The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 145 Ch 143: A Way To Kill [Pt1]

Diantha could not even move. The heat was finally going out but she felt too full of cock and semen to move now.

Yohan's cock was stuck inside her and it was not allowing any of his semen to leak out of Diantha's body. And what was more? He was still coming inside her even now. All his semen was making Diantha's stomach bulge.

It looked like she was pregnant because of all the come in her pussy and stomach. She could not help but touch it lightly.

"Look at you. You look so pretty being all around like this. It almost looks like you are pregnant, right?"

Yohan spoke the words Diantha had been thinking which caused her pussy to tighten around Yohan's cock. She was trying to pull him even closer and deeper inside her body, even if it seemed impossible.

There was not an inch that Yohan could move inside her anymore. He was too big to even grip properly.

It felt like ages when Yohan stopped coming. Diantha's hand tried to stop Yohan when he pulled out but it was not possible. With almost no strength left in her body, all Diantha could do was try and clamp her pussy shut.

But Yohan's big knot had ruined Diantha's pussy and she was not able to hold all the semen in it. Her throat let out sad sounds as she tried to close her legs and even push them up.

"Ah, you don't want it all to leak out? You should have said so in the beginning."

Of course, Yohan had something to make her feel better. Yohan always had something to make her feel better and that was why Diantha had fallen in love with him.

Yohan watched Diantha try and seek relief but it was difficult for her body. It was too loose and even her pussy was fluttering. It made Yohan want to violate her even more but he had already broken Diantha somewhat.

So he decided to use his tentacle to plug Diantha's pussy shut. It was a thick and long thing, almost alive in how it moved around. Yohan carefully entered Diantha's pussy and let it go.


The tentacle seemed ot like its new environment because it wiggled around happily. And of course, the overstimulated Diantha could not help herself from crying out. Not that it mattered to Yohan much at this point.

It had been her fault she had ended up in this situation so she needed to reap the consequences of it as well.

"Now then, let me check what else I missed. The investigation must have ended by now. But it does not seem like there was a definitive result that was reached by the officers."

Yohan quickly scouted the newsletter he had subscribed to when he had enrolled here. It had most of the news concerning this facility and even some rumors. It was the best way to get any kind of information.

Seeing as threw as nothing, Yohan sighed in relief before he stepped out. He needed to plan his revenge now before Marvis cooked up a new plan to take him out. That teen was becoming more and more of a problem at this point.

'I think I should kill him now. It will be difficult to avoid suspicion but not impossible. And what will happen to the cultural fest now? Will it be canceled?'

Would it be a blessing or a curse if things ended up happening like that? And how would it affect the deal he had struck with Liza? Would Yohan need to take care of her as well?

"So many annoyances managed to pop up in this short amount of time. Now, what shall I do?"

Yohan questioned but no one answered. Not that he had expected an answer to come. It was also times like these that made Yohan miss Zane a lot. That guy could come to a lot done in a small amount of time.

If Zane had been here, Yohan was sure he would not need to look around for the realm key like this. But Zane was not there so Yohan had to look around.

"What are you doing, lost so deep in your thoughts? Care to share your thoughts with me?"

And of course, because things were not bad already, they decided to become worse. Officer Bernetta, the bane of Yohan's existence skipped toward him with light footsteps.

She looked cheerful and not at all bashful. She was also not avoiding Yohan's eyes which made him vigilant. He did not know what this officer wanted but his experience with her had not been pleasant until now.

As such, Yohan would likely want to avoid her out of the necessity of nothing else.

"Hey, are you not going to say anything to me? It was not the easiest thing to track you down. I had to jump through so many loopholes to get this far."

Officer Bernetta's blazing gold eyes help Yohan in place. Her whole frame excluded power and she was a huge woman. She was someone who was almost on an equal footing with Yohan and it was not something he had thought he would say.

"Why did the officer want to meet me? I am no one special and it is also my first time meeting the officer. And, can I leave now? Officers also make me nervous."

Yohan lied through his teeth but he knew that he had not managed to fool anyone with his terrible acting skills. Bernetta's eyes looked at Yohan with amusement but she did not contradict him until he finished speaking.

But once he was finished speaking, her smile turned feral and she lunged at Yohan.

He managed to avoid her attack by ducking under her arm and his knife also struck Bernetta's arm at an angle.

He expected to cut through the skin and reach the muscles when nothing like that happened. Bernetta's skin was too tough and his knife just bounded back as a result. She almost seemed non-human in her composition.

"There it is, that small of power. I knew there was something familiar about you. It's the smell of power and authority. It almost makes me want to eat you up."

Bernetta's eyes were shining with want and need. But this was the most 'different' and 'unique' want and need Yohan had ever seen. There was nothing sexual about her looks.

But it was this fact that made Yohan much more nervous. He did not know what to expect from Bernetta when she looked at him like this. And her unpredictability was what made her deadly to Yohan.

"I don't know what you are talking about. I am just a fragile young student in this academy learning how the world works. There is no need for you to be interested in me and…woahhh….be careful."

Of course, Yohan had never expected his words to work. And they did not work when Yohan tried to plead with her. Bernetta did not say anything as she continued her fast-paced attack. It was an all-out war at this point with one attacking and one defending.

It was a wonder how the authorities had not gotten involved this far.

'What an annoyance this is. I cannot believe everyone is trying to kill me nowadays. And Diantha is not even here to interfere in this small fight. I will have to pull out big guns at this rate.'

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 145 Ch 143: A Way To Kill [Pt1]