The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 28 Ch 26: Let’s Get Stronger [Pt2]

Yohan had lost Ruri quite a while ago before he had proceeded to get lost in the ally. How he had managed to do that, even he did not know.

That had been quite some time ago as well. And Yohan had to admit that he was lost now. Somehow, he had ended up walking into the only part of the town that was hauntingly empty.

“This place reminds me of that mansion last night. I knew it would be equally spooky in the daytime.”

Surprisingly, Yohan did not feel scared even when he walked directly to a place that could have served as a set for a horror movie. All the houses in the neighborhood looked like they would collapse anytime.

The neighborhood had not seen any development in quite some time but the area itself was quite lovely.

“How did an area like this get abandoned this nearby to the main highway? People must be crazy to empty this place.”

Yohan spoke out loud as he walked even deeper into the colony. It looked like an area for wealthy residents so it was crazy to see it being abandoned.

The price of property had sky-rocketed in recent years due to a huge increase in population. And yet, this area seemed as if did not even have a soul in it.


​ The loud yell pierced through the quiet neighborhood and attracted Yohan’s attention. He had not expected to hear such a scared feminine voice nearby.

He debated on whether to help the person out or not but he decided to check out the person in trouble. The timing of this situation as well as the cry for help reminded Yohan of some kind of cliche in fiction.

He quickly reached the place from where the yelling sound had come and immediately locked eyes with a terrified girl who was being cornered by a large dog.

‘Ugh, isn’t this scene reminiscent of a hero saving the heroine? I guess this is something the system caused as well.’

Yohan was certain of the fact that this fictional setting was all a result of his curse. But his system remained quiet even when he asked it for an answer.

“H-Help me out. I will g-give you anything if you save me. I-I have money if you want it a-and, just save me please.”

The girl cried out as she watched her life flash before her eyes. The dog was going to bite her for sure and it was going to hurt.

Maybe she will even die once the dog was through with her.

Yohan watched the girl struggle for a little bit before deciding to help her. He was mainly helping the girl because her offer sounded tempting to him.

The dog jumped toward the girl and she closed her eyes, bracing herself for the pain to come. But the collision never happened.

Instead, what she felt was a warm liquid covering her face and her clothes.

“Don’t open your eyes or you will be scared. Let me hold your hand and guide you out of here.”

Seeing the girl nodded in agreement, Yohan finally took her hand in his own and dragged her out of the messy situation he had created.

The corpse of the dog demon he had killed vanished behind his back but Yohan was not too concerned about it. He was not even surprised to see that he was becoming more and more unhinged after seeing such unnatural scenes.

“Here, clean your mouth first. Come out once you are done.”

Yohan left the girl alone for some time. Her clothes were all but sticking to her nicely shaped body but the blood made the mood a little grim. Even her boobs were full of boobs and took Yohan’s excitement away.

But he had to admit that the girl had a nice figure, all curvy and big in the right places. He had eyed her more than once when he had been escorting her till here.

Yohan waited outside the door for the girl to be finished while he gathered his thoughts.

It had been easier to kill the monster this time than it had been the last time. His spell was also more controlled and came easier to cast than before.

It meant that Yohan was improving after all.

“T-Thank you for your help. I would have died without your help.”

The girl replied, finally coming out of the room with a white face. Her complexion did not seem right but Yohan was not someone who could comment on it.

“Y-You know, since our family owned this area, I decided to check it out to see if I can sell it. I never expected there to be a reason for its abandonment. I guess I was too naive in my thinking.”

The girl laughed a little to lighten the mood but her words seemed serious enough. It made Yohan wonder if she was not a little retarded.

Why would a perfectly capable and highly-regarded colony be empty if there was nothing wrong with it?

“I snuck out here alone b-but I ran into trouble. Anyway, thank you again for all your help. Let me know if I can do something for you. M-My name is Maya Khan. it’s nice to meet you.”

Yohan was about to say that he did not need something from the girl. But he stopped to think as soon as he heard her name.

The only Khan Yohan knew were wealthy tycoons who had a lot of money to spare. And while it might be wishful thinking on Yohan’s part, he had a feeling that this girl belonged to that exact family.

“Well, there is one thing you can do for me if you want to repay me. Give this area to me since it is useless for you and your family anyway.”

Yohan knew his request was too heavy to ask but he still tried his luck.

Since this girl seemed a little slow, he decided to risk it all. If worse come to worse, then he would be rejected and that was all.

“That’s it? Is that all you want from me? Sure. I was thinking of selling this area for pocket money anyway so you can have it.”

Yohan felt bitter and hopeful at the same time. He seemed to have stuck gold but the way he had gotten it left a bitter taste inside Yohan’s mouth.

A normal human would never have been able to buy even a house in such a high-end area even if they worked all their lives and here Maya was, just giving it away for free.

“Are you sure? Once you sign the contract, you won’t be able to take it back.”

Yohan asked once again to make sure. Not because he felt bad about robbing Maya, but to ensure himself that he was not falling into a trap.

Maya looked baffled at the question before looking offended at him.

“Of course. I gave you my words so I will keep them. This area is yours and I will contact you to sign the deal soon. B-But I also hope you will fulfill my one request.”

Yohan stiffened at hearing those words. He knew that nothing in this world was free but he was still disappointed to hear a condition from Maya.

But still, Yohan decided to listen to her request with a heavy heart.

“I k-know I am asking too much of you but w-would you mind being my partner for one day? Just o-one day will be enough for me. E-Even if you do not want to, it’s alright. This area is still yours and-”

“Alright. I don’t mind being your partner for one day. So, when do you want to do it?”

Maya turned red at the teasing tone Yohan used and her inability to look Yohan in the eye was adorable to him.

He also suddenly realized why Maya might have made such a request of Yohan all of a sudden. It seemed like she had a crush on him because he had saved her from danger.

It happened a lot in fiction so Yohan did know that that crush was genuine.

‘I need to take advantage of Maya. Her family has a lot of money and I gain a lot of benefits if I play my cards right.’

“S-Sure, I mean yes. N-No, I mean, I will contact you with the details in a day or two. Can I get your number?”

Yohan handed Maya his phone so that they could exchange numbers. Even her phone was the latest model in the market and it made Yohan more and more certain about his decision.

“I will get in contact with you soon.”

Maya promised as she finally left the area. Yohan also felt glad that he had come here since he had gotten to make such an important contact before he left this area.

Not that he was going to go home anytime soon. If there was one monster here, there were bound to be more. Yohan just had to look around a little bit.


Specie #1 found 2/10 to unlock


This was turning out to be such a productive day but Yohan still felt like something was missing. There was something else his blood was asking for as well to sate his hunger.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 28 Ch 26: Let’s Get Stronger [Pt2]