The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 124 Ch 122: The Punishment For Breaking Rules [Pt1]

While this fight was going on between their group, the teacher finally decided that it was late and students had been in class for long enough.

"Everyone, you did well for your first time in a VR stimulation. I hope this helped know how the real world works and you all would do better in your next assignment."

Since the teacher was back, Marvis and Liza had to back down and pretend like they were not interested in gaining points. Flora finally calmed down as well and her anger finally subsided.

"Can you believe the audacity of those two? Are they expecting me to forgive them and let them into the group? How can someone be this shameless?"

Yohan let Flora vent her anger. He neither helped her out nor contradict her words. He just acted like a wall that was hearing everything she said. Flora calmed down only when the teacher finished her long-winded lecture.

"Well, I tired myself out so it's time for me to go. It was nice partnering with you Yohan and I hope we get to be on the same team again."

Flora was like the wind, not settling down and constantly in a state of mood swings. Yohan was sure he would never be able to understand her even if he tried his best to. So he did not even bother with her until the end.

What he decided to do was to go back to his room and wait for Diantha to come to his room. And he knew that Diantha would come and find him soon.

Yohan had been lucky enough(Diantha's interference) to get a single room. He quickly observed the soundproofing but the room looked well-defined. It had a big bed and a tall cabinet.

It even came with an attached bathroom which did not look like a single-person use one. Somehow, the room gave Yohan a feeling that it was supposed to be a shared one.

And one that was shared by couples at that. This place just had such an aura to it.

Yohan wanted to say that Diantha took her time coming back to the room but it would be a lie. She arrived not too long after Yohan and instantly headed toward the bed. She stretched her body out in a suggestive pose which caused her to skirt to ride up.

Every move Diantha made was to provoke Yohan's lust. He could feel the need in her actions but Yohan did not want to give her what she wanted.

"Diantha, sit up now. We need to talk about the stunt you pulled today."

Yohan was far from angry at Diantha but he was a little pissed off at her. If she was going to pull a stunt like this, then the least she could have done was to inform him.

They had gotten lucky this time that no one important had looked into Diantha's disappearance. But they might not be this lucky the next time.

"Yohan, I can tell that you are not angry at me. But even if you are, can you let me know through our bodies? I need you to make me feel better pleased."

Diantha's hands snaked over Yohan's torso and rested around his neck. He allowed Diantha to pull his head down and press a kiss on them.

He was luring Diantha into a false sense of security and she did not even know it. But that was what she would get for trying to distract Yohan from her actions.

Diantha smirked against his lips. Her tongue probed Yohan's lips to allow her entry and Yohan easily parted his lips for her. Diantha's tongue was bold as it rubbed all over his mouth.

It even went as far as to try and reach his throat. Diantha's upper half rested on Yohan's chest as she leaned further into his body. He could also feel Dinatha's hands playing with the back of his head.

Yohan also snaked his hands over Diantha's body and rested them on her face. He was almost cupping her face which caused Diantha to met against his body. She must have been sure that she had won because her body relaxed.

And Yohan used that very second to turn the table on Diantha. Before she knew it, her body had leaned too far and she lost her balance. Her torso met the softness of the bed and her hands were clutched in a tight hold.

"That was very sly of you to try and distract me with your body. Unfortunately, you still have a long way to go if you want to dominate me. But this does make me want to add this to your list of crimes now."

Diantha shuddered as Yohan's words fell directly in her ear. His body weight pressed Diantha against the bed and she was unable to move.

Hands massaged Diantha's breasts harshly and her nipples felt swollen as they were tugged upon. It was difficult to maintain her focus on one thing but Diantha tried to do so anyway.

"Y-You! Yohan, let me go. I am sorry for trying to trick you."

Diantha said one thing but her body said another. She was turned on and her pussy fluttered because of the need. Her insides felt empty and her mouth remembered the taste of Yohan's cock.

Suddenly, she wanted to suck on it again and to feel Yohan's hot come sliding down her throat. The need was overwhelming and caused Diantha to flinch in her place.

Diantha tried to turn around and take control. But she was denied as soon as she tried to raise her head. Yohan had pressed her head back down on the bed and his cock kept on rutting against Diantha's ass.

"Your insides miss me already? Were you always this horny or did I awaken something in your body? You are acting like you are hungry for my touch."

Yohan got a sadistic pleasure as he watched Diantha struggle all on her own. Her eyes were filled with tears and her face looked red as well. But there was also a stupid grin on her face as she felt Yohan rutting against her body.

"I-It's all your fault my body got weird like this. So take responsibility please."

Diantha's words ended in a moan as her ass was smacked. It was a harsh smack as well which caused her body to slide forward. Her pussy got even wetter at the sensation of pain but all she could do for now was to endure.

Yohan used his magic to keep Diantha's arms bound over her head. Her hips were pulled back until she was kneeling in front of him.

And only then did Yohan touch her more. The first lick at her pussy caused Diantha to almost jump into the air. It had been unexpected and Diantha felt her pussy hole clenched in need.

"What's wrong? Is this too much for you to take? But you were the one who started all this Diantha and you were also the one who asked me to take responsibility. Surely you will not back out now."

Yohan's voice was teasing but cruel as well. It conveyed to Diantha that he was not going to be gentle with her.

And somehow, that was all Diantha wanted from him. She wanted to be fucked hard and fast. She needed Yohan to make her lose control of her body. And from how Yohan was performing, he was well on his way to do so.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 124 Ch 122: The Punishment For Breaking Rules [Pt1]