The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 510 508:Failed Assassination 2

Alex closed his eyes and took a moment to go through the memories he had stolen.

A small smile appeared on his lips.

His face looked quite happy but for Shen, it looked like the smile of the Devil before creating a disaster.

"Who...Who are you?"

Shen quivered seeing the dark veiled figure.


"You are really good at acting."

Shen flinched back a bit on hearing his swords.

"I have always wondered why a Mythic ranker like you always gets thrashed one-sidedly."

"What do you mean?"

"I am just weak. I have lost my touch due to laziness."

"Ohhh!Is this true?"

The dark-veiled figure walked and stood before Shen.

Seeing Shen trembling, the dark-veiled figure bent down.

A hand caressed Shen's head which made his whole body jerk.

Shen's whole body was drenched in sweat and the fat in his body started to tumble.

Alex moved his lips closer to his ears and said"Don't worry Shen?"

"You are my golden goose."

"You are not going to die easily."

Shen's eyes widened and suddenly he clutched his head due to searing pain.


"It seems our meeting has come to an end."

"I promise you one thing."

"The next time we meet. You are going to get a huge surprise."

"Probably the best one you have ever gotten."

Mischievous laughter rang in Shen's ears and the figure before him dissipated into dust and vanished.

Shen stared blankly at the scene while clutching his head.

"Who is he?"

"Why did he save me?"

"What is his motive?"

Hundreds of questions filled Shen's head and the more he thought about it, the more frightened he became.

"No, don't tell me he found out about it."

"Ha ha!"

"No, it cannot be."

"It had been years since then and I have made sure to leave no traces behind."

"Still what is this bloody pain?"


Shen groaned and jolted on the floor and his blurry eyed caught the sight of the Kinley knights whose faces were horrified to see three pale corpses lying before them.

Hester who took the lead was shocked.

"Sir did Shen kill them."

Hester swallowed his saliva and looked at Shen who seemed to groan in pain.

"It seems so."

"I never imagined that Shen would be so strong."A subordinate beside him spoke.

"He took down these bastards who took out an entire legion by themselves."

"He had hidden quite deeply, "Hester muttered with surprise.

"I thought he was a weak fat dumb bastard but now we know his true face. If he did not have this much capability why would the Second Prince keep Shen beside him."

"Hmm!" Hester and everyone nodded at the Knights.

"Place him in a special cell and use mana-blocking cuffs. We cannot be negligent anymore."

"Tighten the security and take these corpses."

"See if you can find anything from these bodies."

"Yes sir."

If only She knew that everyone had misunderstood his strength which caused them to tighten the security and make him wear mana-restricting cuffs, he would die of vomiting blood blaming the dark veiled figure.


The Imperial decree of Alex's status being restored spread everywhere in the capital.

The declaration shocked everyone.

Rumours of his fights and his contribution to the war were already passed down.

Some stories were quite exaggerated to the point that many found them ridiculous.

Where many were happy and sympathetic towards Alex as they knew just what sort of troubles he had suffered while growing up.

Some were quite worried and wondered what kind of changes were going to happen while some were rubbing their palms wondering about the interesting things that were going to happen in Council.

If they played their cards right a huge fortune would surely wait for them in the future.

While the world was going frenzy wanting to know more about Alex, the person who was at the centre of all this was moving towards the next goal.

The Magic Tower Of Kinley.

This place, also called Imperial Magic tower, is the centre of great importance for Mages.

Mages who graduated from Zenith academy or elites who had made their name could become a member of this place.

It also had a university exclusively for Magicians, however the conditions to enter here were more harsh than Zenith academy.

It is a place that every young wizard wants to enter but no matter how good you are, if they don't find your talent good enough you cannot come here.

Shrestha, a sophomore at Magic university, let out a deep sigh as she walked down the hall.

She was followed by a group of students who just from a glance could be designated as boot lickers.

"Shrestha, is there a problem?"

The young wizard next to him asked her, seeing her tired look.

She was known as a top ten beauty throughout the Magic tower.

Being a half-elven girl, she had inherited the charms of the elves and as she grew, her charm materialised along with her beauty.

Her family was also excellent so there were bound to be people who were pursuing her while trying to curry favours from her.

Unlike the warm smile she showed everyone, she sneered inside.

She had been kidnapped and was going to be used as a sacrifice from where she came to learn the ugly side of humans.

No matter how close you are, if your life is in peril you will do everything to protect yourself even if you are going to risk the lives of others.

She knew it very well because she is the same.

And these people who are licking her feet may one day dig a dagger into her if required.

So it's better to use them as much as possible and then get rid of them before they could show their venomous fang.

"Nothing, it's just I have been too tired."

"I need some help with the project."

"Can you all help me and arrange some materials?"She spoke with a sweet voice.

"I will arrange everything."

"Just issue the command."

"I will be even faster than him."

The boot lickers started to show their enthusiasm.

It was at that time, she heard a commotion as she entered the classroom.

"Who is that person?"

"Whom are the professors lined up waiting to meet?"

She saw the students in the classroom gathering by the window looking at what.

'What is going on?'

'Is a person with high noble status going to appear?'Shrestha thought with a puzzled expression however no matter how much she thought she was not able to remember any declaration about the visit of any noble as they would surely announce it before.

"Hey, find out what is going on?"

"Okay."Mato nodded and rushed ahead.

Shrestha who and a strange feeling moved towards the desk and then while trying to take a peek through the window.

Soon after Shrestha's eyes began to tingle as he saw the sight of a single person in front of the carriage and somehow the silhouette of the person seemed familiar.

At that time Mato came running forward and shouted.

"Shrestha, it seems the Fifth Prince whose status had been restored had made a sudden visit."

Shrestha who heard his words did not know why felt a bad premonition.

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 510 508:Failed Assassination 2