The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 533 531:Shocking Revelation

A huge crowd was gathered before the Imperial Castle.

The Knights formed a barricade to stop the influx of common people and assist the nobles to enter the Palace without much obstruction.

Most people who came out from their homes were confused wondering what was going on.

In the early morning, chimes resounded throughout the capital.

"Did someone from the royal family die?"A man whispered slowly.

"From the information I have received, it seems that Prince Hex had made a deal with the Demons and wanted to rebel but fortunately Fifth Prince and First Prince joined hands to stop him."Another man spoke

"You can take a look at the remains of the Second Prince Mansion."

"It had been devastated.'

"Oh, God!"

"The Fifth Prince and the First Prince fought for us. If the Demons invaded we might have lost our lives."

"We have always looked down on the Fifth Prince but he has done so much for us."

"I hope, Goddess will bless him."

"By the way, are you sure that Prince Hex had colluded with demons?"A woman asked curiously.

"Yes, I heard that the Second Prince Mansion had been clouded with Magi and Lady Athena and the Saintess purified it and stopped the miasma from spreading."

As everyone discussed and spread the rumours, in the Fifth Prince Mansion things were quite relaxed.

Two days.

It was the time that had passed since The Capital became like this.

A lot happened during this period.

It was such a shocking event that it shook the whole nation.

It was the first time a Prince died in the Capital in his mansion which used to be his stronghold and on top of that he was quite close to becoming the next Emperor.

However, more than his death left a dark stain as corrupt dark powers were found over his body.

Therefore, as soon as the day dawned news of this incident spread across the capital city and created a sensation.

They tried to keep it secret but the media in the report continued to pour out articles over articles and the nobles were thrown into confusion.


A sigh escaped from Yvonne's lips.

She looked at Alex and asked, "Was it necessary to make the matter this big?"

"I mean, why did you spread rumours about you and Sean dealing with all this?"

"To gain people's goodwill," Alex spoke with a smile.

"You are cooped in the castle while The Lockhearts Merchants group is harassed by the people."

Ptu Iii.

Alex almost spewed the coffee and looked at Yvonne. π—Άπ™£π—»πš›eα𝑑. π’Έπ—Όπ‘š

"Are you kidding me?"

"You are being harassed."

"Do you think I don't know that you are deliberately making this bigger so that you can earn something by leaking some juicy insider news?"

Yvonne closed her lips and tried to avert Alex's gaze.

"Why do you have to pretend so much?'

"You just want permission to leak some important news about Hex and blackmail the novels on his side."

"Hmph! You don't leave a chance to rip off."Alex snorted.

Yvonne pouted and spoke, "So, what?"

"It's the right of the wife to leech off from his husband."


"I learnt that from my husband."

Alex felt his heart melt for a moment seeing Yvonne's softened expression.

'No, Alex holds otherwise. Who knows if this girl might sell me off someday.'

Catherine watched quietly as it was the usual routine for this to bicker however thinking about something she chuckled.

"Now, that I remember. There is no news of Ivine assisting you in this. Did you cut her role?"Yvonne asked curiously while thinking something mischievous.

"She can only blame herself. Who asked her to throw weak warriors towards me? It's already good that I did not kill them."

"I hope they have passed the message to Ivine. She should stop now otherwise she would bear my wrath."

Alex nodded while thinking about what Ivine might be feeling now.

Alex finished his coffee and stood up.

"Okay, girls, we have had enough fun."

"It's time to pack up."

"All preparations are done."

"So, time to move to the North."

"I will look over Lionheart for you," Catherine answered.

"I will look over the business group," Yvonne said.

Both of them spoke indifferently as it was their usual job.


"It seems that there is some kind of misunderstanding."

"I said everyone. You two are also coming with me."


Both Catherine and Yvonne stood up with surprised expressions.

"What are we going to do in the North?"

"You don't need to know. Just follow me North."


"I said you are coming with me."Alex's voice became chilly catching them off guard.

Alex shook his head and spoke, "I can't tell you the reason but listen to me."

"You are going to play a very important role. Your Existence is quite substantial in this world and you can't run away from this."

Alex spoke and left, leaving Catherine and Yvonne to cool down a bit.


Alex arrived at the underground basement which was used to store prisoners.

Alex passed through the guards and appears in the dimly lit room.

"Uncle Mag."

"Did you find something?"Alex asked while looking at Harmon's figure, which was barely alive.

"Your Highness, he had a core in his body. One needs to destroy the core to get rid of them."

Mag muttered and pointed at the black core that had been forcibly taken out from Harmon's body and stitched near his chest.

With just a glance, Alex finally understood everything.

From the monsters in his territory to all those weird experiments conducted by the organisation.

All of these were to produce a being like this.

They harvest cores and transplant them into the body while that meat shield experiment might be done to evolve healing.

'I wish they used their brain for the betterment of people instead of creating shit lilies like this.'

Alex looked at Mag and spoke after pondering for a moment.

"Uncle Mag, do you also have the core?"

"You did not need to tell me if you feel uncomfortable."

Giving away this secret was akin to handing his life key to Alex.

Mag, contrary to Alex's expectations, chuckled.

"From the day, I followed Lady Riya after being saved by her, I decided to devote my life to her."

"And since Lady Riya's life is yours, I acknowledge you as my master. It would be another thing if you were incompetent however I am proud to serve a master like you."

"Instead of cores, I have two hearts and from the torture, I got to know that the first two experiments also have two hearts instead of cores."

"And both of them have mana hearts."

"He doesn't know much about them but I think this much is enough."

Alex nodded and placed his hands over Harmon.

"Let's take a look at his memories."

Countless images appeared one after another and overlapped.

Alex suddenly opened his eyes and stepped back with a mortified expression.

"Your Highness, what happened?"

Alex gasped heavily, digesting the want he had just seen.

"I got locations of most of the branches in Kinley and many other things."

"He doesn't know about all the Experimented individuals; however, some of them might have powers beyond the Overlord."

Mag's expression faltered and his body shivered as soon as heard this.

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 533 531:Shocking Revelation