The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 140 Ch 138: The Dog Found A New Target [Pt2]

Diantha made sure that her feet did not make much noise when she made her way back to Yohan. The academy students had been given a day off because of the sudden murder but that was a given.

Most of the students were too weak mentally to be able to overcome this shock all of a sudden. And that was what made Dinatha's task of keeping an eye on things easier.

'Still, to think that they called Bernetta here is a cause of concern. I wonder what the academy is aiming to do by calling her?'

It was likely to boose morals since Bernetta was a well-known name and one that the students would find relaxing to have amongst them. Her fame was known by mouth and people knew that Bernetta was a reliable person.

"I should tell Yohan to be careful. He had a run-in with Bernetta already and it seemed like she was interested in Yohan as well."

And that was the biggest concerning factor for Diantha. Bernetta was like a wolf and making her lose interest in something she wanted was a nearly impossible task. Diantha did not want to try and kill her, but it was looking more and more impossible as time went by.

"Professor, is everything alright? Did they find anything regarding Flora's murder? Will we all be alright?"

A few students asked as they approached Diantha. They did not seem to be scared of approaching a professor this openly. They looked glad to see her headed their way.

Diantha schooled her features back into her gentle smile. The students fell for it like they always did when she presented this fact to them.

"Everything will be alright and the killer will be caught soon enough. I promise that I will protect you all if the killer comes after you."

Diantha assured the students and they calmed down instantly. They were unnecessarily trusting of her and this was the reason Flora had lost her life. It would have done her well to be a little more cautious.

After all, you could not know the true nature of a person by just looking at someone's face. You have to be alert and cautious with strangers.


Yohan had spent the majority of his day inside his room. He had been warned by Diantha not to leave his room and about the new officers in the academy.

Yohan had expected the security forces to get involved but he had not expected it to be the same officers who had chased after him before. He also had a bad feeling that the other two knew about him already.

"Fuck, such a bad luck streak I am having. It is taking out my motivation to do anything."

Yohan complained as he played with his system. With nothing else to go, he wanted to poke around and see what else the system was capable of.

He was doing nothing of importance when his phone lit up with a message. The number was unknown but the contents conveyed the sender's identity. And the timing could not have been more perfect.



Incoming message from Sid. Should I block the connection?


If the system had warned Yohan, then it likely meant that the contents of the message could be dangerous. But Yohan still decided to take the risk.

/The central cord is hidden currently but will be brought forth during the festival of Hiburen and will be shifted to a new city.

There will be an attack by the resistance on the given date and I will keep you informed about it./

Sid had sent Yohan a message to tell him of the news he had wanted to hear. But it all felt too easy to Yohan and he was not sure if he should participate in this raid. There was too much that could go wrong.

Not to mention, there would be too much security on the given date to make any solid move.

"Maybe I will observe where they take the central chord and try to hack it when they do. It would be a good opportunity to test my limits."

But before that day, Yohan would have to sharpen his skills and gain more experience. He might also need a backup plan to get away if he was ever caught. Things he needed to do were starting to add up suddenly.

"Hey system, you are not very active these days. Does this have something to do with this world?"

Yohan asked, trying to distract his mind from all that he had to do.


The user can take care of himself now. The system feels like there is no longer a need to force-feed the user unnecessary information on what to do and how to do things.


It felt like a logical deduction but it borderline seemed human. It made Yohan wonder if the system had consciousness for the first time.

'And now I am thinking a little too much now. Whether the system had human consciousness or not, does not matter. As long as I can benefit from the system, I should take advantage of it.'

With his mind made up, Yohan stood up and finally decided to do something constructive. But he did not even get to make it to his desk when he heard his phone ringing.

It was an unknown number that made Yohan hesitate to pick up the phone. But after he got the same call from the same number for the third time, he had no other choice but to pick up the phone.

And the voice on the other end that greeted him made Yohan irritated in a second.

"Yo, murderer Yohan. I know it was you who killed Flora and I will expose you in front of everyone. But I might change my mind if you come and meet me in front of the labs. And just in case you did not realize who this is, it's Marvis."

This was such a cliche situation that Yohan wanted to laugh and cry at the same time.

Yohan was more than sure that Marvis had no evidence against him and that he was just bluffing for now. But it still sparked his curiosity to go and check out what he wanted.

'It's a bad idea to go out to meet Marvis. Knowing your luck, you are sure to run into those officers you are trying to avoid. The best course of action would be to not pay any attention to this provocation and to move on.'

Yohan's mind reminded him again and again. The angel inside Yohan was telling him to not give in to his temptation and to make a decent choice.

However, Yohan was a demon and he did not care enough to hear what the right thing to do was. His curiosity had peaked and he was going to meet Marvis now.

Was it a stupid thing to do? Absolutely and even Yohan knew that.

But was there anything that was going to stop him? Not really.

And that was how Yohan found himself in front of the empty lab, waiting for Marvis to show up. He waited and waited for about an hour before deciding to hunt Marvis down himself.

And of course, it was at that moment that he saw a shadow of a monster that was heading toward him. It was a huge beetle-like monster with a hard shell and poisonous teeth.

'A raptor insect. Just my luck.'

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 140 Ch 138: The Dog Found A New Target [Pt2]