The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 505 503:Gathering Of Royal Family 2

Alex glanced at the people gathered in the audience room.

People looked towards his sides with eyes full of interest, surprise and shock.

Except for Hex, William and Shion, others saw him after a very long time.

While for Ivine and Rosaline, it was their first meeting with him.

"I have never thought that people like you could step here," Ivine spoke with a frown.

Ivine cursed at Alex however the stillness reflected in his eyes was something that gave her chills.

And everyone could feel the temperature plunging greatly along with the eerie ominousness that surrounded them.

Even though Shion had a blank expression, his legs started to shake.

"You are late."

Alice spoke softly and sided with Alex.

Alex patted her head lovingly and said"I had some work to do."

"Who do you think you are?"

"Insect, how dare you come late when we arrived early," Ivine shouted, surprising everyone.

"You should be mindful of this matter. Alas.."

Everyone swallowed their saliva.

Hex's eyes stirred as his interest was piqued wondering what was going to happen.

Alex gazed at them and passing through them took his seat.

He thought it was useless to argue with people blinded by arrogance; however, if he let it go, they would likely think that he could trample easily.

Alex looked at the empty throne while resting his chin on his palm as he sat down comfortably.

With turning his gaze towards Ivine, Alex spoke coldly."

"The last person who dared to raise his voice and bark at me is now resting in peace without a grave to hold to his body."

Alex then tilted his head and looked at Ivine who flinched back on meeting those blood red eyes.


"What a joke?" iπ§π“ƒπ’“π’†π‘Žπ™™. π˜€π˜°πš–

"Do you think you can touch me?"

"I am of Royal blood. You will be killed before you know it."

Alex tilted his gaze towards Hex and chuckled.

"Do you know the name of the person who died by my hands ?"

"What does this have to do with me?"

"He might be an insect-like you."Ivine spoke.

Alex laughed as if he heard a funny joke which further angered Ivine.

"Hey, why are you laughing?"

"You might be one of those ego centric girls who dare to address their ancestors as insects."


At those words, people's eyes focused on him.

"Is this a joke?"Sean asked with a surprised expression.

"What do you mean by that brother?"Alice asked with a startled expression.

"I don't joke about the people whom I have killed."

"Let me tell you a funny thing."

A grin appeared on Alex's lips.

"Sling Raizarford who was known for his swordsmanship died even before he could hold his sword."

"His pathetic cry for mercy and help still lingered in my ears."

"It was pleasant to see," Alex said and rested his head on the chair.

"Stop lying, "Ivine shouted.

"How dare you lie about our ancestors."

" can a puny ant like you can kill our ancestor who is at Supreme rank."

"Who are you trying to fool?"

Alex shook his head and smiled.

People say ignorance is bliss but sometimes ignorance is the reason you die.

"You dare mock our ancestors."

"I will kill you, bastard."

"Ivine please calm down a bit"Leia shouted, seeing Ivine's murderous gaze.

"Yes, stop this farce," Sean spoke and took a step forward towards Ivine.

"Today I will cut you into pieces."

Ivine shouted and her pressure descended on Alex.

"Die you, bastard."Ivine roared while raising her sword to strike.

"Finally something to kill my boredom."

It was at that moment, Alicia who sat beside Alex looked to the side with a questionable gaze however her mouth opened wide seeing Alex disappear before her eyes.


An eerie sound echoed from the centre of the audience hall.

Ivine eyes wide opened and her body lost its strength as she felt a tight group around her neck.

In front of Ivine, Alex with his languid eyes stood while gripping her neck as if he was going to kill her.

As if cold water had been poured, the audience room instantly died with silence.

Their mouths closed due to the unexpected situation, no one was able to notice Alex closing onto Ivine and gripping her neck.

"You..leave her, "Shion shouted with fearful eyes.

Alex tilted his gaze towards Shion whose body trembled crazily.

"Sister Ivine please tell me, do you want to die?"

"If you are in a hurry, I can grant you a painless death."

Alex tightens his grip causing her to choke.

Bubbles started to appear in her mouth with a faint gurgling sound.

"Alex, don't kill her or you will be in trouble," Sean shouted.

"Your Majesty The Emperor is entering."


Ivine dropped to the ground.

With a loud cry, the door to the audience opened and a man filled with majesty walked in with an upright gesture filled with nobleness

"I see you, Your Majesty The Emperor."

"I greet you, Your Majesty."

People stopped what they were doing and bowed their heads towards Kevin.

Alex had already let go of Ivine, who swallowed her grievances.

The overwhelming charisma emanating from the old man's whole body naturally weighed down on everyone.

"What is this?"

On the way, The Emperor locked his gaze on Ivine's neck on which there were red imprints of gripped fingers.

His question met with silence for a moment and it was followed by Ivine pointing at Alex.

"Father, he assaulted me."

"He broke the decorum of the Royal Family and attacked me."

"Your Majesty."

Everyone's gaze turned towards Alex who bowed his head.

Everyone present here can verify my statement.

"She is the one who drew the sword first."

"So, tell me what should I do?"

"Should I just stand and watch while she cuts me with her sword?"

"Is it true?"

The Emperor asked with a displeased tone.

Hearing his cold voice everyone gave a slight nod.

He clicked his tongue and ignoring everyone he crossed them and made his way to the throne.

No one present there moved their head and kept their heads down except for Alex.

In his eyes, the surge of heavenly power glowed and shined faintly.

At that time Sean opened his mouth.

"How have you been?"

"Do I look in a good mood to you?"

Kevin replied with a snort.

Knowing these words were meant for everyone, they just kept their mouth and bowed their heads even more.

The atmosphere was as cold as it can be.

At that time, Hex spoke with a worried tone.

"Your Majesty, I implore you to make decisions on behalf of the Empire."

"The winds blown by that night had led embers to run amok. You need to address the grievances of the soldiers who lost their lives under the sword of Alex's tyranny."

"All of them were doing their duty and were killed meaninglessly ."

"If we don't punish him, we will become a laughing stock in the whole world and what about the laws."

"Once the law is broken, people would take it as an example and do as they please later."

Kevin tapped the armrest and looked at Alex.

"What do you have to say about this Alex?"

"Let me hear your thought?"

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 505 503:Gathering Of Royal Family 2