The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 477 475:Trying To Hold The Last Straw Hope

The slim silhouette bursts out and radiates golden light.

A huge manifestation of a woman with a blank face appeared behind them holding a shield and sword casting a brilliant radiance on the eyes of the onlooker.

Even Ignis was surprised to see the figure that was emanating a great amount of divinity.

The figure thrust its feet into the ground and shot the shield, which it gripped firmly and stretched out towards the descending sphere.


The black spear of condensed dark energy erupted.

The shockwave that exploded along with the ensuing clash began to spread over the battlefield to the entire area outside the border.

As a result, the soil was blown away and rocks were floated in the air.

It is a sight that looks like a disaster caused by nature.

A lightning bolt filled with the energy of light fell on Ignis.

After that, a storm of bright blades swallowed the whole body of Ignis as the huge manifestation slashed its sword at Ignis before vanishing.

The surrounding atmosphere once gained fluctuation due to the aftermath.

As the light dispersed.

Two women with a look of exhaustion stalled forward.

Both their bodies were shining and their bodies were bathing in divine light.

Athena and Christina combined their power to form a physical manifestation of the Goddess Of War who was able to Sean.

"You…... What are you two doing here? Leave quickly" Sean muttered with a trembling voice.

"We can't let you die."

Christina muttered while her eyes were fixed on the flash of blades she had created with her back on Sean.

The situation wasn't over as the pressure was still pinning on them.

"More worms dare to block my way."

With a low voice, a strong wind blew.

All attacks made Christina dispersed in an instant.

"You run wild without the power you are facing. It disgusts me."

And from there, Ignis who was looking down at everyone cast another irritated gaze.

His appearance was the same as the first time, there wasn't even a scratch on him.

"Are you planning to deal with him?"

Christina and Athena nodded with wary expressions.

Sean closed his eyes, seeing their firm look.

'How can we deal with that being?'

He knew how much power beyond the imagination existed before them.

Even if all of them had grown tremendously in the few years they couldn't stop their body from trembling.

Due to the pressure emanating from existence itself, it was impossible to move a finger.

It was an invincible enemy.

But both Christina and Athena knew what to do.

"We didn't need to defeat him. We just need to stall time until he appears."Athena spoke in a soft voice.

'Stall time for whom.'Sean muttered with a confused expression but as he looked at them, his eyes widened.

'Is this possible? Can he deal with him?'

A thousand questions appeared in his mind but seeing the two women's unwavering confidence, he decided to put his trust in him.

"How do you know he can defeat him?"

"More than that can he even make it on time?"

"If it's him, then he will surely make it, "Athena muttered with a smile.

Sean looked at Herald's corpses and closed his eyes. He looked at Simon, giving him a sinister smile.

He then looked at the two Mythic rankers behind him.

Marquise Justin and Duke Oxnard stared at Sean with sole expression 𝒾𝗻𝓃𝐫eα𝚍. 𝒄𝐨m

Sean then tilted his face towards others.

William and Shion were already trembling and almost lost consciousness.

Hex seemed to be fine but seeing those gazes, Sean could see that Hex was somewhat happy about his loss as if the entire war was irrelevant to him.

Sean knew that he cannot expect much from the snake still….

It angered him the more he thought.

How could this bastard still be in the mood of thinking about the profit or loss?

Sean stood up and his eyes burned with the fire of revenge for his dead man.

Once they went past this difficulty, he vowed to slaughter the demons responsible for killing his men.

"I will make you pay for betraying me."

"Simon, I will crush you with my own hands."

Sean with a powerful roar leapt in front of Ignis with just a stomp.

A giant blast that shoots by adding speed and rotation to the explosive power erupted from Sean who leapt towards Ignis.

The divinity of Athena manifested at the right time like a great wave and covered Sean's sword.


The sword that contained the power of cutting even a mountain in one slash was blocked by one Ignis outstretched fingers unable to move any further.

Thousands of black spheres were created in a trembling space.

Just by looking at them, the black spheres seemed to devour everything and were shot towards Sean but at a moment.

Hex and the Mage squad cast a spell from behind and many whites bolt wrapped in dense mana charged at Ignis.

Explosions occurred one after another but the black spheres overwhelmed them and moved towards Sean.

Sean was able to react quickly and dodged.

The spheres that reached the spot where Sean escaped belatedly caused a huge explosion.

Without any time to catch up, Sean rushed to Ignis once again and as he swung his sword, a strong gravitational force appeared over Ignis.

With the combined effort of Hex, the gravitational field exploded and the undead Phoenix on which Ignis stood shook for the first time.

Sean instantly triggered all his power which was followed by Christina who slashed her blade multiple times.

As a result, a shock wave similar to the first one burst out.

On top of the Athena summoned a spear and gathered lightning on it thrust it forward.

All the Mythic ranks attacked the single figure with all their might causing an eruption to occur one after another.

Seeing this the Mythic rank on the Demon side tried to attack but stopped hearing a chilling voice.

"Don't interfere in the battle."

"I don't need your help to deal with these bugs."

Christina's expression faltered that Ignis who had taken so many hits didn't get even a single wound.

It was as if he deliberately got hit to show the difference in strength.

Christina felt her pride hurt.

On the other hand, Athena's heart was also immersed in deep worry.

Through the veil of dust, she could still see those arrogant and haughty eyes looking down on them as if they were nothing but insects.

She knew that if this goes on, they are going to be killed.

They have hope that Alex would return to deal with the demon but what could he do if they couldn't even buy time until he returns?

Just like how they had hoped for him to appear, he might also have hoped that they could stall time for him.

Alex had always had unconditional trust in his wives and believed in them.

And at the moment it was like they betrayed his belief.

Whether it was Athena or Christina both could feel their hopes sinking as no matter how much struck the Demon was not pushed back.

As their eyes filled with helplessness, Alex's smiling figure appeared in theiAthena'sna eyes.

Whether it was years ago when he saved them or it was the present, without him, her life would have been a nightmare.

Since she was given a chance she should prove that she can stand beside him.

"Please Goddess, listen to this hopeless girl's prayer."

"Please shower everyone with the strength to slay the evil by borrowing your strength."

"Goddess Buff!"

As Athena finished her prayer, a strong light erupts from her which showered everyone raising their strength and healing their wounds.

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 477 475:Trying To Hold The Last Straw Hope