The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 184 Ch 182: Escaping The Crime [Pt2]

After being inside the detaining room for about four hours, the group saw their first ever sign of human life. And it was in the form of a grumpy priest who came ot bail them out.

Priest Bruce did not look happy when he stood in the door frame of the detention room and glared Yohan down as he walked in. Yohan could tell that Bruce was not satisfied with him which caused Yohan to smile at him back.

"Yohan Strout, I hope you know the current state of this world and I am also sure you had something to do with it. So hurry up and tell me - what did you do."

Thankfully, despite being angry and annoyed at Yohan, Bruce gave him a chance to explain what had happened. And it was all because of the contract they had signed long ago.

That made Bruce responsible for all this mess in a roundabout way. Not that he was about to explain it all to Bruce for now.

"If I tell you that I had nothing to do with everything that happened, would you believe me? Yeah, I figured you would not let it all go so I will tell you what happened - we kidnapped the central cord."

Bruce had a small cigarette in his hand which fell to the ground as he heard Yohan's ridiculous words. He seemed shocked to hear and his hand rested on his head in shock as he asked Yohan to stop speaking.

There was wonder in his eyes as he watched Yohan. There was an equal amount of suspicion and dread as he took in what Yohan had done overall.

"You are telling me you managed to take the central cord and get out of the government sector alive? Is that what caused all the conductors and other energy sources to collapse? What kind of idiot are you?"

Bruce almost fell as his legs refused to support him anymore. He was pale and even looked haunted as he tried to gather what Yohan was saying.

Yohan was not one to back down as well. He smiled at Bruce in a confident manner that said he was not going to back down right now.

"Well, I am the kind of idiot who is dead set on doing what he said he would do. And also, I need your help. Can you arrange a decent doctor for us who would keep their mouth shut?"

Bruce looked sick and he should have really turned away from Yohan and walked away right then and there. But he was also a fool who decided to give Yohan the benefit of the doubt and brought him into this fold.

So he had a lot of responsibility when it came to the current situation. He could only sigh in the end as he contemplated his life.

"Understood, I will get you a doctor who will be discrete. But can I at least know what you need a doctor for so that I scout someone with an appropriate skill set"

"Yeah sure. We need someone to operate on our friend here and take out the central cord from her before she wakes up. It is going to be a race against time so make sure you get one soon."

Bruce went pale in the face as soon as he heard those words and he hurried out of the room. The door closed behind him with a bang and the group was once again locked inside the room.

Bernetta looked sick as she watched herself get shut inside the small room once again. She had heard the exchange and it had taken her everything to remain calm and collected throughout the exchange.

"What the hell? We were not let out by that brute. And so you believe we will be alright here? I am sure that Priest would hand us over to the authorities as soon as he can."

Bernetta was not yelling but it almost seemed as if her voice was about to reach the same octave when she was yelling. Yohan paid her little to no attention so it was Khole who answered her.

"Right now, we have no choice but to wait for a doctor to come and help your partner out. So unless you want me to perform surgery on her and risk killing her, I would advise you to be quiet."

Bernetta finally went quiet and focused on Shizue. It seemed like the stress could get even to the worst geniuses and make them redundant in face of crisis. And it was a pity since Bernetta had been such an interesting person as well.

'Well, it should not take long for the central cord to be mine finally. I cannot wait to hold it into my hand and to experience its power.'

Of course, once this was done, Yohan would be able to go back home and see the progress his followers had made in his world. He would also be able to choose his next course of action quite well.

And he would also get to consult with Zane about the new technology he had learned here.

"Fuck, when will my system come back online. It's so irritating to be without its help."

Now, this was another concern that plagued Yohan. As long as he did not master the power of the central cord, his system would be useless. It put his plans in quite jeopardy.


Liza finally was able to exit the room after convincing her father to not outright attack the facility. It had taken so long but she had finally succeeded.

It would have been worse if Diantha had not been with her and also, Khole had abandoned them halfway through.

It had been a wonder that things had even worked out well for them at this point. But it could also be contributed to the factor that everyone was too busy trying to figure out why everything collapsed.

"Sir, we found the cause of this collapse. The c-central cord is missing. It went missing during an experiment and we are trying to locate it."

Liza's heart skipped a beat as she heard everyone talking about it. Since she knew what had happened, she wanted to keep it a secret and not cause any problems for herself.

Diantha's solid presence against her side was a reassurance for her right now. They were both in the same boat and it helped calm Liza's nerves as she stood her ground.

"The central cord did what? How is that possible? Send every available troop out there to find the whereabouts of the central cord. Make sure you locate it wherever it may be and do not leave any leaf untouched."

The leader of the government party ordered but even he knew in his heart it would be an impossible chance without magi-craft.

"Then, I would like to take my leave father. I need to get back to the academy before I am booted out."

Liza quickly took her to leave, for once grateful for the fact that her father did not care about her to pay attention to her. It allowed her to slip past his guard too easily and exit the building. It had been nerve-wracking to stop the emergency protocol but she had done it.

Both she and Diantha had managed to keep the non-magic devices offline long enough for the others to get away.

"I got a message from Yohan. He is in the outside temple base and he's safe as well. They also got the central cord with them so we should count our mission as a successful one."

Diantha's words caused a huge block to be lifted from Liza's shoulder. At the same time, her chest was filled with pride because she had managed to achieve her end goal.

'Holy fuck, I did it. I managed to help steal the central cord which no one had been able to do all this time. I succeeded in reaching my end goal.'

The joy Liza felt was too much and she tried not to collapse once all the adrenaline had been exhausted from her body. She was about to head out right then and there when they were stopped by a boy.

He looked young and fresh, but there was something about his eyes that made Liza stop to look at him. He also had a child with him, a small girl.

"Hey, you are going to meet Yohan right? Then take us with you as well. There is something I need to discuss with that madman."

The teen boy asked this and Liza was on alert. This child knew Yohan but it could be a ploy to get to him and arrest him. Besides, this child looked angry at Yohan and that was not a good sign.

They should end this man's life before he became a threat. It would be the kinder thing to do. And it seemed as if Diantha agreed with him as well because she rushed at the man before Diantha even could.

The child noticed Diantha first and pulled the older one out of danger's way. It also made the older man realize that something was wrong.

"H-Hey stop. We are not your enemies. I helped Yohan out and that is why I need to find him again."

The man said, finally letting it know that he was not an enemy of theirs.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 184 Ch 182: Escaping The Crime [Pt2]