Riya was brought over by force, and Alex forcefully locked Riya.

Riya who was already resigned to her cruel fate wondered if Alex would torture her and defile her, tried to commit suicide but she failed.

However, to her surprise, Alex did not torture her but rather treated her very well except for the fact she was kept closely guarded.

"Beast, what do you want to do with me?"Riya screamed.

Holding her chin, Alex smiled.

"Nothing, this Prince just wanted to whisper sweet words of love."

"So this is how you treat the person you love."Riya mocked him.

"Hmm! Did you take me as a fool?"Alex snorted.

"The moment I let you free, you might kill yourself. I am not guarding against you but rather preventing your death."

Riya stared at him in astonishment.

Alex raised her hand.

"If you take mana oath not to kill yourself then not only I will free you but I swear I will give you eternal happiness attending to your every need. Will protect me and give it my all. Before you, I married four girls but you will be the last one."

"Except you five, no matter how exceptional a girl may I find she will always be a stranger. You just need to accept my hand and let me bear all your pain.

Alex looked down at Riya who fell into deep contemplation.

Alex had searched for Riya's track. Her origin was unknown. She was left before an orphanage that took her in. She grew out to be a great beauty which drew people's attention. π’Šπ˜―π˜―π‘Ÿeα𝐝.𝐜o𝓂

She was brought out by a slave trader and was sold in the slave market and fetched a high price. The house that brought her abused her at the slightest mistake.

The only reason she was alive was because of the sinister bastards who wanted to defile her. Fortunately, she ran away from the house but she encountered a group that tortured her and waited for her to grow up.

Riya after suffering countless grievances cursed her appearance so one day taking the opportunity she scratched her face and destroyed her face.

After that, she lit a fire in their hideout and took this opportunity to run away. After many twists and turns she found her way towards the assassin organisation and ended up with them turning into an assassin.

Putting on a veil, she used her body figure which was already a fatal attraction.Before a person could see her face, he would already die.

She was 4 years younger than him but she was quite fierce and strong.

Pondering for a moment, Riya decided to give it a try. Even if she doesn't kill herself she can use many loopholes to end up in a situation to get killed. But before that, she decided to give him a chance.

Extending her hand, she grabbed his hand looking at him with eyes filled with expectation.

"From this moment to your death, you will always think about this moment because this will be the best decision of your life, my future wife."Alex unchained her and carried her into his arms.

He did not know why but every time he was with her, there was peace in his heart.

"Just from where did the sunrise?"Catherine asked, seeing Alex differently from usual.

Alex stared at his wife and said"Since we are going to spend life together, I think I should try to understand you, and look after you. We may not have married by love but that does not mean we will always be strangers and feelings grow when we come to understand one better."Alex smiled, putting on his teacup, casting a smile that made the others blush.

No matter what, in terms of appearance no one can match him.

Alex started to grow closer to them but before he could enjoy the time, the war intensified.

Alex had to personally lead the troops into the battlefield.

Fortunately, he was not alone.

Christina tagged alone.

The war went on fiercely. Alex, finding the Dark Elves' eyes shore, marched onto the Dark Elves' border.

Before the upper powerhouse of Dark Elves appears, Kinley forces restrained them.

Alex marched towards Elf's land unhindered, taking the lead and slaughtering everyone while Christina defended against the Demons.

Elves who were grounded due to the destruction of the World Tree finally were able to breathe free air.

Alex talked with Elves and even suggested planting a new World Tree.

With Athena's help, they can also grow it too quickly.

Things progressed quickly with Alex's appearance but Demons getting pushed back started to use underhand methods.

Creating panic by miasma and destroying the lands secretly but this time The Pope himself acted giving a deep blow to the Demons.

Demon and Dark Elves getting pushed back shifted the battle to upper-level Powerhouse

"Things are so tense that it seems I have to take part in the battle," Kevin muttered.

Alex sucked in cold air hearing this.

"Situation is changing so fast. Dad, did you feel weird? I feel someone is pulling the strings from behind."

Kevin kept his mouth shut.

He did not have concrete proof but one way or another, he believes that the God of darkness had a hand in all of this shit but he can't say this to Alex.

Things are too messed up now.

"Alex, take over the reins. Stabilise the situation."

"Ask Catherine and Yvonne to handle the politics meanwhile Christina and you take care of the borders."

"Don't let the public panic. If you find any negative propaganda just wipe those bastards. Many will try to rebel, don't show them mercy at any cost."

After Kevin left, Alex was treated as Emperor. He was way fiercer than his father not letting a single mishap pass by.

One day, when Demons And Humans clashed against one another for an uncountable time.

Something happened out of everyone's expectations.


Spurring blood, Alex kneeled on the ground.

Looking at the huge hole in his chest, he stared at Riya in disbelief.


"Riya, did you still hate me? And how can you have the power of God?"

"Heh heh!Native boy?"

A burst of bashful laughter resounded.

"I am not Riya? Look into my eye."

Holding Alex's chin, the woman raised Alex's face.

Alex frowned seeing dark pupils. Something sinister invaded his body.

"You are not Riya? Who are you?"

"Riya should have been wiped out from existence by me."

"As for who am I, people call me God of Darkness."

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