The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 185 Ch 183: Pre-Preparations [Pt1]

As soon as everything had collapsed around Sid, he realized that there was only one person he knew who had the power and ambition to do this - Yohan. But that did not explain why the other caused the economy to collapse.

It did not bore any fruits for the resistance as far as Sid was concerned so it could only mean that the reason behind this would be personal.

"You know, I miss Khole and Yohan. Can we go and meet them now?"

Trisha asked as she woke up from her couch. The thermal discomfort was beginning to get to her and her brows were full of sweat. But there was no way to help her since all the electricity was down now.

There was also no backup available since there had never been a need to keep one.

"You know what? I think we should visit Yohan to know what happened. I also need to answer to our forces about what happened here."

With that decided, Sid needed to know a way to get into contact with Yohan. The other man was currently not picking up his message and even Bruce was ignoring him.

Luckily for him, he managed to hear something important from the grapevines and he decided to check it out. He knew that Yohan had a connection with Diantha and Liza. and it just so happened that those two had been spotted coming out of a government building that was nearby.

And that was how Sid was able to catch the two beauties in time. What he had not expected was to be caught off guard and attacked. He was lucky that he was not killed outright as a suspicious person.

"H-Hey stop. We are not your enemies. I helped Yohan out and that is why I need to find him again."

Sid tried again to make it sound like he was an ally and not an enemy. The two beauties in front of him seemed to be contemplating something before one of them turned toward him and started him right in the face.

"Fine, we will ask Yohan about you and if he says you can come, then you can come."

Sid's heartbeat picked up but he nodded. He had no other choice if he wanted to meet Yohan right now. He had a feeling that he would not be able to meet Yohan again if he missed this chance.

The trio plus one kid waited in silence for Yohan's reply which came a little while later. The tension blended away from the frames in front of Sid so he hoped that it was good news he got.

"Yohan said you can come and that you are on our side. Don't do anything foolish and follow us."

The two beauties led Sid into the car they had prepared and then they were off. Yohan was kept outside the government-covered area but it was better for him to be out there.

The area was fully guarded and it required numerous checks before they were allowed inside the deeper parts of the temple. And even then, they were not allowed to meet Yohan at the first chance they got.

"Hurry in. Yohan Strout is ready to receive visitors once the operation is finished. You all should wait outside the room for the time being."

And just like that, the people were left in front of the operation room without any warning or hospitality. The priests and other resistance members seemed not to care that the outsiders were there.

Nor did they extend any hospitality while they were here. It was almost as if they were being treated as invisible by the crowd.

"Wow, look at the warm treatment we got here. Are we made out of air or something?"

Sid could not help but complain about it but his heart was not behind the insult he gave out. He was tired of all the bullshit he had faced in a short amount of time. This world was a curse for him and Sid had no idea why he had been happy to come here at first.

He wanted to return to his original world if possible. Even if it had been primitive, it was better in terms of stability.

"I wonder how long it would take for Yohan to come out. After all, it's not like he's the one being operated on. I am curious to see what will happen next."

Diantha's words caused people to stop and look at her before moving on with their lives. No one wanted to persuade this conversation anymore.

Especially since there was a high chance that this operation can cause their lives to end.


After Yohan was finished giving information to Diantha on how to get to the temple, he put his phone down.

At the same time, the door to the room opened up and Bruce entered with a strict-looking doctor behind him. The doctor looked like he had seen better days in his life and his eyes looked almost dead.

"I was told that there is a dangerous operation that needs to be done. Now, I don't care what you ask of me but pay us well and I will do anything."

This doctor seemed very materialistic and willing to do anything for money. He was the kind of person Yohan had been looking for.

And generally, these kinds of people knew their worth and were swift with their hands as well. He had a feeling that this was the right person to entrust this matter too.

"Come in doctor. What I am about to tell you must not get out of this room at any cost. Otherwise, I can't guarantee your safety."

The doctor narrowed his eyes at the threat. He was looking Yohan up and down, looking for how much he was worth and whether to believe him or not. Yohan allowed the doctor to conduct his search but he did not back down. He was willing to take anything that was being dished at him.

Finally, the doctor looked satisfied and looked away. He coughed into his hand and looked at everyone else.

"Don't worry. As long as I am paid, I will forget whatever is about to happen. My life is too important for me if I want to keep on earning."

The doctor promised, not even a little bit curious when he spoke. He was getting more and more interesting by the second.

"Alright, come here. Do you see this patient? She had the central cord somewhere in her body and we want you to cut her open to take it out. Don't worry, she will not die if she's being operated on."

Yohan assured the doctor as if that was the main problem here. The doctor took a step back from Shizue with wide eyes and regarded her as if she was a harmful specimen he should not touch.

Everyone knew how dangerous it was to be exposed to the central cord. People had died from being exposed to it for over a minute. And the doctor suddenly realized that he would be risking his life here.

"The money I am being offered is not enough. Double my pay and then we have a deal on our hands."

The doctor purposed and Yohan smiled. He did not have the money but he was sure his system would be able to arrange it later on. In the meantime, he did not mind making an empty promise.

"You have a deal. But you will have to operate first for half the money and you will get the other half once the operation is done." ' and my system is running.'

The doctor looked uncertain and not ready to comply before he decided to close his eyes and agree to the terms.

"Fine, you brat. I will do this operation. But I am not going to be in the room alone. I want you to stay with me in case something goes wrong. I am not going to die alone."

Bernetta was about to interfere and say that she wanted to stay in the room as well when Yohan interfered. He signaled Khole to knock Bernetta out as well and he did that without any prompt.

Once that was done, Bernetta was dragged out and Khole would make sure she would stay under until this whole ordeal was done and over with.

"Sure doctor. I will stay with you if that is what you want from me. After all, I was the one who asked you to take out the central cord from Shizue's body."

Yohan could see the girl in front of him struggling to hold the central cord's power back. It must be painful for her to just sit there and handle this much power.

And soon, that power was going to be Yohan's. He could already imagine what he would be able to do with all this power in his hand. He would be able to bend the rules of this world and finally return home.

He would also be able to be one step closer to the truth and his revenge against the heavenly realm. He had not forgotten his original reason for doing all this. Those angels would get what they deserved once Yohan had enough power at his disposal.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 185 Ch 183: Pre-Preparations [Pt1]