Presumably some time ago when Alex went rampage he killed many of the key forces of the Hex making them suffer close to annihilation.

Many have been performing missions outside the Capital and were lucky enough to escape the disaster however due to the urgency, all of them were asked to get back as soon as possible to fill up the numbers.

In the wizard squads, those who were from the Magic tower were suspended for an indefinite period which was very hard for them to swallow.

They thought they would be punished after being caught or thrown out. However, the suspension did not make any sense and on top of that, their status was not what it used to be.

"Why do I have to go through all this..."

The guards standing at the main age grumbled.

Among them, an angry voice echoed from the person standing on the left.

"Even if many were killed, shouldn't the gate be guarded by lower-rank knights?"

"Don't complain."

Bert spoke with a glare.

"We are lucky to be alive right now."

"If I would be given a chance, I would provoke a demon rather than that madman who cannot be reasoned with."

"Haaa, but it's still too much."



A questionable voice came out from Tom who was looking ahead.

"Look over there. What is that?"

Everyone turned their gaze to the point where Tom's finger was pointing and they fell into doubt.

A person was walking towards them in a dark cloak that stirred the depths of their hearts.

Darkness deeper than the night spread all around that person which seemed to dye the surroundings even more black while cutting off the light from the nearby places.

But that wasn't what surprised them.

Hundreds of imprints followed the dark figure.

Usually, corps or legions consist of ten thousand soldiers but they felt as if they could feel the suffocation of an entire army before them.

It was a rare sight even in the Zenith.

The problem was, the group of corps were approaching them with unknown intention.

"Stand down please.."

"It is the residence of Seco....."


Bert's lips, which were about to shout, stopped.


Bert's body fell on the floor.

Soon after Tom and everyone's eyes widened with astonishment and he began to see the figures of the people who were approaching him from the front.

He tried to ring the warning bell.

But before he could do that, just like Bert, Tom and everyone's heads disappeared in an instant.

Alex looked at the corpses lying on the ground with a bored look and turned his head towards the mansion.

Alex raised his brows as he felt a surge of magical energy deep inside the place.

He had brought the elite members of the League of Shadows while Sean brought his best soldiers.

Although the soldier corps he got from Ivine fell short compared to theirs, he did not care.

He just needed her participation to prove the point and get justification for killing Hex.

"Listen!" π’Šnπ™£π“»πšŽπ’Άπš. 𝑐𝗼𝓢

"From now on, I want everyone Inside this place to be killed."

"There should not be any survivors today."

"I don't care whether they beg or give useless reasons like they have a pregnant wife at home or kids or sick parents."

"No matter what, kill them."

"If they had someone to love, they would not have committed such atrocities."

Sean's body shivered on hearing Alex's tone.

"Now go in."

The moment when a murmur escaped from Alex's lips.


With a roar, the main gate of the place shattered into pieces and many figures went past him like lightning.

About halfway through the huge hall that continued through the entrance, roars resounded.

"It's an attack."

"We are under attack."

Several knights and wizards rushed out from inside hearing loud noises.

Perhaps they did not know that they would be attacked within the capital or someone would be so haughty to engage in war in the middle of the city so they were shocked beyond their wildest dreams.

"How dare you attack the castle where His Highness Hex resides."

The escort knights of Second Prince Mansion rush towards Alex with the leader Naman.

The moment such knights were about to step near the vicinity of Alex, they were hit by slashes pushing them back.

"Erase everything from the path that stood before Alex."

Sean who stood right behind Alex spoke out in a cold voice.

Sean's corps finally started to move.

Countless attacks seemed to be summoned in an instant and shot at the rushing knights.



The enemy knights were unable to block the attacks properly.

The Knights who followed Sean were the best of the best who had experienced countless fights on the battlefield.

If not for the traitor, Sean's army was considered unrivalled on the battlefield.

That's why there was no way the knights guarding the entrance could stop it.

The eyes of the wizard watching from behind widened on seeing such a fierce attack.

They summoned barriers to protect the knights and helped them to catch their breath.

However, the wizards gathered in the hall were immediately annihilated by Alex's squad who sneaked in and assassinated them when they lost their guards.

Alex asked everyone to fall back and raised his hand.

"Not only did I dare to enter the esteemed palace of your Highness, I even dared to kill your esteemed Prince."

A black ball of energy started to condense and then.


A dark ray shot that pierced through everything.

Everything before Alex was swept apart by dark gushing energy.

The Mythic rank knights were considered the top powerhouse however they swayed away like a dried twig in the storm.

Alex's figure blurred under everyone's surprised gaze and it appeared on the Third floor in the Hex bedroom.

Alex released his aura tearing everything around him except a secret door behind the bookshelves leading down to the basement.

"Hex came out.'

"Your precious little brother brought forth your death with him."

A dreary silence lingered for a moment which was followed by a loud blast.


"It is you who is going to be killed."

Alex saw a figure that shot up in the sky and his lips curled upwards with a sinister expression.

"I hope you have prepared well enough to entertain me."

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