The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 200 Ch 198: The Mission Briefing [Pt2]

Yohan as enjoying riling up his 'companions' since they gave amusing outcomes to him. Emma's flushed face constructed well with Jay's well-crafted indifference. They were both trying to outplay each other.

But what they did not realize was that the more they tried to appear indifferent, the more they were forcing Yohan to try and crack their masks.

In the end, it had to be Huye who had to step in and save her dumb admirers. She had realized what Yohan was up to and wanted to put an end to it.

"Yohan, I think you've had enough fun. It's time to finally earn your keep."

​ Huye's sigh of disappointment would have made a lot of guys finch and straighten their ways. But Yohan was unaffected by her charms.

Instead of looking ashamed and promising that he would never do such a thing again, Yohan gave Huye a grin that promised trouble. Huye tried not to flinch when she saw Yohan's grin.

"Awww, but both of them are adorable. Look how hard they blush when I try to rile them up."

Yohan pointed out the truth just as the two guys went even redder. They could not look Huye in the face after their reaction and Yohan finally had enough.

"Yohan, please. This mission is important for us, especially for me. We might finally get the support from headquarters that we need if we manage to retrieve Sickle Pendant. Please be serious this time."

Huye seemed to be almost begging which caused two pairs of glares to be aimed at Yohan. Both Emma and Jay tried to intimidate him but it did not affect Yohan's shameless self.

"Ok, got it. So, what is our plan?"

Yohan put his hands up in the air to show that he meant no harm as he became the objective of all the hate in the room. He did not mind this outcome if he was being entertained because of his choice.

Huye also gave up, realizing that she would not be able to get Yohan to behave as long as he did not want to. It was better to take advantage of him as much as she could.

"The plan is simple. You will sneak into the Abstel mansion under the guise of their new butler and gain their trust. Once you have enough clearance, you will sneak away with the Sickle pendant."

Huye made the plan sound simple when it was far from simple. There were too many layers to this small plan and Yohan could see so many faults with it.

"Hey, do you have any idea how long this could take? It might take years to earn the trust of one family and then I will have to form connections as well?"

Yohan had ways to make this work faster but he doubted Huye knew about his 'methods'. So that was why he wanted to know why she was giving him this opportunity.

If she wanted to get rid of Yohan then there were better and safer ways to do so than to send him on this stupid mission. And even a mission that could end up taking beyond years at any point.

"I know it might seem like a long mission but you have your secret weapon - your face. Abstel family has a young lady who is about to come of age. She is also the only heiress to the family fortune. You see where this is going?"

And suddenly, things were starting to make sense to Yohan. He also understood why he had been chosen for this mission and not Emma and Jay. Or any other man in this base for instance.

They were all too deeply infatuated with Huye to carry out this mission properly. Chances of the others slipping and refusing to be intimate with the young miss to seduce her could be a huge problem.

Yohan also understood why he had been scouted now. Maybe his face was Abstel's young miss's type and she would not refuse him.

"Huye, are you sure this is safe? As Yohan said before, we don't know him enough to trust him. And how do we even know that Yohan will be Rui Abstel's type?"

Jay had a lot of questions regarding adding Yohan to the team. He might have put aside his misgivings when it came to Yohan and Huye but not when it came to Yohan's identity.

It was a shame that this man was ruined due to his infatuation with a woman he could not have. Otherwise, he would have been a talent Yohan would have taken up in a heartbeat.

"Don't worry Jay. I have my ways to know about such things. Besides, look at Yohan. What kind of woman would not fall for this face?"

Yohan was surprised at Huye's bold choice of words. She knew that both Emma and Jay liked her but she was still flaunting her likes in front of them.

And the small smirk on Huye's face said that she did it knowing full well what she was doing. Emma and Jay looked up at Yohan with faces full of jealousy and Yohan was made their target once again.

"So, when are we hitching this plan? I don't think we should wait around for much longer."

Emma forced his way into the conversation with a jealous tone. He seemed to have decided that Yohan would do this mission.

And Jay seemed to agree with Emma as well. Yohan could tell that he would be forced into his role anyway.

"Hey, do I have no say in this?"

"You did, but we just veto your opinions. You will be heading out for the butler selection tomorrow so get ready."

In the end, Yohan was forced to do as he was asked. But he decided to go with the flow this time.

It did not seem bad to have an entire clan under his control. This resistance was good and all but Yohan had a feeling they would become an annoyance as he spend more time in this world and build up more of his power.

Besides, there was still the danger of that queen. She might have let Yohan go but this world was under her law. She could come after him anytime.

The night passed quietly and Yohan was woken up early the next day.

"Here, these clothes are the ones you will need to get dressed up in. and head toward Emma once you are done. He will help you with your makeup."

Huye had dropped Emma's act as well and finally called the other man by his proper gender. Yohan did not give her any reaction that he noticed and Huye looked disappointed.

Emma was in an irritable mood when Yohan entered and he was all but forced into the chair in front of him. The 'clothes' he was made to wear were just nets and other chains holding small pieces of fabric together.

It was not fit for a private setting, much less a public interview.

"I doubt that this Rui miss wants a butler. It seems more like she's looking for a concubine."

Yohan complained as he was dabbed in powder and finally let go of it. He had been made to look beyond anything he ever had but the makeup could not hide his natural charms.

He looked like one of those ancient role-play pleasure slaves you often saw in fiction. It was humiliating but Yohan did not look as bad as he thought.

"Not bad. I look quite dashing if I do say so myself."

Emma had a disgusted look on his face as he put away his tools. He appreciated his work but he did not want to look at Yohan's face at the same time. He was not sure that he would be able to keep his urge to hurt the other in check.

"If you are all done then head out with Jay. We don't want you to be disqualified because you were late, now would be?"

Yohan controlled his laugh as he headed out of the door. Everyone looked at him and his exposed chest as he passed through the hallway.

Jay even ended up spraying his water out as he watched Yohan walk toward him. And then Jay threw a cloak toward him with an annoyed expression.

"At least cover yourself properly if you are going to walk around naked. No one wants to see your naked ass around here."

"Oh, so that means that all the gazes I am getting now are meaningless and -"

"Fuck. Shut up and cover yourself for now. We don't need to make our secret weapon. Why are you so annoying?"

In the end, Jay wanted Yohan out of the room before Huye came to see the off. He knew her taste so he also knew that she would love to see Yohan's current look.

It hurt to know that he was not someone who would ever be the first in his chosen love's heart but he was not going to lose Huye to a jerk like Yohan. Take Huye's heart away.

And to ensure that this does not happen, Jay was going to send Yohan off on his mission before Huye could see him. It was better to be safe than to be sorry after all.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 200 Ch 198: The Mission Briefing [Pt2]