The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 131 Ch 129: A Confession And... [Pt1]

Yohan was in a good mood when he went back to class. He had just gotten his hands on a good subordinate who would not question it. And he also felt that Sid would be able to get him a way to get into the Central Chord.

No one bothered with greeting Yohan once he rejoined the group. Most people pretended as if he was not even there. But that was mainly because he was being glared at by Marvis and Liza.

"Hey man, where did you disappear off to? I thought that the teacher was about to have a stroke right now when she noticed you missing."

Of course, Flora has no problem striking up a conversation with him as soon as he came back. Her concern shined brightly in her eyes, but Yohan could also taste an underlying layer of interest as soon as he faced her.

Flora was interested in Yohan way beyond what she showed and it made Yohan itch to take advantage of her. After all, she was making it too easy for him.

"I just thought I saw some people I knew so I stepped out to chat with them. It seems like I lost track of time."

This was one way of explaining Yohan's situation but calling Kyle and Sid his 'friends' was stretching it too far. However, since there was no one to contradict Yohan's words, Flora did not question him.

She did look a tad bit jealous and her cheeks puffed out when Yohan spoke, but she did not show any other reaction to him.

"Alright class, that will be it for today's outside session. You have an off day tomorrow so make sure you rest up. There will be a huge test the day after and it will also be your second VR experience."

Once again, the teacher sounded like she could care less about the children. Yohan was sure that the only reason she had panicked was that she could lose her job if she lost Yohan in the crowd.

Other than that, she had no attachment to the students in front of her. And it was an overall good thing for Yohan. It allowed him to move around freely and do what he wanted to on his terms.

Yohan was about to start heading back when he was pulled back by Flora. Even Flora looked flustered by her sudden actions and her mouth opened and closed like a fish.

"Is something wrong Flora? Do you want to say something to me?"

Yohan asked as he was stopped by Flora's sudden actions. He could tell that even Flora had not meant for this to happen but she could not speak. Her mouth was opening and closing in shock but Yohan did not have enough time to spend on her lack of action.

"Flora, speak if you need something. Otherwise, I need to get going now. I have a few things I need to do-"

"Sleep with me. I-I mean, I like you so I want to d-date you. Can you-"

'Ahhhh, this is a problem now. I never expected Flora to confess to me this openly. I need to do something to discourage her before she becomes a hindrance for me.'

Yohan felt flattered that Flora has confessed to him but her feelings were a burden for Yohan currently. He would have to decline her confession and then deal with awkward encounters.

"Flora, listen to me-"

"No, listen to me first. I know that you don't like me that way but it's alright. I know you are a guy and you have needs. You can use my body to relieve yourself. I won't be angry with you if you do that."

Yohan had been sure that he had firmly rejected Flora. But she was still all over him for some reason. And not only that, she was insisting on being used, then who was Yohan to say 'no' to her?

"Are you sure this is something you want? You will not be able to back down later and there is also no guarantee that I will come to like you."

In fact, Yohan was sure that he would not come to 'love' Flora in the way she wanted to. And even if he did, their ending was already decided. This was not his world and Yohan was here to conquer it.

Still, if Flora was willing to not back down and still live in her fantasy of being with Yohan, he would not stop her any further.

"I…still want to try and be with you. I won't stop you from being with anyone else and I also won't annoy you. I just want to be given a chance to prove my feelings."

Flora was earnest and that was what sold Yohan on her. If someone was this passionate about him, then the chances of her betrayal were less. Besides, Yohan did not mind having some fun in that regard.

Because as good as Diantha was, she was not enough to keep Yohan in check.

"If you are that interested, then I guess I can take you up on the offer. So, when do you want to start?"

Their surroundings were currently empty of any annoyances and the other students have already gone back as well. Maybe that was what gave Flora the courage to lean over and kiss Yohan on the cheek.

Her face went red as soon as she separated and she was not even able to look Yohan in the face. She looked ready to explode and yet ripe enough to take.

But she was also inexperienced which meant that Yohan would have to ease her in slowly to her new role.

"I-this kiss is an expression of my gratitude. I h-hope you are not too put off by my gesture of goodwill."

Flora was stuttering in between her sentences. She was beyond nervous and she was also not sure if Yohan liked her sudden affection or not. She had never flirted with anyone before, nor had she kissed someone.

Yohan was probably her very first crush and the very thought sent shivers of warmth down her spine. She wanted to be with him for longer but it was a little difficult to justify her feelings.

Yohan looked a little surprised to see Flora push back but it was alright. This was only the beginning and Flora would be sure to act a little bolder once Yohan was used to her advance.

Or that had been the plan before Yohan took hold of Flora's hand and pulled her close. Their lips met in a brief kiss but it was far from anything Flora had imagined it to be.

Yohan's lips were sweet and soft. They were also firm as they pressed forward for advantage and Flora was gasping before she knew it.

Not that it mattered to Yohan who just chased after her lips and kissed her deeper this time. Flora could feel his tongue begging for entry and she gave it to him. Yohan's lips were beyond sweet and he was also being affectionate with her.

"Now this is a real kiss. What's wrong? Are you scared of me yet?"

Yohan asked as he pulled back and little and Flora could only see him at that moment. She was falling in love and she did not hesitate to admit it to herself.

Yohan had made her fall and fall hard at that. There was no future for Flora now.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 131 Ch 129: A Confession And... [Pt1]