The Lord Is Too Overbearing
Chapter 29 Waking Up Late Lets Chicken Peck Your Fortune

Fortescher County was located in the territory of another Duke, different from where Woster County located. Woster County was reigned under Duke Crownveil, while Fortescher County was reigned under Duke Carlenze.

Both Dukes had a great relationship, however policy was policy. There was a need to put a border between the two Dukedom. Therefore, as the outer part of Crownveil Dukedom, Fortescher County was given the honor to supervise the border territory.

It was for this reason, there was always a full check before entering Fortescher County. Although the inspection of Fortescher guard toward people from Crownveil Dukedom was rather lax, it wasn't to the point of letting anyone in.

Basil got down from Deacon a few hundred meters away from the gate. Deacon quickly transformed into his small form and hopped on Basil's shoulder. He wasn't wearing his Academy Uniform anymore.

He had bought a couple of high quality clothes on the way to Fortescher County. They were consisted of white cotton shirt, black suit vest, white knee length coat, and white pants to complement them.

All of the clothes he bought were of high quality and durable. They didn't restrict his movements too, therefore they were also suited for combat.

With Deacon on his shoulder, Basil skipped toward the gate that was already full of people lining. He naturally didn't join the line as he dashed toward another gate that was closed. At least, that was how it seemed.

"The line is over there, sir."

By the time he arrived in front of the gate, the guards stopped him and told him in a polite manner. Their courtesy wasn't only due to Basil's little display of skill, but also due to his attire. They couldn't mess with anyone who dressed that way.

Luckily, they made the correct decision. Without any words, Basil took out an insignia from his Spatial Bracelet. The insignia had three pair of white wings positioned like triangle, the background was blue. It was no other than Cobham Family's insignia.

"Basil Cobham."

There was a distaste evident in his tone when he said that. He couldn't help it, before he amassed quite a power, his standing as a Pacifer was no more than a commoner.

The guards were startled when they saw the insignia, they knew every nobles from Crownveil Dukedom. There was a year of training to remember all of them. Therefore, when they heard Basil's tone, they misunderstood it.

"I am sorry, Sir! Pardon me from my rudeness." He said in the most polite tone, while bowing his head deeply. Basil lightly frowned and waved his hand. "I just had a bad day. You did nothing wrong," replied him calmly.

"Thank you for your benevolence."

The guard bowed once again. He was a captain guard, however he had bowed to a son of a noble twice that day. For people like him, who knew no way to develop themselves, money and titles were everything.

Therefore, when Basil took out a pouch filled with 20 gold coins and gave it to him —

"I did not come here, and no one knows of my whereabouts."

"Yes, Sir! Leave it to me!"

— he didn't hesitate to take it.

He had done this quite a lot. There were many children from noble families traveled without notifying their parents. Their purpose was no other than letting lose, and having fun. It was an unsaid fact that many noble men impregnated commoners here and there.

"Have a good time, Sir."

Naturally, the guard thought Basil as the same. It was instinctual. Basil had the stature, and the appearance that even attracted men. He considered Basil as a player.

Basil didn't even glance at the guard, he merely passed the opened gate. He was disgusted by people like that. Pride is something one has to know when to show, and when to throw. However, honor must be kept until the end.

By the time Basil entered the gate, he instantly attracted many people's eyes. There were some who stopped, and there were also people who kept bumping to another people.

They were distracted by two facts. First, his attire was that of a noble. Noble didn't casually travel on foot. They usually used a luxurious carriage to travel.

Second, his appearance. An equally handsome and pretty face. He attracted both genders! The commoner girls were already in a daze looking at him, while the men were having a complicated expression on their faces.

Paying them no attention, Basil strolled around the street. He was currently in Raneil Barony, which was located on the outer part of Fortescher County.

Although each rank of Noble had their own territory, they purposefully grouped themselves together. A Baron followed a Viscount, a Viscount followed an Earl, an Earl followed a Marquess, and so on. It was done to ensure their safety.

Every Mage or Knight who became a noble was guaranteed to have their growth stopped. They simply became too busy organizing their territory. It was a different story if they had good subordinates though.

However, they wouldn't be willing letting a mere subordinate reigning over their territory, that they had painstakingly earned. By allying themselves, they didn't have to be afraid of being attacked by unwanted parties.

It was for this reason that each territory of a noble had the same general policy as that of a higher rank noble's.

Basil stopped in front of a well built inn. By seeing the amount of customers, and the less rowdy atmosphere, one could deduce the inn was new or not very popular with the people.

Basil purposefully chose this inn over a luxurious inn because of a memory he had in this inn in the past.


When he entered the inn, the doorbell chimed pleasantly. The chime was extremely familiar to him as it brought a sense of nostalgia. He looked at the counter, and he could see a fit middle-aged man looking at him quietly.

The man had a fair complexion, however he seemed to like staring at the void—his gaze was empty.

Basil merely smiled bitterly. 'So, it has already happened.'

He approached the man and tapped on the counter rhythmically twice. The man gave no immediate reaction as his mind was still to be somewhere else. However, in the next moment, his eyes widened in surprise.

He looked at Basil with an incomprehensible glint in his eyes. "How did you know that rhythm?!" He asked while unconsciously taking Basil's hand in his hands.

Basil didn't give any reaction or whatsoever. He merely smiled faintly. He knew the man in front of him, therefore he let the man touch his hand like that. If he were to be anyone else, his head would have been rolling on the ground.

"A good gentleman taught me that someday."

"You.. you have.."

The man unconsciously held Basil's hand close and brought it to his face. He was already tearing up silently. Basil was not a very emotional person normally. However, he showed a sign of being an emotional being currently.

He rubbed the man's back softly to comfort him. He looked at the man with a forlorn gaze. The man was Danzel, the owner of Familia Inn. This man had helped Basil so much in his past life.

They had been a close friend. Basil had even personally led his funeral in the past. He had known many things about this man, and this man had also heard many of his ramblings as an inexperienced young man in the past.

Compared to the time he had met him in the past, the man was so different. He had been so amicable and bright when he had met him. However, it wasn't so right then. The man was so fragile.

"You have met my late son. You have met my late son..."

He kept muttering forlornly. One could feel the sorrow, happiness, and pride in his tone. His son, James had gone to an expedition a month ago. Sadly, in the way, they were ambushed by a horde of monsters.

James saved some of his comrade's lives by sacrificing himself. His comrades managed to survive, and they were very grateful to him. However, what kind of parents would be happy of welcoming their son's lifeless body home?

Danzel was proud of his son, however he was extremely sad his son was not alive anymore. The comrades his son had saved didn't even visit him except for once. Meeting Basil who seemed to know James—he was simply happy.


Basil and Danzel were having a tea in the guest room silently. Danzel kept looking at Basil with a dazed look and sometimes bafflement. He felt extremely familiar with the boy!


Danzel put down his tea cup, and said carefully, "I am sorry with my display earlier." He bowed and observed Basil carefully, "I hope I didn't offend you with my earlier behaviour." Only then did he notice Basil's noble like attire.

Basil also put down his tea and smiled faintly. "I have heard that Familia Inn had a very amicable owner. However, I can only see blues in his complexion right now."

Danzel smiled weakly. "What kind of parents would feel happy of their children's untimely death?" He looked at Basil carefully as if to ask for permission to continue.

Basil nodded his head and took off his coat. With an amicable smile, he said, "Let's have a chat, Sir Danzel. I am Basil. Pleased to meet you."

"Just call me Danzel, please!"

"Very well. Treat me just the same as you treat the other people too, please!"

Danzel felt comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time. It was a very conflicting feeling indeed. How could he not? He had never met such a benevolent noble before. All of them behaved like an arse.

However, Basil was different. He didn't even say his last name to flaunt his title as a noble. He didn't need that, the way he carried himself was enough for one to deduce that.

Therefore, being called with such respective tone from him, made Danzel felt uncomfortable. However, the extremely familiar vibe Basil gave Danzel extremely baffled him.

"Kuhum... May I know whether you know my son?"

"I have met James, however I didn't know him much."

Basil lied about two things. First, he had never met James. Second, he knew many things about James from Danzel's story in the past.

"May I know your relationship with him?"

"We were no more than a stranger who met each other by a coincidence. We journeyed together for a few weeks and naturally spoke a lot of things."

"I see... What do you think of my son?"

At this, Basil calmly answered while smiling softly, "He has a great father. Naturally, he was just as great as his father."

"Thank you..."

Danzel bowed his head and tearing up once again. He got the answer he wanted. His son had been a great man! When he calmed down, Danzel once again opened his mouth.

"Was my son the one who recommended this inn to you?"

"Yes, he was."

"That brat had exaggerated many things about my inn that some people were left disappointed." i𝙣𝐧r𝑒𝘢𝒅. 𝚌𝚘m

"I don't think so. Your inn is just as great as what he said."

Danzel smiled at the warmth he could feel from Basil. It wasn't an act. Basil was sincere in his praise.

"You see, my son had been a very playful boy since he was a little kid. Whenever he came home, he had always tapped the door with that rhythm. He had kept doing that when I built my own inn by tapping the counter."

He stopped and took a deep breath. He looked at Basil with a smile and said, "That's why, when I saw you did that, you reminded me of him very much."

"I am sorry if I somehow offended you." Basil bowed his head, however Danzel frantically shook his hands. "No, no, no. You didn't offend me for a little bit. Please, raise your head!"

Basil raised his head, and looked at Danzel calmly. "It was just... It feels like I am welcoming him home." A forlorn smile adorned Danzel's face.

Basil raised his lips upwards faintly, and said warmly, "I am home, Pops."

"Welcome back, Son." Danzel, who was still absentminded, replied him reflexively.

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The Lord Is Too Overbearing Chapter 29 Waking Up Late Lets Chicken Peck Your Fortune