After taking the Throne, the first thing Kevin did was mass-scale purging.

For three days and three nights, people were killed and butchered like pigs. Anyone who was found guilty was hanged on the guillotine.

The more he dug, the more he found. Not only did the nobles purge the funds, but they also sold themselves to the outside force. What was more frightening was that many of them had colluded with demons.

Thinking about a way to process things, a year after sitting over Throne Kevin called for the banquet.

"Damn!These pests."

"Demons had already infiltrated our society," Kevin shouted.

"They have disguised themselves as humans and are walking among us."Kevin glanced around the courtier coldly and smiled.

"If I had not seen I would not have believed."Muttering coldly, Kevin flicked his finger.


A strong force emerged and hit the knights and courtiers at the end.


Their bodies collapsed under the force.

Letting out mouth fills of blood, they stared at him in disbelief.

"Did you think you can fool me?"Kevin laughed and then clasped his hand.

"Did you think I would call for a banquet in a situation like this?"

Knight and black guards appeared filling the room.

"Finish them."

Kevin turned a blind eye towards them, entered and walked back.

The entire banquet hall which was used for the celebration was dyed red.

By sheer force, Kevin had already managed to hold all the power with no political force to oppose him.

Exiting, he looked for Hestia. Recently things were really tough for him. If given a choice, he wanted to run away from being an Emperor and spent his time with Hestia.

Kevin stared at Hestia back as she sat near the window staring up with a dazed expression.

She looked gloomy and cold, making Kevin tremble and wondered if he did something wrong.

"Hestia, what happened?"

"Kevin, "Hestia's eyelashes fluttered.

Kevin felt a bad premonition about it.

"Hestia, are you angry? Did I make you sad?"Kevin asked in pleading, squatting down near her.

Hestia looked at Kevin tenderly and shook his head"No...."

Pondering for a moment, she decides to be frank.

"Kevin, I remembered who I am?"


Kevin swallowed his saliva seeing her profound gaze. 𝒾𝓷𝙣rℯ𝓪𝘥.c𝒐𝘮

She then pulled up Kevin's face and kissed her lovingly.

"Don't worry my feelings for you have not changed a bit?"

"Do you want to hear a story?"

"Ummmm?"Kevin nodded and stared at her silently.

"This world is made of light and Darkness. Both need to coexist for the world to function."

Hestia then narrates the events about the beginning of the world.

"The God Of Darkness was not willing to accept his defeat so he made a plan. A plan to create a perfect individual."

"A being that had compatibility with both Light and Darkness."

"To achieve this, he severed a part of his soul and entered a part of reincarnation hiding under God's eyes."

"He was born with great potential and almost took over the world."

"Do you know who that is?"She asked.

"Is that the person I am thinking of?"Kevin muttered thinking about the history.

"Yes, the First Emperor Of Kinley. He was lawless and too strong for any mortal to defeat. Goddesses being bound by the laws can't enter here. They can use avatars but avatars can have only 20% of the power which is not enough to defeat him so to defeat him, they decide to raise a monster."

"A monster that could take on that bastard."

"How did you know all this, are you from that era?''Kevin asked with a stupefied look.

Hestia frowned and spoke with a slight hesitation.

"I am an avatar of the Queen Goddess."

"Uh...Hu..."Kevin's legs turned soft and he almost collapsed on the floor.

He had thought about the possible identity of his wife but never in his wildest dream had he ever thought that his wife was Goddess.

"Did I just defile a Goddess? Am I going to be punished? Am I a sinner?"

"What the hell are you thinking about?"

"As a man should not you be proud of yourself instead of doubting yourself? What kind of idiot are you?"Hestia snorted.

"Ahh...that."Kevin did not know what to say and just laughed bitterly.

"I descended here to choose a person to bless him with the blood of gods. And raise him. At last, we succeeded in doing so."

"After that, we went to sleep. My body would slowly degrade and would turn into nothing for many years, however...."

Kevin noticed the change in her expression.

"I may not remain alive for long now."

"Why?"Kevin freaked out and pulled her hand.

"Hesitate....are you leaving me?"

"It's because of this, "Hestia smiled and caressed her belly.

Kevin darted his eyes with a frown.

"Kevin, I am pregnant."

Kevin, who was too occupied to think about this, asked"What did this have to do with your life?"

"As an Avatar, I don't have much physical significance. The child in my belly would consume my assistance and would bear with great potential. He is a half-god after all."

"No, let's abort. I don't want this. I want you."

"Kevin Nnn!"Hestia raised her voice.

"You dare think about killing my child. Don't you want to live?

"Listen, Kevin, we can't live together for eternity. Unlike me, you will die and I don't want to suffer remembering about you so before that I want to give birth to this child. And you idiot, I am an Avatar of Goddess, I am not dying. We can still reunite in heaven after your death."

"And this child is different from others. It will take a few years to be born."

Kevin sat down with a baffled look. Today, he was shocked beyond his wildest. Still, hearing Hestia's words he thought this might not be as bad as he thinks.

"I will become a father..."Kevin muttered in disbelief thinking about his childhood days and clenching his fist promising to be a good father.

Still thinking about losing his wife with the birth of his son made his heart heavy.

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