The Lord Is Too Overbearing
Chapter 14 A Great Practitioner Knows What To Ignore

To have something reside in one's body without knowing it, made one's heart turn cold. Even more so for people like Basil. He had been a great Mage in his last life. He knew his body well, and nothing should go unnoticed in his body.

However, at this very moment, he was befuddled. Just how could something, an entity no less, reside in his body? Contrary to anyone's expectation, he was calm. His body was his, and anything his was under his control.

"What do you mean by 'entity'?"

[A part of soul that doesn't belong to the Host is residing inside the Host's mindscape. Due to its conscious state, it's categorized as an entity.]

"Is it dangerous for me?"

[No. The entity has no capabilities to harm the Host. It is due to its connection with the Host. If the Host was harmed, it would be harmed too.]

"I see. How do I access my mindscape?"

[The Host can access his mindscape by centering his Qi in the Core and sending it to the brain evenly. The Host must be calm, and once the Host felt a pull, he shouldn't fight it. It is the mark of the Mind Gate opening.]

Quickly putting his knowledge in practice, in a matter of second, he could feel the pull. It felt like the first time he went back in time. However, this time the pull was upward. He didn't resist it, and went with the flow.

Soon enough he could feel his body passing through a gate. He didn't see it, he just felt it. It was a weird experience, however he wasn't surprised. He had dealt with weirder things for the most of his life.

Suddenly, he could feel his previously ethereal body. Right when he opened his eyes...


A strong wind assaulted his face. He was standing on a field. The scenery in front of him was breathtaking. Flowerbed met his eyes wherever he looked. The field was so vast that it seemed endless. In the middle of it was a sophisticated wooden house, beside an Apple Blossom tree.

The scenery was familiar. However, in addition to the wooden house, the flowers were also different. Although, both of them were purple, this flower called Petunia.

The wind was still blowing on his face. The grass along with the flower were swaying gently. Some of the Apple Blossom also fell on the ground. There, he could see someone stood beside the tree.

Long silky azure hair swaying gently by the wind. Her skin was white as snow. Her figure could make any woman shed tears of blood, while man would die of blood loss. To complement it all, was her unnaturally beautiful face.

Her clear blue eyes stared directly at Basil's. Whenever she blinked her long eyelashes would be seen fluttering breathtakingly.


"So, you are the one who has invaded my personal space?"

She met Basil. He had seen many beauties in his life, however he had never drooled over them. His reaction would at most an appreciative nod and nothing else. Don't get him wrong. He didn't swing that way, he had slept with many of those beauties he met!

He had a normal urge to do the activity. However, he didn't pursue it that much. He was seeing it from the perspective of benefits. Aside from relieving his biological urge what would he get?

Even if he didn't do it, he could forcefully put down his raging hormone. Anyone with control over their body would be able to at least do that.

"I am sorry if I somehow offended you for being here. However, I can explain of the reason why I am being here. Firstly, allow me to introduce myself, I am-"

"You are the one whom I met in Dreamland."

Her mouth was left opened. Basil had no reason to be polite here. Who was he to joke? He had stared down a suspicious omnipotent being at Dreamland, and this entity was nowhere near omnipotent.

"Yes... We have met in Dreamland previously."

After who knows how long, she finally closed her mouth and once again opened it to respond Basil. She shook her head helplessly at Basil's attitude.

"Tell me what happened back then in Dreamland."

He was really puzzled. Although, he knew that the one he met in Dreamland wasn't someone he knew, and instead the one in front of him. She was different compared to herself back then. The presence he felt from her was less profound.

The woman stayed silent. She didn't casually open her mouth. Luckily, Basil had the common courtesy to patiently wait.

"I was possessed by a great being at that time. Therefore, only a part of me could be felt at that time."

"I see..."

His guess was spot on. Now, it was only to find the identity of this 'great being'.

"Then, who is the great being?"

"I am sorry, but I can not tell you yet."

The woman shook her head regretfully. She looked at Basil as if she was afraid of his reaction. However —

"Hm. As I expected, I can not know it yet."

— her worry was unfounded.

He was taking it calmly. No, honestly it looked nonchalant. What could he do? Even the Guide that was created by the 'great being' told him so. It meant that the 'great being' didn't want him to find out yet.

"Then, why did you take 'her' appearance back then in Dreamland?"

"I didn't. It was you who pictured me that way. Anything happens in Dreamland is according to the mind of anyone who enters it."

Another nod was all she got. For some reason, she was annoyed. She wanted him to be curious of her identity. However, he didn't! Right after knowing that he couldn't get the identity of the 'great being', the look of curiosity was instantly gone. She was pissed!

"Kuhum..." She cleared her throat to gain his attention. Then, she looked at him and said, "I haven't introduced myself yet due to the interruption. I am..." She purposefully dragged it on to sparkle Basil's curiosity. However she got none. With a dejected face, she said, "Vagus."

However she wasn't the only one who said it. Basil, at the same, also said that. To say that she was surprised was an understatement. She was shocked through her soul — no pun intended.


"I have spent ten years wielding you. Although, you feel somehow different, you are the Vagus I know."

Yes, he had been thinking. It wasn't that he paid no attention to her. He was merely thinking. Coincidentally, he found it out at the same time Vagus said her name.


A defeated look was plain on her face. It was heart bleeding to see such a beautiful woman with that face. However, Basil didn't feel guilty.

"Let me ask you. How can you end up in here?"

Upon sensing a hint of curiosity in Basil's tone, her look finally turned bright.

"You really want to know?"

With an excited look she asked Basil. The pure elation she got from getting a curiosity out of him was enough to make anyone smile. However —

"Well, it is fine if you don't want to tell."

— he shrugged his shoulder.

"W-wait! I will tell you! I will tell you, so do not leave yet!"

She desperately called out to him. Her current expression was so heart wrenching that it could make a tough man cry. However, Basil found it comical.

'She acted gracious and all previously, and now she acted like a child yearning attention?'

Luckily, he had enough courtesy to not show it on his face. Vagus, who noticed her action late, finally recomposed herself and cleared her throat.

"Kuhum. I am sorry for my action earlier." Her behavior returned to being gracious once again.

She looked at Basil and said seriously, "A great magic sword can gain consciousness through a special technique. The conscience of the sword is called Sword Soul. You have learned [Synchronization] for a long time that you can even maintain it in your dying state. However, due to that..."

"You died together with me."

"Yes, you are right. And due to that very reason, I was also sent to the past along with you."

Everything was finally cleared. This time, Basil actually felt a little guilty —

"I see. You can stay here as I deem you harmless to myself. Then.. goodbye."

— or not.

Vagus felt like crying. No, she was actually crying! How could she not? She was given the cold shoulder! He could have at least apologized or asked her how she felt. However, he didn't!

It had been a long time since she last spoken with someone. She wanted to speak with him badly. Unfortunately, the latter didn't feel like to.

"W-wait! Don't leave yet! Let me at least communicate with you even without you coming here."

"Okay. How can I do it?"

"Let's renew our bond!"

She felt ecstatic!

Basil nodded his head and closed his distance to her. Upon reaching her, he finally noticed how tall she was. He was 178 centimeters tall, however there was no much height difference between them.

He stared at her silently and slit his hand with a knife he had hidden in his clothes. Vagus looked at him hesitantly, and couldn't help but ask.

"What are you doing?"

"Drink it!"

"That is not how you renew our bond. Currently, I am merely a soul without vessel. There is another way to renew it-"

She couldn't finish her words. Because, at that time, something soft touched her small beautiful lips. She was kissed by Basil! Without any warning no less!

When Basil stopped the kiss, he could see her staring blankly at him. Then, after some time, as if finally aware of his stare, she was blushing madly. She couldn't even look at him!

"I can feel my bound with you. I can consider it a success then."

"You can just touch me though..."

It was said shyly with a small voice. Basil acted as if he didn't hear it. He wasn't embarrassed of his action earlier. He, Basil Pacifer, a forever young 'experienced' adult was embarrassed with something like that? Snow would fall in Hell!

"Then, I will be going." 𝙞n𝐧𝚛e𝚊𝑑. 𝗰o𝐦

"Ah, okay."

Vagus looked like a lovestruck maiden seeing off her lover. It was a scene that was so sweet it could make one die of diabetes. Sadly, it wasn't the case with Basil. He remained stoic until the end.

He quickly got out of the mindscape, and opened his eyes. The waterfall greeted his vision, and the splashing sound brought his mind back. He looked at his body and noticed that he got more muscular than before.

His skin was brighter than ever making it look way more like a woman's skin. He looked at his reflection on the water, and sighed dejectedly. He was attractive for sure, however his face was too feminine.

He dried himself and quickly got dressed. His hair was moist because the water wasn't dried yet. He combed it back with his fingers, raising his manliness a notch. At least, he looked like a tomboyish woman.

He clicked his tongue at that thought. He found it unpleasant. He sighed and quickly packed his things. He was preparing to reach the crest. There, laid the secret of the source of this Clear Water.

Just when he was about to start climbing the waterfall, he heard a familiar voice.

"Hello. Now, I finally can speak to you."

It was Vagus, speaking with an elated voice. Her voice was exclusive to Basil, meaning no one other than him could hear her. However, Basil didn't respond her. He had no thought of responding.

Because, a great practitioner knows what to ignore.

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The Lord Is Too Overbearing Chapter 14 A Great Practitioner Knows What To Ignore