The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 511 509:Imperial Magic Tower

"Your Highness Alex, we warmly welcome you to our Imperial Magic tower. My name is Ron Hindell, one of the professors here."

Alex, who stood at the main gate of the tower, looked at the professors who were bowing their heads towards him.

There was a slight embarrassment in the Professor's eyes.

Alex knew the reason.

It was only an hour ago that Alex informed the Imperial Magic University that he was going to visit.

Although many members of the Imperial family had visited here for encouragement , it must be for the first time someone appeared here on short notice.

Three hours ago even Alex had not imagined that he would come here.

He was dealing with those three thugs and from the information he got, today there might be an important event at the university and on the second hand Alex also needs to meet the head of the Magic tower.

"I heard you came to meet Lord Osborne but currently the Lord is absent for a while. We will be guiding you to the waiting room where you wait for a while if you want."

"If that's the case, can I take a look around the Magic tower?"

"Yes of course we will guide you."

The reason why Alex visited suddenly without announcing it before was that he needs to do some post-processing here.

"The classroom of all the floors are equipped with a mana ventilator that could control the influx of mana allowing everyone to gather mana as shortly as possible and at the same time..."

As soon as he entered the tower, Professor Heisenberg began to explain everything as if he prepared in advance and he also seemed quite used to this situation.

Alex's eyes scanned through numerous lecture halls on the side of the hallways and he found something interesting.

"Can I take a look in the lecture hall?"


At Alex's question, Professor Heisenberg's eyes were dyed with doubt.

To be honest there were a few things Heisenberg was unable to understand about Alex who visited abruptly.

As he started later than other family members, why is this person visiting here instead of trying to gather power as quickly as possible?

In addition, he was looking at the Magic lecture halls in depth.

'Is he trying to recruit a subordinate here?'

While Heisenberg followed Alex's eyesight he failed to notice the shadow which was behind Alex split and moved away swiftly without catching anyone's attention.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes!"Alex spoke and the Professor nodded his head. He felt a strange pressure from Alex and led him the way.

Alex walked towards the front of the classroom he had seen in advance and opened the door without any hesitation.


All eyes of the Professor and students in the classroom focused on him immediately.

The students started to chatter wondering who he was and the Professor who had been in the middle of a lecture that began quite some time ago did not know about Alex nor had he seen him still seeing the black embroidered clothes he wondered who he was.

Professor Hesierberg stepped forward to clear the uneasiness and spoke.

"Everyone please greet His Highness Fifth Prince Alex Von Stan."

The students stood up and immediately bowed their heads.

While everyone's gaze lingered on him, Alex caught sight of the girl who looked at him with mixed expressions.

Sadness, remorse and mostly surprise.

She was too shocked to even stand on the seat.

After all, he was the person who had saved her; however, what did she do?

She stabbed him to save herself.

Never in her wildest dream had she imagined that the man would turn out the outcasted Fifth Prince who would soon regain his statutes.

She started to sweat wondering if he had come for her looking for revenge.

Her feet trembled and her eyes were filled with fear.

If he recounted the scene of her attacking him no one from the family would escape from capital punishment.

Alex's eyes turned to her and he gave a slight smile.

Alex turned his head and spoke, "Nice to meet you all here."

"You can continue the class. I was just passing out here and decided to reminisce about my academy days."

Alex muttered and walked back and the stillness of the class still lingered even though Alex had disappeared.


At first glance, the room seemed to be full of antiques.

Alex, who was sitting at the table in the centre of such a room, tilted the cup of coffee in front of him.

"Not good.."

With these words, Alex's eyebrows frowned slightly.

Alex put the coffee on the table and looked around.

The place where he was now was the exclusive reception room that only distinguished guests could enter.

A knock came on the outside and an old man with a saggy beard entered the room.

"Sorry to keep you waiting Sir Alex."

Alex looked at the long snow-white beard and hair that seemed to reach down the waist.

A wrinkled face with a soft smile that seemed to be filled with kindness.

And even the pure white robes of a wizard.

An Archmage who reached the Saint realm and at the same time the head of the University Magic Tower.

"Where have you been?"

He could not explain it nor did he have the heart to explain it so Alex dived into the topic directly.

As Alex knew, Osborne couldn't go out as he wished.

"I had a problem so I went to visit a place. It's not a big deal but doesn't worry about it."

Alex shook his head as if he did not miss the bitterness from his words.

Alex raised his chin slightly and looked at Osborne from the corner of his eyes.

Osborne gasped heavily when he saw two pairs of dark languid eyes that seemed to be pulling him into the abyss.

"You should handle your people carefully so that they don't run off and bite more than they chew."

"The Magic Tower should always be neutral so tell me?"Alex leaned forward and spoke with a threatening tone.

"Why are the elders of the Tower siding with the Second Prince and supporting him for the Throne from behind?"

"Let me tell you?"

"Let me tell you if I don't get a satisfactory answer you should prepare yourself."

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 511 509:Imperial Magic Tower