’re right! I can’t see them as being a couple in real life. I think it’s more likely for Astrid to be together with Miria.]

[Yes! Did you see how sweet he looked at Miria when she finished eating the meal he prepared? There’s definitely something!]

@astridsnumber1fan: [You’re all delusional!]

@astridsnumber1fan: [Stop shipping Astrid with just anyone who walks on two feet!]

[But regardless of their true relationship, I really like the name ‘Aster’. I think I will call Astrid that from now on.]

@astridsnumber1fan: [No, you’re not close! You can’t call him that!]

[It’s Brother White! I knew you would appear!]

[Hey @astridsnumber1fan, why do you keep butting in? Whether we call him Aster or not, you don’t have a say!]

[What are you saying upstairs? Didn’t you see his handle name? He’s Astrid’s number one fan! He just didn’t want you people to taint Astrid’s name.]

[By stopping us from calling Astrid ‘Aster’? That’s a bit ridiculous, right? Not to mention, childish.]


Wulfric stared at the words ‘ridiculous’ and ‘childish’. He almost threw away his Terminal after reading that. He quickly turned off the comment area once again. He should have not turned it on in the first place. Because he knew he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from fighting with everyone.

But when Aster started cooking for those two, his eyes just became green with envy. Especially when he only had a nutrient solution for lunch. It also didn’t help that he kept on hearing Lauren saying ‘Aster this, Aster that’.

So, to distract himself, he opened the comment area. Which was obviously a bad decision. He only became even more irritated. Especially when he read that comment about calling Aster by his nickname.

It’s like he would explode from irritation and frustration!

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