The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 127 Ch125: Is Everything Back To Normal?

Yohan looked at the taller man in front of him. Rage filled Marvis's eyes and he almost punched Yohan in the face.

"How dare you-"

But of course, that did not happen because of the interference of the teachers. Yohan might have been dragged into an empty corner but he was still at the academy. And somehow, teachers had a sixth sense when it came to students and their bunking ways.

​ Yohan heard the sound of footsteps and so did Marvis. They both quickly stepped away from each other, pretending as if nothing had happened.

"Oi! What are you rascals doing here all alone? The class started a while back so hurry up and go back."

It was a decent surprise for Yohan to get away without any demerits. But somehow, it should have been expected with the kind of world he was in. The teachers had an interest in students after all.

Marvis glared at Yohan, his eyes flashing but he did let Yohan go. Now that the teacher was here, Marvis could no longer punch him.

"W-We managed to get by without being hurt. We should hurry back so that we are never alone."

Flora's knees were shaking as soon as she reached the classroom. She had never been this close to a conflict before despite her big mouth.

She might have been a babble-mouth but she had always been careful about who she was offending. She had a code of conduct to never go chasing after problems on her own. But for some reason, she was ending up finding problems in recent days.

'Didn't it all happen as soon as I met Yohan? Nah, surely I am thinking too much right now.'

Flora quickly took her seat and watched Yohan take his seat as well. As soon as Yohan left her, Flora felt lonely. The urge to go to Yohan and to be by his side was getting stronger by the second.

'No, don't tell me! Did I end up having a crush on him? N-No, that cannot be!'

While Flora was having a small mental breakdown, Yohan was busy deciding his next course of action. Liza was glaring at him and then at the seat beside her. Anticipation shined clearly in her eyes as she looked at him.

But if this was her attempt to intimidate Yohan, then it was not working very well. Yohan quickly took the seat, not even looking at Liza as he took his seat. He could feel her seething eyes look back at him.

However, she was not able to do anything to Yohan as well since this was a classroom. No matter how much she wanted to try and talk to him, it would not be possible.

"Alright class, you did well for your first time in the VR. But we will not be having a VR experience for some time because of the cultural festival. Since it is the mid-session, I hope you all will not fall back on your studies."

Yohan should stop being surprised at the twists and turns he was being faced with. This world was not one he could rationally comprehend anyway.

And since he had nothing to add, he decided to stay quiet and observe the situation.

"Now, I know you are all excited but don't forget that this is a way to gain points for your overall performance. I hope you all would take it seriously since it can affect your chances of getting into a better class next semester."

The class cheered up, not even hearing most of what the teacher was saying. Yohan was not surprised to see the first years being this careless. They had a long road in front of them.

"Hump! These children are so immature in their thinking. They don't even realize that the first year is the foundation of everything. They'll fall behind if they don't take things seriously."

No, not all of the students were goofing around. There were some students like Liza who cared about their reputation and grades.

But Yohan could not help but feel like she was an overachiever. Surely she had a sad backstory that prompted her to work this hard. She just seemed that kind of character to him.

"Alright class, you are dismissed from the classes until the cultural festival is over. Now, you will be allied to go into the town and gather the necessary supplies. Take this time to have fun."

Yohan could not even begin what was going on in this academy. It was too loose with its rules and regulations and the student body was a mess.

But most of the students seemed used to this atmosphere. It made Yohan certain that this was the setting due to the 'rules' of this world.

"Hey, are you alright? The teacher already left and we are free to go into the town now. Do you not want to go?"

Liza's grey eyes impatiently looked at Yohan. He quickly looked behind her to see Marvis looking at them with hateful eyes as well.

Yohan was sure he was feeling jealous because of Liza's attention on him and Yohan had the option to trigger him more. But he chose to be careful in the end and end their interaction right there.

"I will be there sometime later. I have things to do on my own for now."

Liza's face went red at being rejected. She might not have said it in words, but her interest had shined quite brightly. As soon as she realized that she had been rejected, she quickly ran away from the room.

Students looked back at her with interest at seeing Liza quickly fleeing from the situation. Her face was red and her eyes were wet with unshed tears. Seeing her like this caused a lot of people to feel sorry for her.

Despite people being afraid of Liza, they did consider her a pretty girl. It was a given that they had a soft spot for her. But no one was willing to express that in front of the others.

The only one who went after Liza was Marvis but and it was truly an unexpected outcome for Yohan to see. Luckily, no one else tried anything funny so Yohan could breathe a sigh of relief.

"Man, you sure got rotten luck to catch Liza's eyes. Are you sure you are going to be alright?"

Flora asked as she approached Yohan. She was the only one who approached him as well but it was only because she knew how Yohan truly was. He did not care about being popular or currying favor.

And she could still not forget how he had saved Flora previously. She had a feeling that Yohan was powerful but he was hiding his powers.

"I don't care about Liza and her agenda, nor am I scared of Marvis. If worst comes to worst, I can always complain to my sister and let her take care of things for me."

Flora tried not to shiver as she remembered professor Diantha's face. She could imagine that innocent yet deadly smile on the professor's face and she suddenly felt bad for Liza and Marvis.

Maybe it was a good thing that Yohan was so laid back and non-caring. They both did not know what kind of bullet they were dodging by not angering Yohan. And Flora also vowed not to get on Yohan's bad side in the future.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 127 Ch125: Is Everything Back To Normal?