The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 12 Ch 10: Outside Is A Danger As Well [Pt1]




1050/2500 exp needed for next level.


Yohan watched the system screen in disbelief at what just happened. How had he hit level 3 so easily? The last thing he remembered was falling asleep and then having

that sexual dream of banging his sisters.

His face flamed as he remembered how out of control he had been.

To be truthful, Yohan did have a dark side to his desires but he had never felt comfortable sharing it.

It was also why many of his relationships had ended before they had even begun to form. That side of Yohan scared him a lot.

'But that was just a dream. I am sure it is just because I am sexually frustrated and nothing more. I need to control myself even more.'

Yohan needed to be careful. It seemed as if he could level up even in his dreams and that was dangerous. Who knew when and where he would lose control of his desires


He quickly got ready for school before realizing that the weekend was finally here. Yohan had no prior engagements so he did not even need to head out.

But he did not want to stay in this house today either. He was afraid of being jumped and then taken advantage of.

That was why he quickly wore a black turtle neck shirt that was somehow tight on his frame and his usual jeans.

It framed his body quite nicely but Yohan didn't remember having such a well-defined chest. He had been rather normal but that no longer seemed to be the case.

'Must be a side effect of the fictional system. I remember that people in such worlds usually had nice bodies even if they were not the main cast.'

That was true. Unless the setting of a world specifically defined someone as unfit, most people usually had nice bodies.

That also included Yohan now who was no better than an NPC.

"Yohan! You are finally up and about. Your sisters already went out to have fun. What kept you so long in your bed? Don't tell me that you were waiting for mommy to

come and wake you up. Did you want to have some fun with mommy?"

That slutty woman was leaning against the breakfast table and the gap in her shirt was showcasing her slutty breasts to Yohan.

He could not take his eyes off that bouncy chest and his brain recalled how warm and soft they had been.

Even his cock showed interest in experiencing their touch again but Yohan held his desire back.

He had been under the influence of something weird yesterday that was why he took advantage of the woman who claimed to be his mother. He did not want to take

advantage of her again so soon.

"I'm sorry. I just remembered that I had some very important work to do today outside. I will be going out now."

Yohan quickly left the table with his phone. He did not even need his purse since most of the world already accepted digital sources of payment.

He did not notice the frustrated expression of the redhead he left behind and she dumped the food she made into the dustbin.

"Fuck. Did he notice me tempering with his food? And to think I tried so hard to get those obstacles out of the house today as well. All my handwork went down the drain."

Mimi was frustrated but she knew she would get her chance.

After all, Yohan had shown that he was still attracted to her body. So she could tempt him into giving her what she wanted. It should not be that hard.


Yohan did not run away from the house but he might as well have categorized it as running. His body was feeling hot and bothered and his hard-on was not going away.

It was like he was in a constant state of heat and he wanted to drag the first willing body he could find.

It did not help that Yohan could feel a lot of interesting gazes looking toward him.

And when his eyes met a passionate pair of blue, he knew he needed to have that girl and find his release in her.

The girl looked pure and rather shy with her glasses and bob haircut. There was a need in Yohan to defile the girl and to see her lose her purity.

As soon as the shy girl realized that Yohan was looking back at her as well, she ducked her head in shame and curiosity.

The girls around her spoke something to that shy girl and she finally seemed to gain enough courage to come over toward Yohan.

"Umm, excuse me. I saw you looking back at me and I was wondering if you were interested in going out with me?"

Yohan raised his eyebrow at the girl's stuttering voice. She was quite pretty but not his type fully.

Still, his body had needs and it wanted to make use of this girl. Yohan knew he should not lead a girl on like this but he could not help himself.

"Sure. But let's get out of here first."

The girl nodded, not even looking back at her friends who gave her a 'thumbs up.' Yohan led her to the valley where the girl followed him nervously.



A new skill found - lust.

The user can induce strong lustful emotions in the target and make them compelled to his wishes.

Would the user like to use this skill?


Yohan had a feeling that it would be a useful skill to have in the future. The shy girl was already looking dazed as she glanced at his lower half.

He had a feeling that she would take the initiative to fuck herself on his cock if Yohan did not stop her.

But he did not want to take responsibility for this female if he did end up getting her pregnant right now. And he also did not want to go full-way with anyone.

Yohan knew that he would lose himself fully to his lust the second he went full course with someone.

"I hope you don't mind doing this outside. I don't think I can stop."

Yohan warned the female, giving her the illusion that she had a choice in this matter. But she likely did not have a choice.

She would not be able to outrun him even if she tried.

But it did not seem as if the girl wanted to run away. She looked too into the scene to even think about pulling away from Yohan.

"Of course, I don't care. I want you to give me pleasure my lord. I will do anything for you."



A new hidden skill is activated. Slave contract.

[Any person who will get attracted to or has strong feelings for you sexually will become your slave irrespective of gender and race.]

Warning: Will not work on anyone stronger than your current level


This was another skill that could come in handy, but Yohan did not know why his brain was thinking like that.

He was in no need of slaves or even getting people under control. He just wanted to live an ordinary life and be on his merry way.

"My lord, please pay attention to me. May I make you feel good as well?"

The shy girl took Yohan's cock in her hand and stroked it. It was already hard and throbbing so it did not take long to get him going.

But he stopped her when she tried to lick his cock. He was tired of fucking mouths at this point.

"If you want to please me then use your body. No penetration or using your mouth but you are free to use anything else you like."

The girl looked frustrated before her eyes flashed with an idea. She stranded Yohan's lap and unzipped his jeans to take his cock out at last.

"Then, would master like to fuck my things? I am sure I will do a good job of the pleasing master."

Yohan was not sure if he would be able to come like that or not but he did not stop the girl from trying.

The worst came to worst, he would use the girl's mouth or even her ass. But he would let the girl try first.

"So, what's your name? I am sure a pretty thing like you has a pretty name as well."

Yohan cupped the girl's cheek and her cheeks went red. She was adorable but not Yohan's type of cute.

"M-My name is Rem. May I know the name of my lord?"

Rem shyly moved her hips, her covered wet core rubbing against Yohan's naked cock. The friction felt nice but not enough. And Yohan pulled her hips back onto his cock

to gain more momentum.

"My name? There is no need for you to learn my name since you will be calling me master this time. But if you please me enough then I might be compelled to tell you my


Yohan had not been like this before but the more he gave in to his desire the better it felt. His power was getting out of control but he could not bring himself to care right


The glasses-wearing girl had a happy expression on her face as she rubbed against Yohan. It was going to be a long session.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 12 Ch 10: Outside Is A Danger As Well [Pt1]