From pregnancy till birth, it took four years for Alex to be born.

Holding Alex, with reddened eyes, Kevin stared at his wife's corpse with a sorrowful expression.

All the vitality of the Avatar was drawn by Alex's growth in the fetus. Kevin had always wondered if there was something else in this matter and later knew about the taboo.

A Goddess giving birth to a mortal child was a taboo that led her to suffer punishment by the laws of the world. The punishment weakened her primordial soul, leading to the cutting of vitality.

Moreover, although she is the Queen Of Goddesses, there is no one to remember her and worship her, as Goddess Rebecca had been seen as the head of all so she never received people the power of faith.

"The last thing which she asked for me is to never hate you. How can I hate such a lovely child?"

Staring at the blood-red eyes similar to his mother's and the golden hairs inherited from him, Kevin smiled and proclaimed.

"In these troublesome times, you will grow up and become the defender of humanity."

"Your name will be Alex meaning guardian of mankind."Smiling happily, he kissed his baby and proceeded to take care of the aftermath.

It was grim news so he never wanted people to accuse Alex of being the harbinger of death who was born taking his mother's life.

So,he waited a bit to bring him to light.

Alex was born special. He was born awakened so it was hard to conceal him for long so finally after hiding for a long while mourning for his dead wife, he introduced Alex a year later.

Alex's appearance drew everyone's attention. Even as a child, he had a godly appearance that aroused others' love.

As he grew up, this caused him quite a headache.

With just a little smile, he could take one life. The servant serving her had a hard time maintaining their composure.

He had not even reached age, whereas people already wanted to throw themselves at him and this child of his was also quite intelligent.

There were many assassinations attempts on him. Every year there are two or three cases but there is no need to be afraid.

Cause at the age of ten when others start lifting wooden swords, Alex could slaughter an entire horde.

Like a wolf in sheep's clothing, Alex hides deeply. At the age of ten, he was already in the Legendary realm.

This also made him conceited, even though he was not a tyrant his wilful act was enough to make one vomit blood in anger.

Except for the meaning of his name, he had done everything. Although he had never crossed the limit and the one who bore his anger was mostly nobles still it was too much.

People already started to regard him as Yama trying to stay far away from him.

At 12, Alex's deeds surprised him once again.

"Father, I want an engagement.

"Whom do you want to marry ?"


"What??"Kevin asked him in a startling voice.

"When did you fall in love with her?" i𝐧𝓷rπšŽπšππ—°π‘œπ’Ž

"Hehe! Father, you are good at joking."

"Do you think I will fall in love? Can they even compare to me? It's just for political stabilisation. Moreover, Lockhearts might help us a lot.'

"Alex, why do you want to ruin a lady? Don't do this, one day you will find one whom you will love very much so don't do this?"

"Father, I am just doing this for you and to use her as a shield to avert the whores who come at me. We can break the engagement later if required."


"Father, I have already snorted this. Yvonne had certain conditions and she is free to do what she wants. We will just be like strangers who will make a public appearance."

Kevin shook his head and under Alex's resolute gaze, he finally accepted while wishing for Yvonne to straighten this son of his.

However, after two years, his eyes fell on one another.

"Saintess Athena."

"Why do you want to marry her?"Kevin asked sceptically.

"She is useful."

"Kid, do you want to have three thousand beauties or do you want to live in debauchery? Like a real me you should love one."Kevin tried to explain but Alex would still find a way to put him out.

In anger, he stopped the marriage bestowment but who knew the other side would come up to offer herself.

Athena herself offers to marry Alex giving him a headache and when asked, she said that it was Goddess Oracle guiding her.

'Goddess oracle or shit. Is Hestia pulling strings?'

'Hestia you are being too much. The last time Hestia appeared in his dream and tormented him for a month to marry Alex to Yvonne, now Athena.'

'This mother-son pair is making me mad.'

With Hestia pulling strings, what can he do?

By the age of 21, Alex already had 4 fiancees.

Catherine, a lady with great wit and valour, and Commander Christina were also added to his harem.

Even though each one of them had great beauty, their relationship with Alex was stiff and strictly political.

However, everything changed one day.

The bitterness between Demons and Humans had become fiercer.

Demons and Dark Elves fought with all their might while on the other side humans, Dwarves and Elves allied themselves to stop them.

It was already hard for them to fight them when an internal crisis popped up one after another and after several investigations, it was found that this was done by a secret organisation Omen.

Assassins stronger than before started to look for the heirs and Kinley was their prime target since Kevin did not have any wife or other.


Blood and aura clashed.

Blood splatters everywhere, walking over the sea of corpses, with a large wound Alex pressed a lady to the ground.

Unlike other assassins, her method was crude and she was soft. It was because she hesitated, Alex was able to take on the chance.

"Girl, tell me why did you hesitate. Did you find me so pleasant?"Alex's eyes stared at her voluptuous body.

Alex, who had seen several beauties without blinking an eye for the first time, felt something aroused inside him when he saw her. It was as if his primal desire suddenly lit on fire.

"Let's see what is inside that veil." Alex's eyes gleamed with excitation as he pulled out the veil.

His expression faltered and his hands trembled.

Contrary to her expectation, her face was riddled with scars and scratches. Looking down Alex saw her beautiful snow-white nape in contrast to her ugly face.

"What are you stupefied?"

"What happened?"

"Are you shocked, disgusted with me?"The woman mocked her.

"You and all men are the same, you will always treat us, women, as tools once you satisfy your desires we are nothing but useless fools becoming your plaything."

Alex's veins hardened seeing the woman naked disgusted towards him.

"Who did this to you?"Alex asked.

He did not know whether this was due to pity or something else but something broke in his heart seeing her eyes.

"What can you do?"

"I did this to myself."

"Why?"Alex's voice trembled a bit.

"To protect me from wolfish bastards like you who don't give a shit about others. After all, who will look at such a disgusting monster and save me from bringing calamity to myself."

She then laughed with tears leaking from her eyes.

"Now quickly kill me and free me from all this suffering."

Seeing her tears Alex could certainly make a guess.

Who in the world doesn't like to be beautiful, maintain one experience and show off their beauty?

All say looks don't matter but inwardly each one of these is a hypocrite lusting over a woman's body. Even he was the same.

A lustful sinful bastard. A part of the reason for marrying them was their appearance.

He always assumed that he was too heartless to fall in love. Love is nothing but deception under which each side wants something else from the other.

Whether it was money or comfort. Both sides had something which the other one had. Once it disappears the love also disappears.

So instead of love it is better to marry on certain conditions which would never disappear.

Alex looked down, raised his sword and seeing that, the woman closed her eyes, preparing herself but instead of pain, she felt something soft touching her lips.

Opening her eyes she was bewildered to see Alex kissing her then licking her lips.

"Little kitten, did you think I will let you die? Let me tell you something, this face of yours is liked by this Prince greatly so tell me what is your name."

"In this lifetime you should forget from getting out of his grasp."

With a dazed expression and messy thoughts unable to sort out her inner turmoil, she replied.


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