The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 488 486:A Trial To Bring Her Back

George's whole body twitched as he passed out due to fear.

After some time George, who slumped down on the floor, opened his eyes and rubbed them.

His body was still shaking thinking about the horrifying sensation he had gone through.

"I think I am going crazy."

"I am already hallucinating about weird things. I don't know what will happen to me."

"It's neither an illusion nor you are hallucinating."

A sharp cold voice rang in his ears and he looked ahead with widened eyes.


He screamed and looked at the man again who introduced himself as the God Of Death.

"That means you are the devil."

"Are you trying to do something bad with me?"

"Do you want me to commit evil deeds and exchange souls?"

George lost his mind and shouted like a maniac as he remembered all those stories about the Devil.

"Are you.."


George's lips were closed suddenly.

God Of Death looked at George for a moment.

George, who was not able to notice the man's expression behind the dark haze wondered what was going to happen with him.

All he could think of was his mind going crazy.

"Stop your blabbering."

"I am not going to do any of that you are thinking."

"My job is just to oversee people's deaths and punish and torture some souls which is already exhausting enough. I don't have time to play the role of villain nor am I bored enough to taint humans to do evil deeds."

The God Of Death spoke and stopped George from shaking violently.

"Now listen to me closely."

"I will give you a chance to live your life with her."

God of Death muttered and snapped his finger.

George swallowed his saliva and breathed heavily.

His mind was advising him not to fall for the trick but his heart was begging him to accept it.

George closed his eyes and wondered whether this was happening for real.

He was not a drug addict nor was he a heavy drinker who had lost his mind.

He opened his eyes and glanced at the people standing still like statues.

"Is this really not an illusion?"

"Do Gods really exist?"

The God Of Death chuckled.

"You worship us and plead us to help you when you are in trouble and when we finally listen to your prayers, you are doubting us."

Looking at him with a sceptical eye, George tried to calm himself and think as rationally as possible.

He did not think that he had anything precious for the God of Death to personally appear for him.

"Why me?"

"I mean hundreds and thousands of people die everyday so why am I the only one who is given a chance."George asked with a confused expression.

"You will know about this at the end and I promise you one thing there is no benefit for me here nor am I thinking of making you a pawn of mine."

"Now decide.I don't have too much free time to play with you."

Making his decision, George looked at the God Of Death after all he didn't have much of a choice.

Every time he looked at God Of Death directly his body would shudder a bit still he was better when compared to the moment this person appeared.

"Let me tell you one thing."

"No, matter how desperate I am to revive her, I will not do anything shady that may harm any living being."

"I knew Ava and if she learns that she is resurrected with despicable means by me after committing many atrocities then she might not accept it."

"If she is brought to life by committing an evil deed, she might kill herself."

"I like your spirit, George."God of Death spoke and flicked his hand.

"And by the way, if you decided to abandon your humanity and kill innocent lives to bring her alive, you are going to be failed.This was also the first part of your trial."

"A depiction of your inner heart but fortunately you passed that easily."

"So, let's begin for real."

The space distorted and everything slowly started to erase.

Dark energy radiated all around and everything turned dark.

As everything turned blank, Alex who was observing the scene curiously felt his body froze and his body was suddenly wrapped in darkness restricting his movements.

Alex struggled to get free however he was not able to.

"What is going on?"

"Why don't I remember any of this?"

"Did this really happen or someone is manipulating my memories."Alex spoke with a grim expression.

Not being able to do anything, he can only watch all this helplessly.

In fact after Ava's death, this was the second time he felt this much helplessness and powerlessness.

George, who found himself standing in the pitch dark without being able to witness anything, heard a voice filled with majesty.

"If you want to stay with her. You have to pass through this trial. Step on the stairs that appear before you."


A ten-metre Golden Gate formed and the two tightly shut doors on it opened.

The sliding gate didn't have any gorgeous ornaments or decorations, and it was only filled with golden colours.

When the golden light dispersed, George felt a chilling sensation passing through him.

With a small gust, stairs of golden austere unfolded before his eyes and stretched upwards endlessly.

"I will be waiting for you at the top. You only have to meet me face to face. And you also have to carry the coffin with you."


With a small thud, George looked to the side and saw a coffin with a human in it.

"Avaaaaaa!"George yelled and squatted down.

Inside the coffin, Ava's body was laid which seemed to have been preserved and recovered to the time when she looked quite healthy.

The coffin was huge and was made of unknown material.

As George slid his figure over the coffin, he looked at the golden flight of steps which was elevated amid the illumination of the night sky leading even higher towards the sky.

These stairs were placed at a slope of forty-five degrees and with the steep slope the stairs extended high up into the sky with no end in sight.

George's expression became grave and he clenched his fist.

"Is this a joke? How can I climb the stairs which seemed to be stretched to infinity."

As a human, there is a limit to his strength.

He needs food and other things to get energy but in this pitch-dark space, where would he get the energy?

Moreover, climbing up while carrying the coffin is quite an arduous task.

He wasn't a bodybuilder or a superhuman. It seemed impossible in his view.

Countless thoughts appeared in his mind.

He didn't know whether everything here was real or not.

What if this was all a ploy for this supreme being to have fun after seeing his despair?

What if this is a play for him to relieve his boredom?

As if able to read his thoughts, a cold voice spoke in his mind.

"You can give up if you want?"

"I will send you back if you decide to quit."

"And even if you think that this is a ploy, what can you do?"

"Can you defeat me?"

"Can you kill me?"

"You can't even touch me. I can wipe out your existence with just a snap."

"So, instead of thinking about useless things."

"Decide if you want to pass the ordeal or you want to quit."

George nibbled his lips while gritting his lips.

It was okay if the being would fulfil his words if he climbed up the steps and passed the ordeal. Still, he didn't want to be part of some ploy or games.

It was acceptable if it was only about him but since it was about Ava , he cannot tolerate any disrespect for her or her being a part of a grand scheme under God Of Death who is making fun of her.

She was not a plaything for others to enjoy.

He wasn't naive or gullible enough to believe that this being was helping him out of sheer goodwill

Still, as The God Of Death said, what can he do?

He is just a helpless lamb before him.

An ant who can be crushed with a snap.

Since he was given an opportunity he should try his best to make it worthwhile.

Shaking away his uncertainty, he hardened his heart and tried to lift the coffin.

To his surprise, it was quite light.

It wasn't massless, it still weighed around a normal school backpack.

There were straps on the back of coffin to carry it easily.

George who was about to step on the golden stair heard another loud majestic voice.

"Kowtow on each step in the aerial passage."

George closed his eyes to suppress the suffocating and helpless feeling.

George's legs didn't waver and without any hesitation, he immediately stepped through the gate and kneeled on the first step.

George could feel his pride being trampled.

He felt humiliated. It was as if he was begging like a frog for something.

Still, he set aside his arrogance for the sake of his love. As long as Ava would be saved, George felt that everything was worth it.

After kneeling once, Alex took a step higher and then kneeled once again paying her respect.

The coffin on his back swayed a little in the process.

The path to the sky had no end in sight.

To not let himself feel the bleak and desolate feeling of lying ahead, he stopped looking up.

Stepping and kowtowing in a succession, George already started to get slower and after climbing for just 48 steps or so, sweat had already started to form all over his body and his legs and waist started to feel numb.

Pain and ache started to spread all over his body but instead of deterring him, it burnt his heart more to reach above.

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 488 486:A Trial To Bring Her Back