The image of memories playing on the screen distorted and broke startling Alex.

"Why did the memories stop?"Alex asked with surprise.

"What happened after that?"

Standing inside the mirror, Kevin patted Alex and spoke.

"At that time, people from the Darkness realm invaded. We were defending against them. Most of the top powerhouses concentrated their manpower towards the gate."

"Unaware of the change, the God Of Darkness started to sort out the matter. I felt your connection dimming suddenly so I escaped quickly and finding out the matter, I was heartbroken."

"Consumed by rage, I stormed the Demon army disregarding the treaty to look for the God of darkness who self-detonated Riya's body trying to trap me."

"Meanwhile, we lost in defending against the Darkness realm invasion. Years of drastic war had greatly damaged the world's foundation. The world was on the verge of destruction. At my final moment, holding your corpse with nowhere to go, I sat in the temple and cried. At that time, Hestia offered me a choice."

"To reverse the time axis," Alex asked sternly.

"Ehhhhh!"Kevin nodded.

"But in doing so she will break the Law and lose a significant portion of the power. Moreover, The God of Darkness can feel the passage of time. It means we are at point zero with external knowledge."

"So, you were preparing for this in the hideout."

"After coming back, I took a softer approach. I trained secretly while undergoing all the suffering. I freed Hestia who remembered about the past and took her as a maid."

"With her protection, my early days went well. I started to amass power secretly and subdue people."

"Wait! Before all that, tell me one thing. Since you loved Mother the most then why did you marry others."

Kevin, hearing Alex's threatening tone, almost choked in his voice.

"I did not marry any other. My goal was to become Emperor without causing much bloodshed so I made a doppelganger. He is the one who took over the reins while I prepared. There are also his children, not mine. And you might already guess it but your birth was delayed a bit late this time cause I wanted to spend time with your mother."

Alex felt a bit stifled inside.

'Delayed my birth.'

'What if my entire existence goes delayed? What if I became a girl or lost my existence? Is this not a big risk? You don't even know the real mechanism behind all of this.'

"Why do I feel like you are cursing me from inside?"Kevin glared at Alex.

"No..No..I am a good boy. By the way what about me being an Imbecile what was that."Alex asked. He had been curious about this.

"Actually, after you were born, I extracted your bloodline potential. Your potential is too pure to get lost. So, I segregated it a bit, dilated it and then used it to train my secret forces for the impending danger."

"I also place a curse on you which will make you fat and become an idiot. The reason I did this was solely that I was afraid of God Of Darkness trying to get rid of you early. But since things change like this he might have turned a blind eye until you start to grow wings."

"Also, I married the five of them because of this. I was hesitant to do this forcefully but since you are younger than them this time and will behave like an idiot, I was worried that if you ever remember about the past life you make a fuss about being worn with a green heart and can't even woe them on your own" Kevin spoke blankly but his words stabbed Alex.

Alex's lips twitched and he wanted to say one should not be this frank.

However, his expression suddenly became grim.

"You knew about everything then why didn't you save Riya?"

"Hey, do you think I'm a fool? After returning I wanted to kill her but stopped seeing your love for her. It was as if she was born to be your soulmate so I let her go, however, I already took precautions."Kevin spoke with a smile.

"I investigated Riya's origin. She is an experiment that has both Dark and Light elements."

Alex's eyes became grim.

"These experiments were meant to create a perfect vessel to shelter the God Of Darkness. Riya is by far the most perfect experiment born by the fusion of a woman and male darkness realm human. Someone taking pity on her or her mother escaped and left her in the orphanage, unfortunately, they underestimated that asshole."

"Once a child is born, they will plant a smaller version of the seed of darkness that after growing up will eat your soul. I have already restricted that. She may be controlled but her soul would be there. You just need to awaken her. In the worst case, just extract her soul and destroy her body and create a new body as you did yours."

Alex nodded.

Kevin places both his hands on Alex's shoulder.

"Listen, originally I planned to keep you away from trouble. I wanted to take on everything but everything changed in that incident. Your soul was about to go into reincarnation but Athena saved you so you were pulled out. Your Mother took that opportunity to break another law causing her to be chained."

Alex felt his heart stabbed hearing this. Just for him and his father, she had suffered greatly.

Love is truly a sin for God.

Alex clutched his heart remembering the kind eyes of Queen Goddess.

"I wronged her."

"Me too…"Kevin sighed.

"After knowing about this I changed my plan. Instead of hiding out, I launched an attack on the Darkness realm even if others did not agree. My sole goal was to delay the Darkness realm and the God Of Darkness. However, I overlooked one thing."

"With the weakening of the Queen Goddess, the barrier and law around this realm weakened allowing the God Of Darkness to appear and take the Devil. Combining with the Devil will make him stronger. Initially, you were strongly moving to deal with her but now I don't know."Kevin's words trembled, feeling all his hard work getting destroyed."

"It's okay."Kevin heard a cold voice and looked at Darkness swirling in Alex's eyes.

Inside the pair of the abyss, countless stars seemed to appear. For a moment, the son of his was unfamiliar.

"The result is already decided."

Kevin started blurring.


"Don't be saddened, Dad."

"Leave everything to me."

"I will meet you in Heaven."Alex smiled warmly, soothing Kevin's heart.

"I hope you win." i𝐧n𝗿ea𝒅. 𝐜𝘰m

After Kevin's image blurred, Alex's expression turned cold.

"Darkness realm, huh….I wonder if it will exist after I step in there."

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