Tragic Young Master

Mu Guo’s patience was limited. “Think about it carefully. Dad only has time for Mu Ci now. He believes that the girl can take good care of Mu Ci. If you stay and cause trouble and anger him, no one can save you!”

Duan Si stopped talking.

Mu Guo continued, “You’ve never cared about Mu Ci. Aren’t you afraid that the old master will suspect you if you care about him so much?”

Duan Si immediately exploded. “Hubby, what do you mean by that? Why would Old Master Mu suspect me of anything? Would I harm him? He’s my biological son and I’m his mother. I have no reason to hurt him, right?”

Mu Guo frowned and did not want to argue with her. “I’m flying to Singapore tomorrow morning. I have to go back and prepare the materials for tomorrow’s meeting. If you insist on staying, I won’t stop you, but don’t call me if anything happens! I can’t help you!”

With that, he strode out.

Duan Si quickly jogged after him. “Hubby, why are you suddenly going overseas? Who will accompany you this time? Can I go with you? I want to see Mu En. I haven’t seen him for more than a month…”

The two of them walked out of the residence.

Old Jiang looked at their backs and could not help but sigh.

It was no wonder that Old Master Mu felt annoyed, and that Young Master Mu Ci was disappointed.

Bei Shuo knelt by the bed and looked at the unconscious Mu Ci. She sighed and muttered, “Brother Stone, why is your life so weak? I’ve only lived for twenty years and I’ve saved you twice. Without me, you would have died. Why are you so unlucky?”

Worried, she felt Mu Ci’s pulse again. Then, she put his hand back under the blanket and covered it properly. She wiped the sweat on his forehead with a towel. “But it doesn’t matter. I’m here. I’ll definitely treat you so that you won’t suffer from illness again. I originally wanted to treat you slowly, bit by bit. I didn’t expect it to become so dangerous all of a sudden. You’ll have to suffer a little this time.”

Bei Shuo rambled on.

It was quite the day for her. She had cut ties with her biological parents and married Brother Mu Ci. After a lousy first meeting with his mother, she made dinner and detoxified his poison.

She sat down on the thick carpet and stretched. “Bei Shuo, you’re so awesome! Work hard! Don’t give up! We have to continue tomorrow!”

Bei Shuo’s head rested on the side of the bed. She found a comfortable position and closed her eyes.

She might be a doctor, but she was not made of iron, and would still be tired.

However, in her half-asleep state, Bei Shuo was awakened by heavy breathing. She jumped up and touched Mu Ci’s forehead.

Damn it! His forehead, which was covered in cold sweat, was now burning hot!

The first wave of fever had begun.

Bei Shuo lifted the blanket and went to the bathroom to get a basin of warm water. She wrung a wet towel and wiped Mu Ci’s body.

At this moment, Mu Ci was like a red-hot stone. After scrubbing him twice, the heat did not decrease at all. Bei Shuo fed him some water and felt his pulse. She felt that his condition was not good. After pondering for a moment, she opened the bedroom door.

Sure enough, Liu Ming, Xiaoling, and Xiaobai were in the living room outside the bedroom, along with Uncle Jiang, who was beside Old Master Mu.

Seeing her come out, Liu Ming immediately jumped up. “Young Madam, what do you need?”

Bei Shuo said bluntly, “I’ll write a prescription. Uncle Liu, go and get the medicine immediately. I’ll cook it myself. Brother Mu Ci has a fever. I’m afraid the fever might have negative effects on his brain. I have to lower his temperature.”

She then nodded at Old Jiang. “It’s not a big problem. Tell Grandpa not to worry.”

When the medicine was brought back, Bei Shuo asked Old Jiang to look after Mu Ci for her and personally brewed the medicine.

Old Jiang and Liu Ming realized that Bei Shuo was very vigilant. Be it the medicine or Mu Ci, she wanted to do everything personally. This was what they hoped for. After all, this concerned their young master’s life.

After the medicine was brewed, Liu Ming said to Bei Shuo in a low voice, “Young Madam, Xiaoling and Xiaobai are trustworthy people. If you’re tired, let them help you.”

Bei Shuo nodded, but she did not intend to ask anyone to help her.

When dawn broke, Mu Ci’s fever finally subsided, and his expression was much better.

Xiaoling brought Bei Shuo breakfast. “Young Madam, eat something. You can’t tire yourself out.”

Bei Shuo immediately jumped out and said happily, “That’s great. I’m starving.”

Xiaoling’s eyes turned red. “Young Madam, you should have called me when you went hungry. How can you let yourself go without food? Young Master still has to rely on you to take care of him. You have to take care of yourself.”

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