The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 202 Ch 200: Thrown In Danger [Pt2]

"H-Hey, what is going on? Did we not turn off everyone's magic down there? Can someone still use their magic?"

Inside the Abstle mansion, it was a mess. Everyone was up in a panic as they looked down at the exam site below. People were heaving, almost as if someone was suffocating them.

The only one who looked alright was an independent candidate with white hair and red eyes. The only other trait of that man was his beautiful face which seemed to be at odds with his cold nature.

The guards outside were up in arms thinking about what was happening to the candidate they had recommended.

Everyone knew about the Abstel family's standing in the royal court. They were the best networking people and could even provide the 'right support' if you knew what you were doing.

As such, going against them was not a good idea and everyone wanted to support the Abstle heiress. They wanted their candidate to stand beside her and be her butler.

It would give the greedy people an ear and a mouth inside one of the most influential families in this realm. Not to mention, Lady Rui was still young and easy to influence. They could even force her to marry into their one family.

But now all their plans were being dashed because of an unknown variable. This 'Yohan Storut' guy had come out of nowhere and managed to make everyone kneel.

"L-Lady Rui, allow us to remove the cheater from this exam. Even you cannot-"

"No need to. I like where this is going and I find it interesting how someone managed to overcome the difficulty of this test. I want to see what would happen next."

The guard who suggested removing Yohan Strout bit his lip after he was called out. Lady Rui's words were final and no one was supposed to say anything against her. Even if he wanted to complain about the unfairness of everything, he could not.

What could he say in front of the most powerful person in this room and not risk losing his head?

"Lady Rui, but think about the consequences. What if this cheater happens to win? Surely you cannot allow a cheater by your side?"

The man quietened down as soon as he was faced with Lady Rui's glare. His mouth fell shut all on its own and no sound would come out of his mouth.

Those burning eyes made the guards flinch and fear for their lives. One word out of Lady Rui's mouth was enough to cause them all to lose their lives. She held that much influence over their fate.

"I said, no need for you all to concern yourself with my business. I can always drive the point home if you don't get it on your first try."

Everyone looked away from Lady Rui's eyes as she let her opinion be known. She was not taking 'no' for an answer so everyone knew better than to question her any further.

On the screen, the candidates finally seemed to be able to breathe easily again but Yohan still had a bored expression on his face the whole time. He was even yawning and not paying attention to anyone else.

Everyone else on the screen was turning white and yellow with the effort to stand up. They even tried to throw things at Yohan but he was unphased and easily dodges.

Lady Rui Abstel had never seen such a fascinating man before and Yohan Strout did not give off the same feeling other people in the exam gave off. Her instincts were warning her about this man.

'How fascinating. To think that a man like this is here to try and court me. It makes me excited to even think about it. I want to meet this man.'

Rui knew she should not be partial to one participant in this competition, but she could not help it. When you had such a delicacy in front of you, all the other things pale in comparison.

Rui was afraid that no other man would ever compare with Yohan in her mind so she needed to erase this fantasy from her mind.

'But I still won't mind it if Yohan Strout approached me with ulterior motives. I might even fold and give in to his seduction.'

It might be a foolish thought but Rui was being governed by her instincts to approach the strong and submit to them. The only other person who made her feel this way was their queen.

'How fascinating. I am being turned on by looking at a man. Who could have ever seen this outcome?'

Rui was panting lightly and she wanted to touch herself. She did not even mind an audience when she relieved herself. But she needed to consider her dignity and her position.

She had cultivated an image of a timid and weak young lady and Rui could not afford to lose it.

'Fine, my dear future butler. Seduce me like you want to. But in the end, you will become my arm candy.'


Yohan looked at the weaklings in front of him with a frown on his face. They were all worthless and too easy to take care of. He could not believe that this was his competition.

"Ugh, so boring. You, people, can only bark and have no bite behind it."

Yohan sighed as he looked at the sorry excuse of warriors in front of him. They looked ready to collapse and they were shaking as well.

"Y-You! What did you do to us? Why can't we move our legs?"

The scholar questioned as he tried to catch his breath. His legs were not able to take his weight any longer. Not only that, his heart was beating in fear and he was not able to look up at the dangerous man in front of him.

It was not only him who was concerned and terrified of what their bodies were going through. What kind of power did this man use?

"I don't know what you are all talking about. I did nothing to you all, but the space around us did. It's not my fault that you were all too weak to withstand the atmosphere of this jungle. It makes me worry for your future safety."

Yohan's tone was as mocking as it was sincere. And it pissed off these soldiers even more. They had never been looked down upon in their lives so they were not used to such talks by anyone.

Yohan's insincere attitude was like a jab in their hearts. They could not take it anymore.

"You will die for all the humiliation you have forced upon me. I don't care if killing you is the last thing I do, but you are not getting away."

The most muscular guy decided to attack Yohan. His fists headed for Yohan's face and he was sure that the impact would hurt.

But that was only if the big guy would be able to connect with him.

Yohan was too fast to be hit and his leg obstructed the huge man in front of him. The muscular man fell fast-first on the ground and went unconscious.

In the end, Yohan had not been able to keep his annoyance in check and resorted to knocking the man out. No one else tried anything funny after that. But they all looked on toward Yohan with a vary expressions.

"Awww, don't be like that. We are all friends here. And personally, I don't like to backstab my friends. So why don't we all calm down-"

"Fuck you, man. You and your weird ways need to go."

Another person decided to attack Yohan. They were all coming at him one-on-one and Yohan sighed. He hated physical violence but he did not refrain from it.

The fist fight ended before it had even begun. These people did not even last a whole minute against Yohan.

First of all, they were all exhausted and had no energy. Second, these were all demons proud of their magic, and being without magic had drained them of their strength.

As Yohan had said, they were all bark and no bite. Yohan was the only one who still had fight left in him and he utilized it to establish his dominance.

"Too bad that you all decided to be foolish. I might not be able to kill you but nothing refrains me from hurting you."

Yohan moved closer to the fallen soldiers in front of him. No one was ready to give up but there was no disillusion about the winner here. Yohan Strout was the ultimate winner in this fight.

Yohan was about to do something even more drastic to establish his hold when the bell rang and the test came to and end.

"Attention to all participants. The winner has been chosen and you all are no longer needed here. Yohan Strout, please step up into the portal that has been deployed."

All the other participants looked at Yohan with angry eyes. They did not like that he had won this competition but they could no longer rebut the decision made.

"Oh, looks like I won after all. Thank you for all your cooperation and thank you for your support."

No one spoke after Yohan's thanks. But no one had good feelings about Yohan as they went out.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 202 Ch 200: Thrown In Danger [Pt2]