The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 513 511:Spreading The Net 2

"Damn it, damn it."

"Why did he turn out to be Prince?"

"Just why?"

"My life was going so well. I was gaining recognition from everyone but did he have to come here and make a mess."

"Why am I so unlucky?"

The hallway of the university tower was filled with faint murmurs of the half-elf who walked alone.

Her eyes were filled with shame and anger.

In Shrestha's eyes, the image of herself who had been shunned down by the eyes of Prince Alex was replaying endlessly.

Shrestha, whose mind was in a mess, looked all around the empty place.

There was not a single student around here.

"By the way, what happened all of a sudden."

The reason why Shrestha was in the tower at this time was that he received a call from Professor Lindell.

Originally she hailed from a large noble family who needed to go just because someone called her but this time was a special case that could affect her grades which could destroy everyone's perception of her.

The only thing she hopes for is that the Professor did not seek trouble with her.

Even though it was one of the best magical educational university institutions of the Empire, not all of the professors were clean.

Many tried to use various means to achieve their purposes here.

"No matter what, if they dare to mess with me I will make sure to take that bastard down with me."

Shrestha, who arrived in front of the classroom, roughly opened the door and went inside.

"Shrestha, why are you here?"

"Shrestha you called here too?"

Shrestha saw eight students and two Professors present there.

"Professor Eddie and Professor Christen."

"Did you gather all of us to have a discussion?"She asked curiously, raising her eyebrows with a solemn expression.

All of them who stood here were members of some great families who hold a great amount of significance in social circles.

"No, I did not."

"We were also asked to gather here."

The two Professors tilted their heads.

Shrestha who was confused and bewildered at the same wondered what was going on.


At that moment a subtle click was heard and a middle-aged man with a very soft impression of teaching with a cold attitude appeared.

"Ohh! So all of you have finally gathered here."

Professor Eddie frowns at his words and steps forward" Professor Hindell tells us now? Why did you all gather around here at this hour?"

"What do you want from us?"

Seeing his firm attitude, Professor Hindell speaks with a smile on his face.

"I have called you here to discuss something important."

"Something that will decide whether you all will live or die."


With those words, Professor Hindell slowly began to approach the students.

"What do you mean?"

The atmosphere felt cold and Professor Hindell looked quite different from usual.

Seeing this everyone unknowingly moved one step back.

"You all are unlucky enough to have witnessed or come across certain things that you shouldn't have."

"So, I have to fix all this mess."

"I hope for all of your understanding."

A soft voice came from the lips of Professor Hindell who approached the student faster.


A scream erupted from everyone's lips.

Moments of doubt and fear lingered on everyone's faces.


Sharp tentacles passed from one of the student's chests and pierced another.


The students were not able to plead for his life and his breath was cut short as succumbed to death.

Their eyes still had that confused look, unable to understand the situation until the moment of his death.


Professor Eddie and Professor Christen made their moves.

As Professor Eddie and Professor Christen charged forward to protect the students, they suddenly saw dozens of black tentacles appearing from Professor Lindell's body and aimed at the students who were watching the scene with astonished eyes.

"Ah hugh!"


Screams rang all around.

Shrestha without looking back slipped past one of the tentacles coming towards her and ran towards the door.

She knew them.

And she had experienced this disgusting being.

Beings who slaughter and sacrifice people for the so-called Dark God.

A vile creature who kills without any mercy.

There was no way she could take on them.

If her hunch was correct even the Professor might not stand a chance

She decided to escape.

Shrestha's heart pounded with fear and moving closer toward the door she jumped and turned the door knob.

However, to her surprise,

The door didn't open.


Without a second thought, she tried to blast the door with her magic spells but to her surprise, the bombardment did not have any effect.


"Someone help."

"Plead open the door."

She shouted in panic and hit the door in hopes of the sound of disturbance reaching the other side, however, everything was for nought.

Tears trickled from her eyes and she rotated her stiff head to see Professor Eddie fighting with the monster while protecting the three children while the others had died.

Professor Christen had already fallen with a huge hole in his chest.

Suddenly the monster who was fighting them turned his head.

His head turned 180° and the humanoid face of Professor Hindell with a smile appeared in her sight which blew her mind for a moment.

"Sorry, my dear child."

"I have enacted a barrier here.No one is going to step out of here alive."

Bracing herself, Shrestha chanted magic inside trying to look for ways to get out.

She noticed the open window on the other side and thought that if she could sneak in when the others were engaging she could get out of there alive.

"Blast Of Tempest!"

She fired her magic with all his mana but her spell was destroyed by the hip-like movement of the tentacles.

Taking the opportunity Professor Eddie attacked him, however, the tentacles wrapped around him and protected him from the blast.

Shrestha took the opportunity and ran towards the open window but something pierced her thigh.

She rolled on the ground grimacing in pain while tentacles hovered around her.

"Something interesting has happened here."

A calm voice resounded and the door was suddenly blasted.

The door flew and struck the tentacles coming towards Shrestha.

Shrestha's eyes widened and her body jolted with shock.

"You have already made a mess."

A single voice echoed in the ears of Shrestha and Professor Hiindell.

His voice was low but it was very vivid as if he was speaking right next to him.

A voice that carried unknown ominousness.

As if possessed by something people's heads turn towards the direction that the voice came from.

Soon they saw Alex walking forward leading a group of people.

Alex's eyes sank as he watched the classroom.

A thick bloody smell reeked in the classroom.

And with this the scene inside the classroom where five corpses were scattered randomly with holes all over their body.

Professor Eddie was injured and managed to save two students behind him.

The Professor behind Alex frowned upon seeing the venue.

It was a gruesome sight as if they had been stabbed with dozens of Spears all over their bodies to the point that they could not be identified.

Professor Hindell, who had many tentacles coming from his body, looked at Alex with an unchanging atmosphere.

"What a bad time to make an appearance?"

"You could have kept your life if you had not appeared here Prince Alex."


Alex rubbed his chin and spoke.


"I could also say the same thing for you."

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 513 511:Spreading The Net 2